Monday, January 29, 2007


it has been one fun and exciting week with my lecturers getting funkier by the lesson. hahah... n i needed time to myself. so while i was having sleeping nights, i spent time youtubing. found cool shows like carebears, smurfs. hahaha. here watch it. anyway the tom n jerry cartoon ar, when jerry walks in on stage, reminds me of uncle zecky n when he plays, he has this idiotic face that reminds me of yikai.. hahaha. oops a bit bad lar but it's a compliment to be featured in a cartoon. :)

Friday, January 19, 2007


gosh, it is only the second week of sch and i have already taken ill. seen the doctor twice this week already. haha. doc is my best fren. muahahah. Anyway, i want to introduce u guys to this website. . it is a website of fashion. yeah, give it a try, if any of u like the designs there and want to buy it, u can either contact me or shirley. her number is stated there already. The clothes u see there are imported from korea n hongkong, quite neat and the price is rather reasonable. yup yup. so feel free to go take a look ya? haha
been busy making doughnuts for the past few days. it has been fun. the brownie doughnut has been quite a success. haaha. shall be thinking of a new name for it soon. and the cheese doughnuts are not bad too. mummy loves them. hahaha she says she might be having a doughnut waist soon. muahahah. aiya, anyway my daddy loves her all the same with or without the doughnut waist.
if u guys want more doughnuts, just tell me k? dun feel paisei or think that u are troubling. hahah coz i love making them. the joy is when the dougnuts take their shape. it is so cool. hahhaa. the thrill of making them smooth looking on the top... hahhaa.
i think God has been so good of taking care of my family for the past 20 over years. yeah. i just love him more n more each day. hahhaa. love u daddy God.

Monday, January 08, 2007

A New Year :)

ok a happy belated New Year to all of you. have learnt alot for the past few weeks as i reflect upon last yr. u noe, i realized that in a contrite world, there is room for lots of strive and contempt. however, as believers in this world, we have Jesus to count and to look for. haaha yeah, anyway my new year resolution is to be an influence and not being influenced by others and the environment.