Friday, February 23, 2007

Brahms!!! you rock my world!!!

ok i admit i am a sucker for minor keys. listening to Brahms's piano concerto no. 1 in Bb major and piano concerto in d minor brings back many fond memories in nafa. I am so tempted to attempt playing the d minor one. One of my favourites.
For those who have not heard it and are curious to know what it sounds like, pls find me. I'm more than willing to share with u...

*sighz* the melodies are so beautiful with rich harmonies, beautiful registras, wonderful orchestration... etc.etc. NAFA!!! I MISS U TOTALLY!!!

a world of music vs. a world of academic stuff... a life of performance with many chances to perform. i doubt that will ever be restored to me. unless i pursue a life of performance after my bond... but yet it holds a certain risk and a world full of unstability. Singapore arts scene isn't actually as happening as it is being rumoured to be. selective hearing or observation i rather call it. oh well... honestly, nafarians, u may be bitch about the amount of workload u have there, or the stress that u're facing. but trust me, once u're out of the system of nafa, or rather the music world in nafa u'll prob miss it. i do miss the company of nafa so much.

anyway, anyone who is interested in playing wif me brahms piano concerto in d minor, pls contact me.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chinese New Year

These are some pictures i took of my family n i during Cny. hahaha. enjoyed myself quite abit during this festive season. haha. the nice break before teaching secondary students in 4 days time.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


my blog is driving me up the wall. for three days, it has hanged for no apparent reason. nth to do with my connection, serve bla bla bla... oh well, anyway, i am glad that CST oral exam is finally over. was glad that God was with me all the way throughout the exam. haha.. had lunch with eugene at jurong today. was good to catch up with him after 3 donkey years. but it was fun all the same. CNY is coming!!! guess i'll be doing the usual stuff.. haha
Nat: " Auntie, gong xi fa cai"
my aunt: " aiyo, guai guai, ni jin nian zai zuo se me ar?'
nat: " zai du shu lor"
aunt: " aiyo, na me jiu le, hai zai du shu ar, wei se me bu yao qu zuo gong?"
haha every year same questions and the same answers. somehow, old aunties dun get tired of asking the same question every year. or is it just that they do not bother to remember... either which, it is becoming a routine.. hahaha. but ok lar, i love them lots still. ok... got to go back and watch my korean show now. tata.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

doughnut day :)

i had a fun day today. hee. was so touched when xing xing n kaili opened their rooms to sell their barangs barangs n invited me to sell my doughnuts. i was so happy... but my dot dot was late. hee, fortunately, i had chris with me. i think it was so sweet of him to accompany me to sell the doughnuts too. am glad he had fun too :) yupyup. anyway, the chocolate ones, lemon glazed doughnuts,durian doughnuts and plain ones are now available. hee.. i thank all of those who have supported in buying my doughnuts i appreciate it and may u continue to support us. thank you so much.
valentine's day is coming. hahah no one to spend it with except for my student. i have a date with him. ha ha. *piano lesson*... yup, i think valentine's day should not be just on 14 feb, i think it is ridiculous to just show ur affections on only one day. i think it should be an everyday affair. valentine's day should be everyday. not just on one particularly commercialized day. it does not make sense. i am so glad that every day is valentine's day for me with God n my family n frens :) truly blessed. hee.... a few more days to cNY n then Fajar here i come.. hahaha. God help me when i'm in there. hee.. looking forward to it yet nervous.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

new day

interesting day i had today. dun noe why i woke up feeling so grumpy in the first place and den spent or rather tired myself out by baking lots of cookies. i enjoy it though. It just feels so serene... but nothing beats playing the piano and jamming with my bros lar. That's for sure. haha. went to nie concert yesterday. ok lar, i had fun but it brought back nostalgic feelings in me about my life in nafa. that is something i find it hard to get over up till today. i have no idea if i have difficulty letting it go or i do not want to let go. either way, i miss my life in town. *sigh*... am thinking of joining nie band where i can continue to play the piano and hopefully learn the harp but the thing is i have to be bonded to the band for 5 years. not too bad wat since my whole entire life is in the teaching businness. haha.
I have no regrets with my life i spent in nafa. and i certainly am looking forward to teaching to a certain extent. but i noe God is always with me but sometimes do u get the feeling that he is so far away. yeah and that's what i am feeling now. far far away though i noe he's near me. or perhaps, this is the after effects of tough love? i dun noe. but i pray daddy God that u give me the strength to continue all the rest of my days.

Friday, February 09, 2007

couldn't sleep so decided to share with you another wacky tom and jerry

new bloggie!!!

yay yay... i have a new blogskin. all thanks to my beloved dot dot. she took such pains to sit down and reedit the script. i was so touched but it was fun though sitting there and watch her do it for me. I learned smth new today... hahaha. was quite down today and am still troubled over certain things that relates to my future. but i noe that everything will turn out fine coz i am God's child, and no father will ever let his children come to harm or ruins. Every father wants the best for his child and i noe that God will watch and protect me. All i need to be is obedient but whether i have that amount of faith, i will tell u about it 5 years down the road when i look back upon this day. the comfort that i have for now is this song which has been quite ministering to me for the past 3 weeks. it is called till i see you again:

The greatest love that anyone could ever know
that overcame the cross and grave to find my soul
and if I see you face to face
and grace amazing takes me home
I'll trust in You.

this is just the verse. even so, these few lines are warm enough to make me tear. it is so heartwarming to know that anyone could love me so much that he went through so much just to find me. therefore, i am still gng to pray about it. i will not give up without a good fight. heh heh. i won't admit defeat so easily knowing that God has a hand in it. God landed me here n i trust he wil provide smth good for me.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


i had a rather brain draining week this entire week coz we had online discussions with a brainy teacher of ours who never cease to pump us with questions one after another. not that it is bad but it is good lar actually. It challenges how we view things related to music and to make us think deeply. which is actually not my cup of tea. i'm a practical music or so to speak. anyway, just to show what i have been doing for the past two weeks. i have been busy youtubing for nice shows. here are some of faves...

The Cat concerto which i must say, reminds me of uncle zecky as tom walks in to the piano n when he plays the piano, it reminds me of yikai.. muahaahahah.. watch it...

and i have purple smurfs....