Monday, January 28, 2008


Amazed at His providence

back tracking to last wed...

i find it amazing at how God just provides for His children in the most incomprehensible manner. on wed, dot, angel and i wanted a room to pray in. so we headed for the band room. We found it unlocked and so we went in. Unfortunately, our dear professor Ho was not there so we decided to inform Mr. Stead who was quite shocked to hear that we were in that room.

During the time that we prayed, no one opened the door. We had a wonderful time without any disturbance or distractions. But when we finished praying at the amen, the door opened and no one was there.

When we were done, the door swung shut and we could not open the door. why? it was locked.

you may think, so, what is the big deal? well u see, all the doors in NIE are auto lock meaning that once it is shut, it can never be opened by ordinary means unless one holds the access card or the password to the lock. however, when we needed a room, we just pushed the door handle and it opened. We did not have any keys, nor passwords nor access card on us. all we had was God and the three of us. :) amazing huh :)
coming back to the present.

God works in such marvellous ways. hahaha. let me share with you :

in the car at nie, while daddy was alighting me:

Daddy: girl, i think u better take this 2 dollars

nat: why? i got cash. i dun need. realli
Daddy: aiya, just take it can anot.

nat: i say dun need. i brought my wallet. i have money to eat lar. you dun believe, i
show you* fishes around in her bag for her long wallet*

Daddy: where? take so long to find ar?

nat: have. wait my bag is like a crocodile. eat so many things...
*cannot find wallet, shucks*

nat: hee err... hee papa ar, hee i forget to bring ar. hahahah
God knows that the blur me here forgot to take my wallet and prompted papa to give me money. oh man Papa God is so good. :) hahaha.
anyway, i had a wonderful time in the car with dot, dear and xiangyun. hee. firstly, must show you what i did. Dot dot tied french braid in the car and so we got inspiration to tie one for chris too :) heh heh. unfortunately it was too short and so it ended up looking like this:

so cute hor... hahhaa
den i decided to wear a cap.. gosh, golf anyone?

Monday, January 21, 2008

God and Boyfriend

is it just a mere ordinary 20 cents?

to you, it may be just an ordinary 20 cents but the 20 cent coin is of great value and significance to me. why? coz it is a gift that God has given me :

I was at the canteen today and wanted to buy a packet of milo. without realizing that the milo price is 80 cents, i dug out all the coins in my wallet only to find that i had 75 cents!!! i wished i had another 5 cents to complete the picture. unfortunately, i resigned to my fate to buy the lemon barley drink which costs 70 cents. I told God, " it would be nice if i could drink my milo, but it's ok." lo n behold, i happened to look down and there tuck in a little pocket for rejected cum change coins, i found 20 cents!!! hahaha. God is so good... even take care of my little need for a mere 20 cents. thank you Jesus!! i love u :) hee

now my boyfriend n emotions...

sumtimes, my bf just drives me nuts. hahaha. he does the weirdest and humourous stuff... let's start with:


a relationship is at its best when both parties are happy in it. i'm always happy to see my boyfriend. he has a nice smile, the best hugs, the best laughter, the best goof around. hahah he just brightens my day.


in life, nothing ever goes that smooth sailing. but it is ok, my bf is always there to give me his support, listening ear and the best shoulders to lean on and the best kisses to make me smile. :)


whoever said that being in a relationship is easy? hahah it is not too. like life, it has its ups and downs but we can grow together and solve things out together. :) dear, thank you for being my punching bag. unfortunately, i cant be ur punching bag coz once u punch me, i'll fly. muahahaha too weak ar. heh jk jk :)


this is wat happened in the car today.

Chris: dear, u must eat meat ok? at least must eat a bit only a bit

Nat: can i eat 1 piece only pls?

Chris: a bit k? ok ok. 3 pieces of beef

Nat: (decides to be nice gf) ok then if i eat, what will i get in return? (hoping for a nice reward)

Chris: u will get protein and then followed by iron... bla bla bla bla cabohydrates... bla bla

* as u can see how blur my bf is, he is so absorbed in his science facts. that he doesn't bother giving rewards but dishing out bio facts. hahaha. so cute... hee dear, u are so farni...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New year

Happy new 2008

this is something about this year that gets me all excited and fired up. not sure why but i know it has something to do with God. i feel in my bones that God is doing a great work in us this year.

just came back from a music advance not too long ago and then immediately went back to sch the next day. Was tiring but yet energizing. ironic rite? but yah. totally enjoyed myself during the advance. God showed me lots of stuff and things about my life. The prophesies by Uncle G was like wah, spot on. but i must make a disclaimer, the prophesies came from God used by Uncle G as a tool.

yup, sch was fun. Glad to be back in sch again with my loved ones and best frens, lecturers. just so positive. hahaha. but things at home are getting a little cranky. yup for those of u noe, pls do keep me in prayer and help me sustain on God's strength :) for those of u dunno, it is ok :) just pray for me yah? love u all. ok. i have to get back to taking care of my lil baby and den chiong readings. pics and videos of my music camp will be up soon. so enjoy yah n bear with my empty posts for this 2008 a lil while. need to sort things out a little bit b4 i can blog freely again.