Thursday, May 15, 2008


it is amazing how every fashionable item has shifted from clothes to every other part of the body. last time, i thought fashion meant wearing pretty clothes but as i matured, i realized that it meant adorning yourself with beautiful accessories such as belt, sunglasses, even specs can be fashionable. hahaha
went shopping with bf on mon, he went to paris miki and got himself a cool looking pair of specs. it is something different from his usual half framed specs. this time, it is frameless!! haha... but oh dear me, given his size, his strength, i am still worried that he would break his delicate, beautiful specs.
as for me, i bought myself a nice nice pair of sunglasses, modified to suit mua. hahaha. so excited, my first vogue sunglasses. can't wait. will post the pics up when my lovely shades are in my hands.
anyway, got back some of my results for my modules, i'm happy and contented knowing that despite my busy and hectic workload that i have for this sem, i did well. Glory be to God. why? coz without him i dun think i would be able to sustain and persevere. many a times, i feel like giving up and say heck lar, study also like that, dun study also like that. but i thank God that He gave me the strength to carry on, wonderful friends such as Dot, Angel, and my dear yang, my parents and the drama family members to go through it with me.
so the bottom line is: God cares for the things in your life, regardless of how significant or insignificant it is. love all of you n be blessed :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


can u believe it? delirious band's new album is so powerful with God's anointing. they came up with the album titled Kingdom of comfort. below is their main theme song lar. when i heard it, it make me think. and for those who know me well, i hate to reflect. just not me. so serious. oh well :) enjoy this clip.

this song, i feel that it probably reflects on most of us. sometimes unknowingly, we get drawn in to the beauty of the world, we put ourselves on the pedestal. when we need to be saved, we most probably would choose to ignore it. but i believe that it took delirious a lot of guts, to put in their life journey into this latest album. they actually went to other countries to visit the less fortunate and i guess they started to question themselves whether we as christians are building. are we building a kingdom of comfort or kingdom of heaven? good question to think about.

that's all, goin to slp now. goodnite

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I am Happy Today

I am happy today :)

i think papa is very farni. he makes me laugh like crazy. learnt a few funky words from him. let me share with u and give you an insight on how hip my papa is ok? we were at orchard road looking for a place to eat. so this was what he said:

daddy: let's go to holem and eat.

Nat: where?!?!

Mummy: Orchard where got a place called holem??! are u referring to Heerens

Daddy: no! not that one. I'm talking about holem... *points to HEERENS*

Mummy n Nat: *faintz*

then today papa said another farni thing. daddy and i were debating on the issue of ice-cream. See, he bought a big tub of lemon sherbet for me. but today, when i wanted to eat it, it was all gone. then i got a shock. i asked him:
Nat: papa, did u eat my ice cream?

Daddy: which one? the german shepherd ar

Nat: papa!! it is not german shepherd. it is called lemon sherbet. come say it with me... lemon...

Daddy: German shepherd...

hee i think papa seriously either has a lazy tongue or a pronounciation problem. hee. but i still love him.

i think yang looks so suave in this pic. hahha just melts mua... :) oh well. but he is also known as MR. POTATO HEAD.
why? no reason, just decide to give him a nick name.
thank u yang for being there for me, for guiding me and making me laugh and cry all the time. ( as in laugh till i cry) better clear the air just in case.
thank you to another two big ppl who has shared a very big portion of my life. these two are none other than beautiful angel, and funky dot. Thank u girls for seeing me through 5 years of friendship. Both of you have seen me through thick n thin, watched me grow, watched me do unglam stuff... hahaha but hey, both of you are the best partners to do unglam stuff with. :) heh heh.
angel: thank u for being there to watch over dot n i when we like doign something careless and goofy. thank u for being like a mother, always with tissue, hong you and what not. thank u for making me laugh with your farni trolley bag, rolling over people's feet, imitating others and being such an aunty at times too. hahahah super farni. thank u for being my listening ear. and just having fun singing at the corridors...
Dorothy: thank u for having the guts to tell me what i did wrong in my face. to support me when i am down. to be my listening ear. to be my punching bag at times, someone to rant at, for being sucha goof liek angel. hahaha i really treasure and cherish the times we had together. too many to name but the memories that both u n angel have given me is being engraved in both my heart and mind.
I thank God for wonderful friends like you both. love u girls. continue to grow in God and to shine for Him k?

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Going Away

i am down. i just want to get away from here for a few days. oh well, dot was talking abt this in=step programme to overseas then uncle roland asked me to join him to go to the maldives. maybe i should go, it would such a good break from things here. contemplating still.......


Hurray, the holidays are here! today was the last day of my practical exam. I felt that this time round i did not do as well as i expected myself to be. The reason being, i had 10 modules, no time to practice. yeah, and to make matters worse, my thumb and index finger split. Oh well, i guess sometimes i do have my downy days too.

its ok, i shall pick myself up and carry on, look forward to next year. anyway, apart from that, i'm glad everything is over and I trust God will take care of every single need of mine that includes my friends, my studies and relationship.

Went to cell group today. was very happy. got to see all my beloved cell ppl. love u guys loads. u make my fridays rock man. :)

ok, i'm going to rest now. will dedicate an entire post to dot and angel tmr . :)