Friday, October 27, 2006

Bathroom singer??

i used to wonder why are there so many people who love to sing in the bathroom. Well, i found that out myself. u see, the way the bathroom is structured actually gives one a room filled with cool acoustic settings. there are lots of uneven walls, coz u got bottles everywhere so the sound is really nice u noe. the acoustics are power-packed.

i was super hyper after jamming with zg,which was like after 11pm, that i started singing "To You, we lift up our hands..." and i was pretty hooked to singing in the bathroom coz the reverb was like so nice. i can't stop singing. Well, though i noe that i didn't go out of tune, one uncle went," oei oei oei, u noe what time already anot, still sing". i was like oops.. haha yikes. i think it is super fun lar... hahaha. I had my revenge on that uncle the next day. we jammed like mad haahaa. so poor uncle.

ok. been busy pretty lately, caught with lots of projects... haha. have tons of work assignments to fulfill. like what is new rite.. haha yup. so just hanging in there, counting on God to provide me with all the strength i need to sustain and still counting Him.... Go Daddy Go!!! GO !!!! GO!!!

ok... back to projsss now.....

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm back...

i am so so sorrie tat i didn't update my blog. kind of lazy yet busy.. sometimes, i wish there is an auto thingee where u can just think in ur mind what u want to say and den it will automatically upload itself into the com. ok anyway, a little update. NIE does not seem that bad anymore now that i have finished 3 modules.. cool... yup, I thank daddy God for allowing me, my two bros to serve in Coos band with our talents. heez, what a joy. With mixed feelings, i have to resign to the fact that my bro n i are serving in 2 different bands. Not that it is bad or anything, but we are so used to playing with each other that sometimes, we need not say a word n we noe where we are heading just by the music and flow. *sigh*. Oh well, it's good to have exposure and to be able to work with others tho. New stream of ideas heh heh...

Anyway, i just came back from jamming with Tehillah, *gosh i hope i spelt it correctly*, yup. not too bad, my first time jamming with them so just go with the flow man.. hahaha. looking forward to the next jamming. Basically, i think they are a bunch of easy going people.. haha.. but in that small room, n sitting next to the drummer, gosh it is like sitting next to zg man. ultra loud. hahaha. next time i must rem to bring ear plugs. kekeke

Dear God, what do u think will happen in the next few years or in lightyears to come? i was thinking, do u think that there will be a need for musicians now that technology is moving and improving so fast? i mean, like i can stack 3 or 4 keyboards and have a control knob or effects box for myself or maybe there won't even be a need for me to play.. just asking i noe my imagination abit wild, but nvm.

YAY~!!!! sch's hols are coming soon. yes yes yes!!! i miss my nafa carefree days man. no matter how ar, i tell u, nafa days are the ultimate bomb. NIE can't beat it. HEAR THAT NIE!!! NAFA REIGNS SUPREME!!!! ok lar. nie is fun in its own way when there is no major essayssssssss to do. *note the many sssss behind the essay*

ok lar, got to do project now. tata.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


gosh... i am missing europe right now.. the cool weather, the carefree attitude. haha. i was quite pleased knowing and being reminded that my life is in God's hands no matter what happens. Yeah even though, life seems tough but u never know, it may be a blessing in disguise, God could have had something to teach us through that tough journey. Well, for me, i would say. these tough times, would be the workload in nie... yeah, though i noe i have been complaining alot lately, but looking back, i learn to lean on God for support and wisdom to guide me through my essays.
Honestly, i can say with confidence that God has been good to me. Evidence: ok i am the kind of person who tries to get as much work done as possible so that i can relax and spend time with family and friends. I dun care how stressed i am or how it has an effect on me. all i want, is to be done and rid of it.
However, God has taken care of me in such a way that if i have an essay to hand in, say upcoming tues, i am able to complete my essay within 2 days but, if i were to do the other modules, I will not be able to concentrate. i will start to day-dream and God will send tons of ppl in my path to distract me, allowing me to rest before starting on the next essay.
As i look back, God has been gracious to me, teaching me to be still in His presence, to find comfort in him. Through this, i learnt once again to commit and surrender everything that i have n am unto Him again.
so once again, i give all glory to God 4eva