Tuesday, September 26, 2006

comical dad

yay.. Thank God daddy's operation was a success. haha. thank you for all the brothers and sisters that have prayed for my daddy. I appreciate it lots. thank you so much...

daddy has 3 weeks mc, and he is getting stronger and lamer everyday. haha. he is very comical as he will crack a joke, make everybody laugh, and then he will say" dun laugh my stomach very pain"... coz he can't laugh as his stitches are around his tummy area. hahaha. mummy is so hardworking too. seldom u see her cook twice for a meal. bcoz of daddy, she does so. so sweet hor. and the food tastes nicer for daddy too despite having no salt in it. hee.

now having hols, but tons of essay to finish. so yup, trying to finish up as much as possible. then can go shopping. hahaha.. tata

Friday, September 22, 2006


i am very happy today. u noe why? because i am so blessed to have been born into such a wonderful family with amazing parents, great bros and beautiful friends. i had a nice surprise today. a bouquet of flowers was sent to my hse. it was so beautiful. i love it man... heez, oh ya, then we had an early birthday dinner with some of them at vilage at heerens. den shannon who is 4eva on his way came late with yifang n leo.. hahaha. but it was extremely memorable.

To me, though this is the first simplest birthday that i ever had compared to the lavish and fun ones at nafa, ironically it was quite enjoyable. even the nafa arts ppl like carol and xingyu gave me bdae presents. that was one pleasant surprise. i appreciated it. realli. thank u babes.. :)

today i was just thinking does pretty gals/handsome guys mean they have pretty hearts? u noe ,today in the bus, i saw this guy with his gf, den when we were at the interchange, he just stood up walked to the front and alighted leaving his gf looking so stoned. i mean, aren't guys supposed to protect their gfs. hmmm, i have no idea. guys nowadays are weird creatures.

i used to wonder how come all the pretty gals are attached but the normal ones are left behind... i came to a conclusion that not all pretty gals are nice. only some but those relationships may or may not be a lasting one. however, those gals who are average looking, they have a very nice character and a good heart. but it takes time for ppl to noe them. i think that shld be the way. do u agree?
hee. today at 12am, which marks 23rd sept will be the first day that i will be starting life at twenteen yrs old... cool huh... heh heh.

Friday, September 15, 2006

jigsaw puzzle.....

Gif me oil in my lamp, keep me burning burning burning. Give me oil in my lamp i pray
Gif me oil in my lamp, keep me burning burning burning. Keep me burning till the end of day.
wat a nice song in times like these... it applies both to my relationship with God and me being in the physical realm. sometimes, i wonder what is life... what are friendships about? is it that valuable? wat makes it valuable... sometimes, i feel tat i am like a spare tyre... oh well, i guess tat's life. someone has to be made used of at some point of time. someone who is easily forgotten....
Anyway, today it was kind of angel n sebas to give me a lift to jp interchange even though it was not realli convenient for him. He could have easily said no coz it wasn't on the way. *touched* thank u guys... i appreciate it.
had some time alone today, to spend time with myself n God, to think things thru... to relax away from everybody.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

haiz... reminiscence

this morning, boy was i glad that i handed in classroom management essay and YES!! it is indeed the last lesson alread.. woohoo!! haha. anyway, when i was walking to my classroom, i heard small daniel prac the clarinet, man, i tot it was nafa for a split second but realized in an instant that i am in an Institute of Essays. so boring. who likes to write wat 20 essays?!?!? no joke ok..
today went to find my cousin who is working at ntu. she just started work there, she made me walk all the way to canteen B and i had to ask 2 ppl to get there. *sheesh* why can't she just ask ppl to help her get to nie. *sigh* must be the age gap. must be daring ma. haha. was looking forward to coming home to my family. it is like, i'm totally lethargic outside, but home is like a recharger for my body which is like a battery to continue for the next day's essays assignment. totally *boring* as angel's latest word.. uber boring. haha... btw, today leo came to nie, to find some books but i think he so blur. haha we couldn't find each other and i was quite worried as i left my belongings in the room. was pretty afraid that my stuff would go missing when i get back.... haha. those are my precious stuff. farni how, life seems to revolve around technology. one feels so handicapped without them. can u imagine a day without a hp... hmm...
haha.. i love my bros more n more everyday. esp zg... haha sorri zk, can't help it. who call u always bully me.. muahahahah. no lar, jk. ok... back to essays. i have more interesting news but i have to confirm it first before i can let u guys noe. tata

Sunday, September 10, 2006

beefed up?

did i fail to mention that i love my parents very much, followed by my bros and then frens.. heez. i think all of these are the best things in my life next to God. anyway, thank you guys for keeping my family in prayer. thank you. i truly appreciate it.
Anyway, today mummy cooked mee tah bak n daddy cooked for my beef coz he said i must eat more meat. why? coz i got low blood pressure.. so daddy cook for zhong guo n i. heez. so nice of my daddy. i love him so so so so much. *muacks to daddy* Mummy i love u too. haaah.
thank God, i managed to finish up classroom management essay. u noe, sometimes nie is so deafening. not in noise but in silence. it is a deafening silence in nie. it is so musicless. i miss the out-of-tune tuning notes of instruments, screams, loud laughter. noise seems to be music at nafa where creativity flows freely. in nie it is so constipated. it just dries up all creative juices thanks to essays. oh well. so boring...
to my buddies: gangly, wobbly, squiggly, shu shu, van. may God bless u guys in every aspect in your life: studies, emotions, relationships and mentally. may He continue to give u strength and wisdom and may his angels guard over u. We'll pull through :) Love u guys

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dinosaur age...

oh boy, it has been a long time since i blogged. haha. kind of miss it. just finished one the management essays.. just needs a little touch-up. anyway, i hope i did it correctly and Bopry would like it. heez.
Anyway, I would like to apologize to all my darling frenz whom i have lashed out at unintentionally... esp angel n dot.. heez... sumtimes, i guess my tone isn't very nice and all. but i dun realli realize it. for ppl out there. i dread ppl disturbing me halfway when i am reading a book, thinking about work or doing work. other than that, disturb me all u want. if u do, u will get a lashing from me which is unintentional at times. haha.. *oops* must control. heez. yup sorrie... love u guys and thanks for telling me :)
One hectic week but hey, SEPT is here. heh heh. oh man, i have a love-hate relationship with this month- september. zk, if u are reading tis, dun even say a word. i noe what u are thinking and wat u are gng to say. shhh... i dun wish to read or hear it. let me live in self-denial thank u.
ok.. now, i am gng to do project work with gangly. that poor girl, i hope n pray she gets well soon. love u gangly *muackz* tat includes wobbly, squiggly and me flabbly (new name given by dot dot) no choice ar... hahaha

Monday, September 04, 2006

Good morning Jesus

Good morning Daddy God...
i noe it is early in the morning and shld be in bed now but I can't slp... too many things running through my mind. things i have done, things i have said, things that i intend to do and am doing. Am i doing the right things? Wat I did, is it right? I dunno. only u noe the ans... I made many promises to u... some i kept, some i did not. Sometimes, i do not have the boldness to stand up for what is right, but i always end up giving in until it becomes too big a prob... but I thank you for giving me the strength this very morning to stand up for what is right, to acknowledge what i did was wrong and to correct it.
Lord, I pray that u will continue to strengthen me and to give me the strength, not to dwell on the past but to learn and never commit the same mistakes again. Relationships and friendships are all in your hands... Look forward to a better relationship I will... to draw near in your dwelling place if u will accept me back again... to be safe in your arms away from danger... to soar on eagle's wings with you... for u to love me again... Dear Lord, ur love and ur acceptance is what i long for... i pray for those brothers and sisters that i have stumbled in the process. may u build them up spiritually again and send a revival among us. May our love for u be renewed again and to restore us to our first love which is u. Father, i pray for those who are sick, may u heal them and restore good health to them. By faith, they are healed and active again. May u richly bless each n everyone who reads this, that they may find their strength and comfort in you too :) For when we are weak, you are strong. When we are poor, u are rich.
Thank you Jesus..


yest was the first sunday that i did not go church at all. haha why? because i attended the youth service on a sat. so basically my sun is free. haha. this morning, went out zhong guo n zhong kai aka mr. 22 hahaha. (can't help it lar bro. haaha) to jam with tim at orchard... it was quite fun to jam together in a studio. it was quite an experience for me... i have never been into a jamming studio. so yup, it was an experience.
Went jalan jalan at orchard area since we were already there with mummy n daddy n my two wonderful bros.. haiz i love God n my family so much...
wanted to do essay. apparently, we went out with a bunch of wacky ppl until 10 plus. so hahaha. my sunday was burnt as usual but i had fun which is rare nowadays.
TIme: 12:10am
Wanna thank God for guiding me thru the first paragraph of my essay. If not for him, I would be stoning at my laptop turning into the 'rock' mode. (the highest level of stoning)... was super happy and am still happy. THANK YOU JESUS...
Just a little smth abt me for some of u who think you noe me very well... my silence is and should not be taken as a weakness. If i say no in your face firmly, take it n leave me alone... if i give u an inch, dun u dare take a yard...

ps. thank you bros for taking care of me n distracting me away from my work. without u guys, i prob go mad and not have so much fun.. heez. esp zk. u wait ar... haha
Take care ppl...

Friday, September 01, 2006

precious gem..

when i was young, i used to play pirates finding a treasure chest with my playmates... it was fun. anyway, it is seldom that i am aware of a gem. anyway, today i just did. i was doing my QT this morning, and the bible verse was phil 4: 13
" I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

haha. yup, that was pretty much of a comfort after gng thru 4 weeks of torture in nie. with all that essays, project work, individual assignment and rushing of classes. haha. so to me, that is pretty much a gem as it helps me look on the positive side knowing that my God is for me and He will always be there for me guiding me in each and every step that i take.
TOnight i have cell group. woohoo!!! looking forward to it. i have 4 more weeks at the adult cell group and will be moving on to the youth one. gng to miss all the aunties, uncles, ah pek, hahah no lar... they are a very fun and lame bunch of ppl despite their age. see maturity doesn't come with age at all.

anyway, mummy just kicked me out of the kitchen as i helped her destroy her meatballs. as usual i am doing smth stupid. hahaha. can't help it lar, must take a break ma after doing and thinking how to phrase essays, choose the right word. no wonder the saying: teachers are the first to go mad... does that apply to student teachers too? hmmm...

i better get back to my mundane pastime now: ESSAYS!!!!! :'( haiz.. i miss nafa as usual. the fun, the laughters, the tears of joy, the groans of hungry stomachs, benny's and desmond's constant complains of "dun tu tu tu", yifang's diva attitude, ryan's corny jokes, daniel's loud voice, sebas's funny sounds in the throat that drives yifang mad... and of coz, Dr. Goh's loud character which makes us burst out in laughing fits.