Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Temper temper

temper temper... rude glares

this week is one hahaha... no words to describe the amount of assignments that we are being piled with. BUt it is a good experience and i thank God for guiding me in each and every step that I take.

anyway, i need to rant. though i dun verbalize it out, it is still not good to bottle it up. lest it becomes a very bad grudge.

Anyway, one thing about me is that i can tolerate almost any nonsense except rude behaviours from rude people. if they are old, ok i can understand. if they are young, ok fine. i also can tolerate. i will just think that the child's parents did not do a good job of raising the kid up. BUT if the person is an educated person, one who is 20 plus years of age. it is like MY GOSH!!! use ur brain.

it is like did 20 over years of education did nothing to teach you about behaviourisms, mannerisms, culture, friendship and the likes? obviously you are portraying the education system in a bad light. please do justice to the education system. but anyway, on the contrary, im happy things are like tat. it just goes to show who the pinkies and the brains are. which one are you?

there is more to education than just mugging, scoring good grades. get a life man! see and breathe in the outside world and you will see the beauty of things that God has created rather than being a stiff neck looking at the redundant and petty stuff. One's life, having a petty nature is pretty miserable. So it is your choice.

I choose to lead a happy life. Thank you Jesus for giving me good frens. :) People who love you and who are willing to change for You. ok God, i have ranted enough. Subside and cease the anger boiling and brewing up in me. thank you amen.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Cheena New year

happy Cheena new year to everyone!

2007 is gone, 2008 has come :) in the chinese calendar of coz :) anyway, i quite enjoyed my chinese new year this year. it is a different from the ones that i used to celebrate with the nafa bunch. i kinda miss them :)

this year went to quite a few places and met quite a few new ppl. ok ok actually i went with chris to visit his relatives. they are really a nice bunch of ppl :) very round.

as i reflect, honestly CNY has lost its meaning for me. i remember when i was young, i would be so excited that i can't slp on the eve of chinese new year. the joy and anticipation of visiting ppl, wearing new clothes, looking pretty, collecting ang paos, the festive noise was what i was looking forward to.

however, as time goes by, it becomes more of a commercial enterprise and a norm more than a tradition handed down by our ancestors ancient years ago. Its just practically normal for me. no excited feeling or whatsoever just the anticipation of being able to wear new clothes during this season. perhaps, this feeling comes with age. :)

anyway, i guess cny is about spending time with loved ones and catching up on old times rather than collecting the red packets which many young kids nowadays look forward to. just something to think about.

oh well, i can't believe that i have to do work during cny. what a spoiler. who does work during visiting hours?!?! gosh

Sunday, February 03, 2008

God You Are Wonderful!

God has been so good to me. he has never failed me nor forsaken me. On thurs, i went for my driving test. Somehow or other, deep inside me i knew that this time i would pass it during my time spending with God. However, there's still a part of me that is trying to keep myself sane and to tell myself not to be over confident. When God asked me, " do u trust me?" i decided that i would.

In the waiting room before heading out for my circuit route, God asked me, " would you still praise me if you fail?" i panicked. i was like "God, not now. u gave me ur word that i would pass. what is happening?" no answer... i resigned," God, if i pass, the skill that you have blessed me with will be used to bless others in need. If i do not pass, it means that there are things that you still want me to learn from you. "

and with that note, i left for my test. the tester did not make it any easier.. nag from circuit to road to back to office. ok ok, some of it is really my fault but did he really have to nag? hmmm :)
but i thanked God i ate the humble pie and the tester passed me. hahhaa so happy. :) yup, praise be to God.

to the present...

today, my cell had an outreach programme going on. It was the most interesting thing that i have ever seen. hahaha. i mean yeah, i have parties but it was a little weird to see ppl in my house from church coz that has nv happened b4. usually parties are with my nafa pals. hahaha. but i thank God that many turned up unexpectedly, or expectedly. I was glad that GOd had put ppl, souls to make this outreach a success. :)

we had a wonderful tang yuan making session. :) i think it was awesome. it was educational gosh. a little nie for cooking. gosh so kewl. hahah made quite a lot of fun nice wacky ppl. and realized that the world is getting smaller thru every new fren that i make :)

as the giordano t-shirt says: there are no strangers in this world, only friends that we have not met