Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I need to rant...

i need to rant... for my heart is breaking with each passing moment...

God, i need to get this off my chest. It is bad enough to have 10 modules in one semester. If that is not bad enough, they are all major modules. I dun have enough time to finish all my assignments. That is according to my puny human mentality. but God, i trust that you have brought me to this degree programme, you will bring me through it.

the amount of workload, rehearsals, projects, essays, it is too much for me to take. I need to breathe. All i'm asking is that you see me and sustain me through this period till the end of may. I need your help, your grace and your strength for i cannot hold out any longer.

I thank you for helping me to hold our for this long but go the extra mile with me will you? Give me the faith and strength to finish up my assignments with a smile on my face, knowing that you are behind me in every way. Teach me to be a blessing to others even through this time of trial. Thank you amen.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

What is Music?

Music is about being humble, having the spirit of humility. As i ponder about it, what good is it if one plays in a band and yet is proud? or what good is it that one is a music student, takes things for granted, assume that one can do music just because we study it? what good is it that suggestions are being blocked out unknowingly in a band?
so basically, what is music? what is the relationship between music and musicians? Without music, there isn't musicians, without musicians, there is no music. my point being, one can't do without the other. In a band, there has to be mutual respect, understanding, a heart to be open to suggestions, a ear willing to listen. It is not about knowing it all. Complacency cannot take root in this form of art. If it does, musicians have failed to create meaningful music.
Being a music student, does not give us the right to be complacent about our abilities and talent. It is supposed to enhance our understanding and not lord it over others, not to judge others ability. If we truly love music, we would give our lives to it. which means being humble, enjoying each note and tone that is being played.
Being in a band is about coming down to everyone's level, ensuring that they feel comfortable and build the band up together and not just for a few ppl to anchor it. It is everyone's responsibility to make the band take flight and not just the stronger ones. If a song cannot be played, work at it, no point flaring up, no need to be anxious, nervous, fiesty. Work, communicate. that is the key.
what is important in a band, is not how well you play, not the fame that comes with it. instead, co-ordination, communication, understanding, perseverence, humility and a teachable spirit is wat that is important. Always remember, pride comes before a fall.
God bless.