Saturday, November 25, 2006


*gosh* 1 week has passed so quickly. have been busy practicing for competition... it is fun. this is wat i call life... haha anyway, it is fun yet stressful yet enjoyable... haha.. i am a little sad coz i can't start daddy's cake shop online coz i heard that i need to obtain a license and i have absolutely no clue as to go about applying for one. *sigh*.. i need help man... if you guys noe how to obtain the license, please feel free to call me and guide me ok. it's pretty important to me. thank you so muchie...
oh yea, tmr daddy's going to bake cream puffs with chocolate custard and mango custard. yum yum... yay n i am gng to help do the shell of the puffs... it's gonna be pretty...

just came back from church, had a wonderful day... oh, i was reading this book that dear ruth lent me. it is gems.. if i am not wrong... if i can remember correctly, i was awoken by this sentence," nowadays people take God for granted"... if you think about it, it is rather true... and it also challenges the way we view worship. Worship is nothing without the Holy Spirit... it would be just a performance, an empty vessel. Worship is an act of humility, to stand in awe of our God, to be grateful for his dying on the cross, for saving us from death... and so, because of this few statements that hit me, i reflected upon it and today, it is like a total different meaning when i went for service... Sometimes, due to our busy stuff everyday and a peaceful life here, it is indeed a blessing but it is also easy to forget God. but i thank God for ruth nonetheless, for letting me read that precious book that made me remember why God created me. that is to worship him and enjoy his goodness. :) yup...
i guess i will end here for now. gng to plan some party thingee for christmas... haha... love you all.... and may God bless you richly. *muackz*

Monday, November 20, 2006

LoOk HeRe!!!

yay... gosh i enjoyed may's wedding on sat. it was realli nice. haha. *sigh* heh heh... oh anyway, just to update all of you... i'm gng to start a little foodie stall online.. yup so check my blog for more updates ok? all the yummylicious food that my daddy is going to bake. There'll be cream puffs, cheesecakes in chocolate, mango, strawberry n coffee flavours... pics will be up soon tho. the name of the 'cafe' will be up soon. will keep you guys posted... :) hope you guys will like the pastries.

Friday, November 17, 2006

hooray!!! it's a happy holiday

yay!!! the last of my psycho essay is over. YAY!!! FREEDOM!!!! hahaa. but it comes with a price. i ain't feeling well. sob sob. oh well, this 1 n a half mnths is a long deserved break for me. i worked very hard for the past 3 months ok... anyway, brought mrs. gnojeck out yesterday with dot dot. it was super fun lar... hahaha. had a lot of things to see. oh well, i guess singapore is an asian america.. coz, everything that mrs gnojeck sees, is more or less the same as back in her country.. hahaha.... which means we are boring... got any new things anot ar... haiz... haha anyway, will be busy practicing the next few weeks.. so ya.. dun disturb.. muahahaha jk jk.. i am super happy lar... hahaha

Sunday, November 12, 2006

His PreSeNcE!!!

totally enjoyed my time in church today.. yeah. today i felt that the spirit was different. somehow, God was dwelling in the midst of us doing his work in each and every one of us. To love us and let us be loved... May God continue to work in the two bands everyday. :)
rite... one last psycho paper, and i'm off to nafa for good. muahahaha sounds as if i am going to teach at nafa. but nah, going to join uncle zecky in his choir... so cool lar. man i miss those days at nafa, that was the life... the high-life... creating music is the highest form of life anyone can attain man... haha. i mean not forgetting God who is first in everything but i thank God for music, can u imagine ur life without music. it is like not being able to breathe in any air. gosh.. music is wonderful but of course it is powerful too. so be careful wat u use ur music for :)
yay... i have a happy feeling about this week coz it is making-music week. preparing for competition for da-ge aka desmond, and recently ruth too :) hee. man back to the old days. wat a nostalgic feeling. and with dot dot too... man i think nafa is gng to be noisy for the next 1 mnth or so. u can see dot dot n i playing catching, crashing courses, laughing very loudly, doing dumb stuff....
oh yeah, currently it is sun morn... i am feeling excited coz this will be my first time playing in coos worship. yeah!!! God, await my worship to you with the band at 5pm!!! LOVE YOU JESUS!!! U ROCK!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

tat's weird!!

ok, i posted my testimonies of how God has done for me the last time. But for some strange reason, it has deleted by itself. anyway, i am gng to write it again. I want to share with you how God has literally saved my life.

I want to thank God for preserving my life to where i am today. u see, i was born with a hole in the heart and doctors predicted that i had only 3 weeks to live. Thanks to my mum's steadfastness, she kept on praying and miraculously, the hole closed by itself. This miracle was not only to testify that God is real but it was also the start to my father's salvation.

The second time that God saved me was when i had to go for 2.4km run during PE lessons. i came to this junction that we had to cross. I guarantee u i looked left to right then right to left to make sure that there was no cars ok. but suddenly, a white merz came out of nowhere in my direction. I was stunned and i could not move an inch. The car came closer until it was a few inches away from me and all of a sudden i felt this strong but gentle force that pushed me backwards onto the gravel road. Initially, i thought that it was one of my frens who pulled me back. but when i looked around, there was no one on the road with me. I knew then that it was God who saved me. I was not hurt or anything. No bruises or whatsoever. Perfectly fine!! :)

Through these two testimonies, i know that God is real and is always on the look out for us, protecting us. Some of you may think that it is sheer luck. but up till today, luck has not done anything for me but my God has. I hope that you will be encouraged by these testimonies. May God richly bless u :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Teachers as role models??!!??! i dun think so

ok, many of u may noe that teachers are indeed role models and not all teachers are mean. but i tell you, i am so mad with this teacher of mine. oh btw, i cleared her class today as we took her english test. i can't believe it ok, for english, i did a question wrongly. and so i asked my teacher how? she said," fail lor".. URPS LAR!!! be more encouraging and comforting as a teacher can? oh and she is ultra ultra ultra super duper rude... last week, we made quite a bit of noise as she ate into our other class's time. she got super worked up that she turned around and said," do me favour, zip your mouth!!!".... ?!?!?!?!?!?! like so ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? man if that is how a phd holder in english is going to behave and react to cute loveable students like us, it has definitely set an ugly image about english... gross...
Get this straight, a phd does not mean anything.. it is just a cert... to help u get a job, but it ain't gonna sustain u a job if u lack creativity and manners... if u tink phd means the world, yeah it does, it means Permanant Head Damage... and one will think it is the world coz of pride... so must be careful ya ppl when u get ur upper degrees and doctorates and stuff. back to reality...
*sigh* my english, Dear God pls work a miracle and help me pass this subject. I do not want to retake this english module again. it is torturous... i rather play music with english than to write letters with english.
Happy thoughts now: rite, i am going to join in all or rather most activities held by NAFA like CHOIR!!!!! GAMELAN!!!!! uahahahahahah... yea yea yea... miss the life there man. it is like the bomb. so glad nie is OVER!!! OVER!!! HURRAY!!!! one last psychology essay to go and wala. kabaam... ovua... ciao... tata.... and hello... bonjour... sawadicrap... holidays and NAFA... THANK YOU JESUS!!! *MUACKS MUACKS* tat you help the time in nie to pass by so quickly. Continue to do so pls if there is an overload of assignments and help us get to happy thoughts and activities faster. :) LOVE YA JESUS!!!