Saturday, November 08, 2008

the DNA

Interestingly, you would think that we youngsters are very creative. but i have found out my lecturers are extremely creative. haha.

in Nafa, dot angel and i were called fullstop, comma and exclamation mark respectively. So whenever we start talking, Dr. T** will go, Fullstop, please stop talking to comma and exclamation mark. Pay attention.

Now in NIE, we have a cute drama lecturer who goes, Hello DNA. which stands for Dot, Nat and Angel. so creative right. can't stand them. love them to bits.

If there is anything that i'll miss, is the fun and company in NIE. who cares and bothers to remember the workload here. not worth remembering. :)

I am so happy. i just hand up one of the most dreaded essays yesterday. :) thank God, he was with me as i was writing the essay. :) couldn't do it without him.

was reading Dorothy's blog, it is interesting that she likes to run. I remember angel saying, Dot you can go run the race. Nat and I will walk the faith. Life is like a race. it does not matter whether u start well but it is important that we end the race well. Be it school work, our influence of others, friendships. every thing is a race. So let's persevere together no matter how the tough the going gets.

Met up with the NAFA gang yesterday was the most satisfying fellowship i ever had. missed them tons. hanging out with them just brings back memories of the times that we had when we were studying together. It's amazing, 5 years have just flew by like that, yet we are blessed to be able to clique together, joke and still love each other for who we are. It 's great. i love you guys!