Monday, October 29, 2007

Typical week

gosh, i guess i have been too lazy to update my blog... was so busy for the past few weeks due to drama rehearsals and planning stuff for other things. :)

oh well, i guess time does pass rather fast in a way yet slow in a way. it is already past october, coming to november. which leaves me to wait for another one month plus.. yay!! that i can do. just look forward and spend wonderful time with the God and the people around me. plus, there is so much work to do, essays, performances, practice piano, ruth's exam, practices with ruth.. gosh. hahah. i'm so glad that the first two weeks of nov will go by in a breeze. yay that takes off some load of my mind.

most prolly, in the last two weeks of nov, gng to dec, will be busy reckeeing for hostels for music advance. so if any of u who knows of a nice place, where we have our own individual toilets and not common toilets, in a room please introduce to me. considering that we are on a tight budget. thank you in advance for those who are able to help ha.

this few days, i have been rather grumpy. dun feel like getting out of the house to work on the tempest. farni thing is, once u're there, u feel like it is fun. i think it is just the process of getting there. inertia has not started. ha

yay!! i'm gng to china. which is like confirmed. mixed feelings lar. i dunno what to think or feel. dun realli like the place, but so many people tell me that it is a nice place. Have to think of daddy too, he can't eat much food coz it is too oily and salty for him. hmm maybe bring biscuits for him to eat. hahaha. poor daddy. oh well, God will provide for him some yummy food. yay thank you Jesus

anyway, i think tiong bahru has the best chwee kuei and the yummiest hokkien mee. it just rocks. will go there to eat again. hahaha. got to go prepare props for performance for friday. goodbye

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One Day Down

Today i had a wonderful time rehearsing for our little shakespear play, though it is rather tiring. Oh well, wat's new... but it is fun. haha was surfing through youtube and decided to find some tango videos... have a little fettish for it but i need a partner and i found mine. :) unfortunately, i have to do some more waiting. hahaha.. in the meantime, pls enjoy the clip

i think it is so nice... oh man, they have flexible legs and they are not clumsy... i think if it would me, the first few months of training that i would receive is how to make me look not that clumsy. hahaha... they are good. hee

Today, thank God for answering and listening to our prayers. had a fun and interesting piano lesson with Mrs. Low... i am beginning to think that she is a good teacher. I heard her play today, her playing was like whoa... super nice... oh well... tough teachers do make a good musicians... at least for this one. i think it is the grilling that brings the best out of you. :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Show Must Go On

this is a very nice video... i love it. it's called the show must go on by Queen. enjoy :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

am i really that strong?

Am i really that strong?
had extra drama lessons today. unfortunately or fortunately it lasted only for 1.5 hours. I was already very zonked. so zonked until when the bus reached the interchange of boon lay, i still did not know. when i woke up, i realized that everyone had alighted the bus. how embarassing!! oh well. i guess, everyone has embarassing moments. hee
had a nice little chat with one of my drama members, Hema. she is a very sweet girl and we shared about relationship stuffs. glad that i got to know her better. she was asking me how i cope with the bf being away for 3 months, which is quite long to her. den she said, wah nat, you are very strong ar to be able to tahan. if me, 2 weeks i already cannot.
What she said struck me, i am not tat strong. honestly, if i was strong, i would not have cried when he went overseas, i would have been able to sleep and bla bla. but i believe that the reason i am strong enough to be able to face each new day with a smile on my face and to trust in Him that each day will go by very fast is because God helped me thru it. Come to think of it, it is exactly 1 month that Chris has been in US. hahah yeah. Without God, i most probably be some moppy girl with her eyes all swollen from crying every nite. hee. so yeah. thank you Jesus :)
Seriously, as i was showering i thought of smth. ok here goes... have been attending church ever since i was a young little girl (not that i'm old now lar, but ppl do grow taller and u noe more mature *ahem ahem*) yeah. so as i think back, i realized that the teaching of christian doctrine has been mundane as ever.
In Nie, it would be labelled as so TEACHER CENTRED... but i guess, in the context of church it would be.. SO PASTOR CENTRED... haha. i was thinking, what if... there are some ways to incorporate congregation centred learning... now that would be wonderful rite? instead of worrying that the congregation would just sit in the pews and start to stone or snore, they would be engaged. but as usual... ppl or leaders in church are afraid to venture into something new. it is always human err to stay in the safe zone and restrict God's teaching to be something mundane... pls lor, if you look at the bible closely, i would say the God is a kinesthetic learner. so are his disciples. they were always doing hands-on things to learn concepts about life, God, people around them. of coz, when praying it is like duh lar. that one cannot say. prayer is how u pray to God. to each its own. but the teaching of doctrine, i feel there must be a change.
oh well... my belief is that nothing ventured nothing gained. if you have any comments, just tag it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


i realized that i have not been blogging for ages. so a litte update. was rather busy the past few weeks or days going for rehearsals as we have 2 drama productions coming up. the first one would be on the 25th of Oct, the second would be on 2nd Nov. if you guys are free, u can come down for either the afternoon show or the evening one. Interested, please tag me k? i will give you more details.

hee... was tired of speaking the Shakespearian language but then, after a while, it seems that it is not that bad after all. hahaha. yup, yesterday daddy, mummy n i went to book our little tour to china. It is going to be for 5 days, from the 15th to the 22nd. i dread going, for a number of reasons. 1) i dun like the place, 2) i dun even understand a word they are shee shorhing about, 3) i dunno even i can adapt to the food there. u noe hokkien mee is always good. 4) the bf is flying back to Singapore around that week and I DUN GET TO SEE HIM!!!!!!!!!!! honestly, the main reason why i dun feel like gng is like duh so obvious rite. it is basically no. 4.... the first 3 reasons are true but the 4th one is the bomb. so the ironic thing is, not that i have to wait for him to return but he has to await my return. so farni. ok

anyway, here's my point. dot, the tube dresses are nice though but rem i told you about i like my wedding dress to be like off shoulders? yeah. it is smth like that.. hee. yeah i think it is nice :)

yeah, i have the whole picture here.

this is how it should look like :) u can click on the image to have a better view tho :)

Friday, October 05, 2007


omg!! u guys must look at this video... the baby is so cute. i called her the watever baby... hahaha epitome of cuteness. hahaha...

she is so cute rite!!! omg!!! *faintz* lar the hand, the eyes, the facial expressions. DRAMA QUEEN!! HAHAHA

anyway, today is my 2nd anniversary and i say it rox!! if i say it rox, no one can ever say that it doesn't ok.. i love you dear... hahaha yeah!!! and i think the baby is so cute. cuter than anyone else. hahahah happy watching

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Leave it

Was busy browsing through some videos... came across my favourite songs since i was in secondary school. darn, and i have no idea if it applies to me now. but i guess not hahah. it is a different context altogether. :)

Sometimes, i wish time would pass faster, but come to think of it, time has indeed already been passing quite fast. :) will be extremely busy for the next few days i think. However, it is weird when u need to go sch only for 2 days a week to rehearse for performance. oh well, i guess it is good too so that i can practice piano. haha...

met dai feng for lunch today. heard some great news from him and yeah had fun catching up with him. but nonetheless, things are not the same as before. couldn't communicate with him as much as before. i guess people change overtime. haha.

Dear dAddy God, i love you :) thank you for all my family, bros, bf, and frens. thank you that it is through them, that i can see you and my life has become more meaningful. Thank you for letting me see you through the things that i excel at and even the things that i dun excel at. i thank you for helping me to learn more about you and seeing you very evidently in music. I love it... thank you for being God. :)

I guess there are times that i do get pissed off at something only that i dun say coz i do not how to put it down in words. and yet it is tough to say it coz we are the minority in a certain place at a certain time. i get pissed when i see things that are being done not becoz of him but becoz it is done out of the flesh. However, what can i do? i can't go up, give them 2 tight slaps and shake the bejeevers out of them. i can't. it would be so unethical of me. i can only sit and stand aside, watch them struggle in their own folly and pray for them. For God's sake, we are in the same ministry. i won't stand by and watch them dwell in mud... but if i say my mind, advise is given, but it is still being thrown aside, or fallen on deaf ears, den so be it . find ur way out of the wilderness.

Music is supposed to be free... or at least that is what i experienced through God. no one in my entire life has ever come up and told me that there are rules and regulations about music. It is not a matter of rules. BUT it is a matter of preference and choice. i have seen my previous church, no technicalities, but annointing. so why hanker over the aspect of technicalities when it just deludes urself into thinking that there is annointing.

when man is lost... God is pleased. for it where he can work his magic and guide you, coz He is in control. Not YOU!