Tuesday, February 24, 2009

rant rant rant....

boy, it is tough being an actor especially in the traditional art forms of theatre. I was talking to my kathakali instructor, asked him how was his training regime like when he was studying. He shared with us that he had to wake up at 4am - 6am just to do warm-ups only and the rest of the day until 5pm was practice. Honestly, if i had just to do that whole day, i would not mind. :)
the reason being, i can stay slim and yet hone my skills instead of travelling to a green building in the middle of the forest everyday. yup. but i enjoyed myself regardless of the tiring training. yup. at least it has helped me get a load off my mind.
i guess there are a few things that have been troubling me the whole week. It seems that not only is life fragile, but relationships with the ones that you love comes under that category too. I guess for me, it hurts even more that the loved one, does not seem to appreciate what one has done for "one". not that i care much, but i hate to be taken for granted. Honestly, i don't know what to do and i dun know why i care so much and I dun want to give a shit anymore.

yeah, that's my week so far and i hate the feeling. oh well... i guess it is just me, i'm ranting...

Friday, February 06, 2009

to azmeran

this entry i want to dedicate it to my student azmeran... gosh, if not for his little tag, i would forget that i have a life outside sch work... you know, this little cheeky student of mine never fails to make my day with his dashing smile, cute and handsome face... and haha, i always tell him, you better watch out if not i cut you botak den you know, and haha he will say the same thing back to me.

help!! i miss teaching my students... i miss the times when i taught my kids at fajar, it was one of the most memorable and greatest gifts that i have ever received in my life.

azmeran, just in case if you are wondering i am entering a blog just for you, it is because i have no way of contacting you like the other students... you are like a phantom you know. come and go leaving no trace of contact behind. can you please leave either ur msn addy or email on my taggy please? or just leave it as a comment on the blog please.... thank you very much... and yeah, one day we organize something and meet up k? with the rest of your classmates which i taught in sec 2... :)

anyway, good to hear from you, thank you for making my day today.. haha... and you better be botak when i see you the next time. :)