Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Going Somewhere?

the past few days i attended a youth leaders' advance held at 30 Jalan Lekar, Sungei Tengah @ Singapore Vision Farm... it is a lovely place with beautiful scenery, nice hostels and a nice weather. It is easy to find God and to thank Him for the lovely things that He has bestowed us with like nice trees, beautiful chirpy birds. irritating mosquitos, pestering flies, so on n so forth. yup, God is tangible through His creation. he is evident in people like u n me :)

honestly, i was not too keen about going for this advance coz i was the only person that i knew there. true, though there are people whom i know but they are merely acquaintances. It was a terrible experience for me to sit there alone watching everyone know everyone. but i had to be brave. as a leader, i had to be strong rite? hahhaa wrong. the fact that i was alone made me realize that i am actually not alone. i still had God. it is just that i had to take time to know people.

However, being alone at the camp made me wonder and ponder about myself. am i really as independent as many say or even i say i am? honestly, i dun noe. i finally understand how Chris felt when he went to USA alone for the first time though my case was not as extreme as his but yeah somewhat similar for the first 1.5 days lar. :)

It was not easy but i managed to get to know a couple or rather a handful of ppl. hahah starting small is good. :) yeah but it was sad to be the only leader from the youth worship side and everyone else was from the cell group segment. :) was initially at a loss but slowly but surely getting the picture of everything.

yup and it is a 4 days 3 night camp starting on mon which was 10 dec. so here i am blogging and u might wonder what am i doing at home now blogging? good question. i was home sick and i had to pack for my trip to china. hahha. stayed over on tues, took one sniff of the toilet and i nearly puked. took one sniff of my bed and i already begun to realize i was home sick. i missed home and parents. missed my u shape pillow, miss my pink bird soft toy.

so back to the question of whether or not i am independent, i guess i still have lots to learn. a different level of maturity in independence. :) through this camp, it has taught me to step out of my comfort zone. i was happy being where i was and being with the ppl i am comfortable with. but yet, as leaders sometimes, we have to step out of our comfort zones in order to reach and win souls for God. if we can't break the ice among ourselves, wat more others out there in the cold hard world? got to start somewhere so here i am, took one step of faith n be brave without the bf at the camp. haha literally no one near to my comfort level. *sobs*

but i thank God for giving me the opportunity for going to this camp, i learnt lots from it and was greatly blessed. and i love being alone still... hahaha. i talk less which is ironic of me. :) love God n i love myself

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Angel's Bdae Pics

Angel's bday pics

here u go angel. sorrie abt the delay... was busy with other stuff

phew. managed to get a pic of you cutting ur nice nice bday cake. that is all the pics i got though. :) hope u like them. hahaha n u still can't take a still pic. :)

rachel darling showed me this website where there were nice nice wedding gowns. nearly fainted though coz they have the gown that i have been looking for all the time. it so pretty. let me show you.

ah.. aren't the gowns beautiful? just what i wanted. *dreamz* hahhaa... so princessy. :) i'm happy that i managed to find a company that makes these dresses. thank you so much rachel.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Deal or no Deal?

a popular tv game show called deal or no deal has recently hit town with its all so attractive price money or 250,000 dollars up for grabs. and as usual, you can tell who are the smart people from the dumb ones.

honestly, i think that game sometimes turn me off. why? it is like here the poor contestant is playing for his or her money grabs and the audience go into a frenzy of DEAL, NO DEAL, NO DEAL, DEAL... so on and so forth. i think u get the picture. sometimes, i wonder when the audience shout no deal to the contestant, do they realli care that it is someone else's money that is on the line? sure, i mean it is easy to say no deal coz it is not one's own money.

take for instance, last episode on wed. when we have this beautiful hindi looking lady who can actually walk away with 17k odd. i mean becoz of the audience frantic yelling of no deal and so she listened. unfortunately for her, she ended up having to walk away with 25 bucks n her pocket.

i guess to me, there is a lesson to be learnt from all of these experiences. one can't always rely on the advice of others as there will always be people out there to harm you and to prevent you from succeeding if they can. one has to stand on their own two feet and make decisions for themselves and to trust God in every aspect of his or her life. dun let others sway or influence you in any way.

that is all that i have to say for now. and i love trenchcoats. ok that was random... but oh well. tata

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


everything in life is complicated. honestly, i feel that some things in life that we face may seem complicated and challenging but honestly, there is no need for things to be that complex. things in life are actually quite simple. the culprit? one's own mentality and character. lots of farni ppl in the world nowadays that do not have a mind of their own. they follow the crowd blindly and tend to have such a soft ear. n to be stubborn for the wrong reason.

anyway, i am happy that today is my 5th anniversary with chris. i am so blessed and happy that i have such a wonderful bf and i thank God for him. it is interesting how our relationship has grown. normal couples would have their relationship strengthen being spent together and for the most time but ours, is ironic. it grew stronger with the both of us being apart. interesting eh? i guess the element of trust just grew stronger with time and every action that we do.

though it is the last league, i will be honest here. it is not as easy as i thought it would be. the initial stage of him flying off was hard but then it got easier. so i tot to myself, by counting sats it would be easier and then when it is down to like 3 - 4 weeks, i can start getting excited as it would go past very fast. how wrong i was

the first and last 3 weeks are the toughest whereas the in between was the easiest so to speak though it was filled with its own challenges.

was thinking of doing up a drama and performing it to close frens and frens of frens. but if any of you are interested, pls inform me and we can write and direct our own script and play. it would be fun. I am seriously going to stage it on 25 jun 2008.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


went to The Legends at Fort Canning Park today. it was splendid. the food was great, ambience was great. woohoo!! i love my life. won't want to trade it for any other things in the world. am currently contented with everything in my life. Thank you Jesus :)

interestingly, a membership was enticing but cognitively, it ain't that enticing after all bcoz as members u are only able to use certain facilities for free and pay for the usage of others at only a discounted rate of 10%. so no point in getting one as it is like paying as a public member instead of an exclusive member.

however, it has it plus sides too :) posh decorations, which i have to thank them for. now currently have ideas to decorate my house.

being an adult i guess has it plus sides too. get to enjoy life, have great company of God, family members, boyfriend, friends (thank God for the common sense to filter out unwanted ones), and the wonderful wonderful church frens that i just met.

just so excited. it is like next fri that i am flying off to china. hahaha i have no idea whether i am going to enjoy it or not. it is like erm.. china?? have been hearing stories about china. i guess, i will tell u my ans only when i come back and give you my version of it. for now, i am looking around for pampers as i dun really fancy toilets overseas especially you know since their people have set a very 'good' example in the singapore ones.

went to a pretty good prata place today @ river valley road. the mee hoon goreng ikan bilis is quite shiok alongside with the soto ayam with tanghoon. have a feeling i will be parking myself there from this saturday onwards. yum yum., hahha then after that can go to 'zouk' and hangout. yay!!

Christmas is coming...

christmas is coming. 23 more days to go...
gosh, this year i love christmas. not because that the decoration along orchard road is so pretty. neither is it the fashion of tis season coz it is like "what fashion?". did someone forget to inform the fashion curators that singapore has no winter, so what is with the winter fashion when we can get a heatstroke anytime from wearing those thick wollen poofballs?
hee. anyway, this christmas has a little christmas spirit in the air. i have no scientific proof of why i feel this way. perhaps, it is because everywhere i go, i hear christmas songs being played over the PA system. not just only ordinary christmas songs but songs about Jesus. Songs that have been like a tradition, songs that we hear like jingle bells, a baby in the manger etc. but yet there are new christmas songs that bear the message of Jesus and his teaching in the lyrics. how wonderful it seems when people celebrate special events from their hearts instead of commercializing it. i guess to achieve a goosebump effect, it always starts from the heart. :) yeah
can't wait for christmas to come. yup, and if any of you are free, please feel free to drop by Church of our saviour on 22 - 24th of dec, 6pm and 8pm for a wonderful night of drama play performed by youths. it is at margaret drive.. or u can alight at Queenstown mrt station. if still lost n blur, please call me :)
i just realized, 2 more weeks and i am off to china. yikes. time flies. am so looking forward to the music advance. hope God will reveal more of himself there to the ministry so then people will wake up soon.
by the way, angel, if you are reading this, please pull ur pictures off my bloggie k? i am uber lazy to email it to u lar. so whatever u see, just take... and please dun be appalled by ur pics k? i can get a beautiful shot of everyone but u coz u keep moving. hahaha not a very suitable subject for the camera. but i still love u anyway, should sign u up for who wants to be nathania's next top model... haahha. think everyone would siam sia. hahahha oh well. ok, i think i wrote enuff crap to entertain bored people like myself. so goodnite n love u guys

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Angel's 21st Bdae

guess it is a long time since i have updated my blog :) haha anyway, i went for angel's bdae party today. was held at a chalet. hahha quite fun and interesting.

but had a fun time with mummy today. hahah i love mummy :) and daddy is so cute n farni. i seriously think he needs to go for pronounciation class. haaha this is what daddy always pronounce words as -

gay = jay

vivocity = videocity

dress = trash

even better, he changes people's names too!!

scenario: my dad driving, with mummy n i in the car

Dad: eh mummy, later i need to go to sim lim square

mum: for what? so much time ar

dad: i want to ask nerd ar, how much he is selling the canon camera

mum: *laughing* who is nerd?!?!

dad: there, the guy from sim lim square that one

mum: MAX LAR!!! anyhow change people's name ar u!!

yup, you can see how creative my dad is. so dont be surprise if next time he looks at u, and calls u by a different name. it is just his creativity at work. :)

hahaha. i love my mummy, daddy n mr. yang hahha. oh thank you angel for inviting me to ur bdae party. it was wonderful. we were supposed to sing a song but we were short of one singer and we wonder why... hmmm... ok. anyway, that is it for now. love u all