Thursday, April 30, 2009

hip hip hurray

HURRAY!!! it's finally over!!! my well deserved break. woohoo. THank you Jesus for sustaining me through this tough semester. 11 modules is no joke and is no fun either. WIthout you, i think would have gone insane already. But Thank you for your favour, your helping hand, mercy and grace.

Man, wat would i do without you. Ialso thank you for wonderful friends like dot and angel as well as my church frens who have been ther supporting me and cheering me on. You have definitely put many people in my life to make it rosier. :)

yay and i am so excited... i'm going Holiday Internship Programme. you know why? because only hip people attend such programmes. hahahaha no lar, i'm a workaholic so i must find something to do and learn in order not to rot my time away in case i become too nua for the next sem. must always keep myself busy.

hurray hurray.... today i think dot, angel, lynn, and i just traumatized mr. S**** today. hahaha he's such a dear and a nice fella to disturb.. haha blushes easily and has many many many girlfriends. super farni and his cake just rocks to the core. lovely cake...

chilled out with us the four girls, gosh relieving the nafa days is just so memorable. how i wish i can turn back time and just freeze me in that nafa days era. i wouldn't mind being in nafa forever! How can anyone not like the sch. it is the most funkiest place. i guess it is the person who makes the school and not the school who makes the person.

just one more sem... looking forward to it. why? plenty of reasons. (i) my darling bf is going to be in the same sch as me. hurray... so exciting. hahahah. hope he can tolerate the noise of dot, angel and i as well as my other whacky drama mates and music mates. they are insane. (ii) it is my last semester, will grad by dec. (iii) i have only 4 modules (iv) i can see my whacky frens again (v) i can bully the lecturers and traumatize them (vi) i have to return the nie card which i accidentally brought home today :( (vii) i get to earn salary!!! woohoo!!!! (viii) no more. i'm contented with the above 7 points. hahahah

i miss you angel, dot n lynn... already...

Monday, April 06, 2009

my little bundles of joy!

*blissful smile*
tomato plants are growing very well. just came back from watering them and cutting the dead leaves that are sucking up extra nutrients that should got to the fruits. Anyway, small little updates about my tomato plants...
There are extra 3 more bundles of joy... so in total now, i have 20 bundles of joy, sitting serenely on the branches... managed to take some pictures of them but apparently i have problem uploading them up.
and i am very proud of my plants... it certainly has attracted lots of attention from my neighbours and their visiting relatives and friends. Just yesterday, was sitting at my desk with the window open, and this bunch of aunties, uncle, ah mas, and little kids were oooing and aahing at my plants..
they were exclaiming in Hokkien:
" le kua le kua... jin chu bi eh... chelly ang mo kio... chu bi hor"
direct translation (english) :
" you see, you see, so cute ar... cherry tomatoes.. cute hor"
yup. so proud of my little bundles of joy. they do deserve to be praised and admired... i mean where on earth do anyone see how the food we eat grow... just makes me appreciate food even more and that is also my problem. i can't bear to eat them. maybe knowing too much is not that good after all. sigh...
will post pictures of them when i get the techical problem fixed.. :)