Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Performing vs Teaching

gosh, it has been a long time ever since i started to blog.

How time flies... it has been 4 months since i have started teaching. Never regretted my decision to be a teacher. I think it is just plain awesome to be able to interact with the younger generation. What a privilege to be able to befriend them, to learn new things from them, receive new insights and to be able to challenge both theirs and my perspective about certain things in life.

If one wonders whether the students there are like horrendous, no they are not. Sure, they do test your patience, but at the end of the day, they are still people. They need the basic things that you and i need. Air, Interaction, Guidance, Comfort and most importantly Love.

As teachers, i think the greatest gift that we can ever impart to our students is Love. 1 Cor 13. Have been battling with the age old question: Is it better to be feared or loved? But i have decided, that even if it takes a longer process, i choose to be loved. To be feared, yes it does have its benefits, you get things done faster, you get the class to be quiet, but at the end of the day, the students might not open up to you because they can't be themselves. They do things out of fear and not because they want to.

Love conquers a multitude of sins. Love is patient, love is kind, love does not boast, love does not envy, love puts others before oneself. And in the process, love hurts. Students do hurt you unintentionally when they become their old self again after counselling them, speaking to them in the hope that they will become a better person. But it is a great opportunity to bond and strengthen the relationship with them. when you interact with students, you will understand where they are coming from and why they act in a certain way, which is pretty interesting.

Darn, i am addicted to my job. LOVE.. LURVE... it!!!

Went to watch an orchestra concert at NAFA yesterday. As usual, going back to that campus brings back many fond, fun and exciting memories. Till today, those memories are deeply treasured. It is one place that i have found great and wonderful insane friends.

I must say, the orchestra is pretty good. the balance between the orchestra and the choir was awesome. The delivery of the music was very smooth and the dynamics was like whoa magical. Musicians of NAFA, i am so so proud of you.

After watching that performance, you resurrected the dream of performing in me again. sigh... I think it is just simply beautiful to spend your days practicing your pieces, collaborate with different musicians and travel round the world to perform. It is just so magical. so enriching. so.............. enticing.

what can i say... i can only wish for it to come true one day... shall leave you with one of my favourite requiems...