Friday, December 26, 2008

Have yourself a merry little christmas...

Merry Christmas :) take time to see the joy and happiness around you. Cherish those who are around you and make time to spend it with them.
sorrie this picture is a little pixated. i just copied it from my facebook. hahaha. i love this picture. just realized that i have tons of pictures with my two favourite buddies but some of them still with dot seng.. :)
did lots of visiting this christmas, busy partying. hahha. it was fun to celebrate the birth of Jesus on this lovely day when the gift of life was being given to us freely. though this year i did not feel the christmas spirit as compared to when i was young. But i realized that everyday can be christmas. If christmas is about giving gifts, then everyday i can buy gifts for one of my friends. If christmas is about caring and loving others, that should be done on every other day and not just on 25 dec. :) the same concept as valentine's day. yeah. so start by cherishing those around you while they are still around.
Once again, Merry Christmas to all.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spirit of ChRiStMaS....

Angel darling & I

had an absolutely lovely day today. spent time in the morning with my parents, went to eat breakfast with them. man, i love my parents loads, despite the fact that we drive each other crazy at time. hee but hey, i guess that's what family is about. loving each other despite trials and tribulations. they are the people who will stick with you through thick and thin no matter what. It is a blessing to be able to have a family. :)

Dear went to Batam today for leaders' advance. I'm not able to go coz i'm going for a cruise. gosh, it is a happy yet a darn barnacles moment. coz part of me really wants to go to the advance to learn more about God. sigh, i'm going to miss my darling for the next few days. :) Dear, i miss u :) but have fun anyway...

after that, met up with my beautiful darling angel for a little chit chat. went to Bugis, Tcc, to chill out. i love my angel loads. she makes me laugh and we can share things. Thank you Angel for taking time out to meet up and share ur life with me. You have brought abundant laughter and joy into my laugh with ur crazy antics. :) i love ya. May God continue to mould you into that strong and faithful woman that He wants you to be.

then Angel whipped out her camera and.... here are some of the pictures that we took:

Most of the pictures make me feel like i'm in another planet altogether and i can actually get into the christmas spirit while taking photos with Angel. hee

There was like a big Christmas tree in the middle of Bugis and I have it in the palm of my hand
Next stop: Hotel Intercontinental

I love this pic. makes me feel like i'm in the middle east country like Israel or Turkey...

Another favourite pic of mine...
Angel darling, thank you for helping me take the lovely photos and when u upload ur photos too, tag me k? hee thank you darling for a lovely day again. muackz and hugs. see ya soon
I love Christmas and it is coming!! just next week! hurray. this is the first time in years that i have felt the Christmas spirit in Singapore. I remember when i was young, all the shopping centres will be filled with lovely christmas carols, christmas jazz songs, so lovely. but i dun hear that anymore nowadays. It is dying away, and so is the spirit of Christmas.
When i was young, i used to think that Christmas is about presents, but when i grew up, i realized actually, it is the spirit of giving and love that makes Christmas. Just like Daddy God, He loved us, was born into earth and yet he gave his life for us. so that would mean that everyday is Christmas. :) everyday should be a life of giving and loving those who around us, cherishing every moment with them around us. :)
Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

eternally grateful...

this semester has indeed been a trying one but as the title of my blog states, i am eternally grateful to God for his protection, his favour and for helping me get through. Yesterday, Carol msged all of us that the results are out.

with my heart in my throat, i went to check and hallelujah!!! hahaha. did quite well, but i know one thing for sure, it was God's providence. could not have done it without God. tough but yeah next sem is going to be a wee bit more challenging. 7 modules!! can u believe it! this is how my sch treats us. they think we are robots who do not need a break or recreation time. :)

sigh... at least this holiday was a well deserved break. spent my time practicing piano for miss tham. haha yay so happy get to see miss jennifer tham again. gosh i miss her tons... so glad to be able to play with her and man her choir sounds good. well done choir!! gosh, i can't help but think how good God is. yay three cheers and three cheers for God. Hip hip hurray!! (x3)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Holidays are back!!

Yay!! i'm so happy, i think my december holidays so far have been very fruitful, relaxing, chilling out and , getting to do stuff that i want. :) When i was younger, i used to dread holidays coz it is very boring. i would rather spend my days in sch working but i realized as i grow more mature, i dread going to school and look forward to holidays. that is odd. hmmm... dun know if anyone feels the same as i do or may i the only oddball around here. oh well :)
here's the latest scoops as to wat i have been doing.
1) sleeping late like till 12pm
2) practicing piano
3) recording music
4) playing games
speaking of games, i recommend going to this website oh my goodness, i tell u the games there are like super super super addictive. i spent my entire holidays, sitting in front of my lappie just playing arcade games. (which my bros and bf think is dumb) oh well, only intelligent beings like me enjoy this type of "brainy" game..
here are a list of games that i have been playing. alice greenfingers where u grow and plant vegetables, haha ok den fishing, where u breed and sell fish, cooking academy where you cook different types of food ranging from soups to dessert. it is super fun. but let me make a disclaimer first, if u are ever hooked from it and can't stop gaming, it is entirely not my fault. :)

and did i tell u? i am getting lazier and lazier to upload a post like this on my blog.