Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Going Somewhere?

the past few days i attended a youth leaders' advance held at 30 Jalan Lekar, Sungei Tengah @ Singapore Vision Farm... it is a lovely place with beautiful scenery, nice hostels and a nice weather. It is easy to find God and to thank Him for the lovely things that He has bestowed us with like nice trees, beautiful chirpy birds. irritating mosquitos, pestering flies, so on n so forth. yup, God is tangible through His creation. he is evident in people like u n me :)

honestly, i was not too keen about going for this advance coz i was the only person that i knew there. true, though there are people whom i know but they are merely acquaintances. It was a terrible experience for me to sit there alone watching everyone know everyone. but i had to be brave. as a leader, i had to be strong rite? hahhaa wrong. the fact that i was alone made me realize that i am actually not alone. i still had God. it is just that i had to take time to know people.

However, being alone at the camp made me wonder and ponder about myself. am i really as independent as many say or even i say i am? honestly, i dun noe. i finally understand how Chris felt when he went to USA alone for the first time though my case was not as extreme as his but yeah somewhat similar for the first 1.5 days lar. :)

It was not easy but i managed to get to know a couple or rather a handful of ppl. hahah starting small is good. :) yeah but it was sad to be the only leader from the youth worship side and everyone else was from the cell group segment. :) was initially at a loss but slowly but surely getting the picture of everything.

yup and it is a 4 days 3 night camp starting on mon which was 10 dec. so here i am blogging and u might wonder what am i doing at home now blogging? good question. i was home sick and i had to pack for my trip to china. hahha. stayed over on tues, took one sniff of the toilet and i nearly puked. took one sniff of my bed and i already begun to realize i was home sick. i missed home and parents. missed my u shape pillow, miss my pink bird soft toy.

so back to the question of whether or not i am independent, i guess i still have lots to learn. a different level of maturity in independence. :) through this camp, it has taught me to step out of my comfort zone. i was happy being where i was and being with the ppl i am comfortable with. but yet, as leaders sometimes, we have to step out of our comfort zones in order to reach and win souls for God. if we can't break the ice among ourselves, wat more others out there in the cold hard world? got to start somewhere so here i am, took one step of faith n be brave without the bf at the camp. haha literally no one near to my comfort level. *sobs*

but i thank God for giving me the opportunity for going to this camp, i learnt lots from it and was greatly blessed. and i love being alone still... hahaha. i talk less which is ironic of me. :) love God n i love myself

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Angel's Bdae Pics

Angel's bday pics

here u go angel. sorrie abt the delay... was busy with other stuff

phew. managed to get a pic of you cutting ur nice nice bday cake. that is all the pics i got though. :) hope u like them. hahaha n u still can't take a still pic. :)

rachel darling showed me this website where there were nice nice wedding gowns. nearly fainted though coz they have the gown that i have been looking for all the time. it so pretty. let me show you.

ah.. aren't the gowns beautiful? just what i wanted. *dreamz* hahhaa... so princessy. :) i'm happy that i managed to find a company that makes these dresses. thank you so much rachel.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Deal or no Deal?

a popular tv game show called deal or no deal has recently hit town with its all so attractive price money or 250,000 dollars up for grabs. and as usual, you can tell who are the smart people from the dumb ones.

honestly, i think that game sometimes turn me off. why? it is like here the poor contestant is playing for his or her money grabs and the audience go into a frenzy of DEAL, NO DEAL, NO DEAL, DEAL... so on and so forth. i think u get the picture. sometimes, i wonder when the audience shout no deal to the contestant, do they realli care that it is someone else's money that is on the line? sure, i mean it is easy to say no deal coz it is not one's own money.

take for instance, last episode on wed. when we have this beautiful hindi looking lady who can actually walk away with 17k odd. i mean becoz of the audience frantic yelling of no deal and so she listened. unfortunately for her, she ended up having to walk away with 25 bucks n her pocket.

i guess to me, there is a lesson to be learnt from all of these experiences. one can't always rely on the advice of others as there will always be people out there to harm you and to prevent you from succeeding if they can. one has to stand on their own two feet and make decisions for themselves and to trust God in every aspect of his or her life. dun let others sway or influence you in any way.

that is all that i have to say for now. and i love trenchcoats. ok that was random... but oh well. tata

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


everything in life is complicated. honestly, i feel that some things in life that we face may seem complicated and challenging but honestly, there is no need for things to be that complex. things in life are actually quite simple. the culprit? one's own mentality and character. lots of farni ppl in the world nowadays that do not have a mind of their own. they follow the crowd blindly and tend to have such a soft ear. n to be stubborn for the wrong reason.

anyway, i am happy that today is my 5th anniversary with chris. i am so blessed and happy that i have such a wonderful bf and i thank God for him. it is interesting how our relationship has grown. normal couples would have their relationship strengthen being spent together and for the most time but ours, is ironic. it grew stronger with the both of us being apart. interesting eh? i guess the element of trust just grew stronger with time and every action that we do.

though it is the last league, i will be honest here. it is not as easy as i thought it would be. the initial stage of him flying off was hard but then it got easier. so i tot to myself, by counting sats it would be easier and then when it is down to like 3 - 4 weeks, i can start getting excited as it would go past very fast. how wrong i was

the first and last 3 weeks are the toughest whereas the in between was the easiest so to speak though it was filled with its own challenges.

was thinking of doing up a drama and performing it to close frens and frens of frens. but if any of you are interested, pls inform me and we can write and direct our own script and play. it would be fun. I am seriously going to stage it on 25 jun 2008.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


went to The Legends at Fort Canning Park today. it was splendid. the food was great, ambience was great. woohoo!! i love my life. won't want to trade it for any other things in the world. am currently contented with everything in my life. Thank you Jesus :)

interestingly, a membership was enticing but cognitively, it ain't that enticing after all bcoz as members u are only able to use certain facilities for free and pay for the usage of others at only a discounted rate of 10%. so no point in getting one as it is like paying as a public member instead of an exclusive member.

however, it has it plus sides too :) posh decorations, which i have to thank them for. now currently have ideas to decorate my house.

being an adult i guess has it plus sides too. get to enjoy life, have great company of God, family members, boyfriend, friends (thank God for the common sense to filter out unwanted ones), and the wonderful wonderful church frens that i just met.

just so excited. it is like next fri that i am flying off to china. hahaha i have no idea whether i am going to enjoy it or not. it is like erm.. china?? have been hearing stories about china. i guess, i will tell u my ans only when i come back and give you my version of it. for now, i am looking around for pampers as i dun really fancy toilets overseas especially you know since their people have set a very 'good' example in the singapore ones.

went to a pretty good prata place today @ river valley road. the mee hoon goreng ikan bilis is quite shiok alongside with the soto ayam with tanghoon. have a feeling i will be parking myself there from this saturday onwards. yum yum., hahha then after that can go to 'zouk' and hangout. yay!!

Christmas is coming...

christmas is coming. 23 more days to go...
gosh, this year i love christmas. not because that the decoration along orchard road is so pretty. neither is it the fashion of tis season coz it is like "what fashion?". did someone forget to inform the fashion curators that singapore has no winter, so what is with the winter fashion when we can get a heatstroke anytime from wearing those thick wollen poofballs?
hee. anyway, this christmas has a little christmas spirit in the air. i have no scientific proof of why i feel this way. perhaps, it is because everywhere i go, i hear christmas songs being played over the PA system. not just only ordinary christmas songs but songs about Jesus. Songs that have been like a tradition, songs that we hear like jingle bells, a baby in the manger etc. but yet there are new christmas songs that bear the message of Jesus and his teaching in the lyrics. how wonderful it seems when people celebrate special events from their hearts instead of commercializing it. i guess to achieve a goosebump effect, it always starts from the heart. :) yeah
can't wait for christmas to come. yup, and if any of you are free, please feel free to drop by Church of our saviour on 22 - 24th of dec, 6pm and 8pm for a wonderful night of drama play performed by youths. it is at margaret drive.. or u can alight at Queenstown mrt station. if still lost n blur, please call me :)
i just realized, 2 more weeks and i am off to china. yikes. time flies. am so looking forward to the music advance. hope God will reveal more of himself there to the ministry so then people will wake up soon.
by the way, angel, if you are reading this, please pull ur pictures off my bloggie k? i am uber lazy to email it to u lar. so whatever u see, just take... and please dun be appalled by ur pics k? i can get a beautiful shot of everyone but u coz u keep moving. hahaha not a very suitable subject for the camera. but i still love u anyway, should sign u up for who wants to be nathania's next top model... haahha. think everyone would siam sia. hahahha oh well. ok, i think i wrote enuff crap to entertain bored people like myself. so goodnite n love u guys

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Angel's 21st Bdae

guess it is a long time since i have updated my blog :) haha anyway, i went for angel's bdae party today. was held at a chalet. hahha quite fun and interesting.

but had a fun time with mummy today. hahah i love mummy :) and daddy is so cute n farni. i seriously think he needs to go for pronounciation class. haaha this is what daddy always pronounce words as -

gay = jay

vivocity = videocity

dress = trash

even better, he changes people's names too!!

scenario: my dad driving, with mummy n i in the car

Dad: eh mummy, later i need to go to sim lim square

mum: for what? so much time ar

dad: i want to ask nerd ar, how much he is selling the canon camera

mum: *laughing* who is nerd?!?!

dad: there, the guy from sim lim square that one

mum: MAX LAR!!! anyhow change people's name ar u!!

yup, you can see how creative my dad is. so dont be surprise if next time he looks at u, and calls u by a different name. it is just his creativity at work. :)

hahaha. i love my mummy, daddy n mr. yang hahha. oh thank you angel for inviting me to ur bdae party. it was wonderful. we were supposed to sing a song but we were short of one singer and we wonder why... hmmm... ok. anyway, that is it for now. love u all

Monday, October 29, 2007

Typical week

gosh, i guess i have been too lazy to update my blog... was so busy for the past few weeks due to drama rehearsals and planning stuff for other things. :)

oh well, i guess time does pass rather fast in a way yet slow in a way. it is already past october, coming to november. which leaves me to wait for another one month plus.. yay!! that i can do. just look forward and spend wonderful time with the God and the people around me. plus, there is so much work to do, essays, performances, practice piano, ruth's exam, practices with ruth.. gosh. hahah. i'm so glad that the first two weeks of nov will go by in a breeze. yay that takes off some load of my mind.

most prolly, in the last two weeks of nov, gng to dec, will be busy reckeeing for hostels for music advance. so if any of u who knows of a nice place, where we have our own individual toilets and not common toilets, in a room please introduce to me. considering that we are on a tight budget. thank you in advance for those who are able to help ha.

this few days, i have been rather grumpy. dun feel like getting out of the house to work on the tempest. farni thing is, once u're there, u feel like it is fun. i think it is just the process of getting there. inertia has not started. ha

yay!! i'm gng to china. which is like confirmed. mixed feelings lar. i dunno what to think or feel. dun realli like the place, but so many people tell me that it is a nice place. Have to think of daddy too, he can't eat much food coz it is too oily and salty for him. hmm maybe bring biscuits for him to eat. hahaha. poor daddy. oh well, God will provide for him some yummy food. yay thank you Jesus

anyway, i think tiong bahru has the best chwee kuei and the yummiest hokkien mee. it just rocks. will go there to eat again. hahaha. got to go prepare props for performance for friday. goodbye

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One Day Down

Today i had a wonderful time rehearsing for our little shakespear play, though it is rather tiring. Oh well, wat's new... but it is fun. haha was surfing through youtube and decided to find some tango videos... have a little fettish for it but i need a partner and i found mine. :) unfortunately, i have to do some more waiting. hahaha.. in the meantime, pls enjoy the clip

i think it is so nice... oh man, they have flexible legs and they are not clumsy... i think if it would me, the first few months of training that i would receive is how to make me look not that clumsy. hahaha... they are good. hee

Today, thank God for answering and listening to our prayers. had a fun and interesting piano lesson with Mrs. Low... i am beginning to think that she is a good teacher. I heard her play today, her playing was like whoa... super nice... oh well... tough teachers do make a good musicians... at least for this one. i think it is the grilling that brings the best out of you. :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Show Must Go On

this is a very nice video... i love it. it's called the show must go on by Queen. enjoy :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

am i really that strong?

Am i really that strong?
had extra drama lessons today. unfortunately or fortunately it lasted only for 1.5 hours. I was already very zonked. so zonked until when the bus reached the interchange of boon lay, i still did not know. when i woke up, i realized that everyone had alighted the bus. how embarassing!! oh well. i guess, everyone has embarassing moments. hee
had a nice little chat with one of my drama members, Hema. she is a very sweet girl and we shared about relationship stuffs. glad that i got to know her better. she was asking me how i cope with the bf being away for 3 months, which is quite long to her. den she said, wah nat, you are very strong ar to be able to tahan. if me, 2 weeks i already cannot.
What she said struck me, i am not tat strong. honestly, if i was strong, i would not have cried when he went overseas, i would have been able to sleep and bla bla. but i believe that the reason i am strong enough to be able to face each new day with a smile on my face and to trust in Him that each day will go by very fast is because God helped me thru it. Come to think of it, it is exactly 1 month that Chris has been in US. hahah yeah. Without God, i most probably be some moppy girl with her eyes all swollen from crying every nite. hee. so yeah. thank you Jesus :)
Seriously, as i was showering i thought of smth. ok here goes... have been attending church ever since i was a young little girl (not that i'm old now lar, but ppl do grow taller and u noe more mature *ahem ahem*) yeah. so as i think back, i realized that the teaching of christian doctrine has been mundane as ever.
In Nie, it would be labelled as so TEACHER CENTRED... but i guess, in the context of church it would be.. SO PASTOR CENTRED... haha. i was thinking, what if... there are some ways to incorporate congregation centred learning... now that would be wonderful rite? instead of worrying that the congregation would just sit in the pews and start to stone or snore, they would be engaged. but as usual... ppl or leaders in church are afraid to venture into something new. it is always human err to stay in the safe zone and restrict God's teaching to be something mundane... pls lor, if you look at the bible closely, i would say the God is a kinesthetic learner. so are his disciples. they were always doing hands-on things to learn concepts about life, God, people around them. of coz, when praying it is like duh lar. that one cannot say. prayer is how u pray to God. to each its own. but the teaching of doctrine, i feel there must be a change.
oh well... my belief is that nothing ventured nothing gained. if you have any comments, just tag it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


i realized that i have not been blogging for ages. so a litte update. was rather busy the past few weeks or days going for rehearsals as we have 2 drama productions coming up. the first one would be on the 25th of Oct, the second would be on 2nd Nov. if you guys are free, u can come down for either the afternoon show or the evening one. Interested, please tag me k? i will give you more details.

hee... was tired of speaking the Shakespearian language but then, after a while, it seems that it is not that bad after all. hahaha. yup, yesterday daddy, mummy n i went to book our little tour to china. It is going to be for 5 days, from the 15th to the 22nd. i dread going, for a number of reasons. 1) i dun like the place, 2) i dun even understand a word they are shee shorhing about, 3) i dunno even i can adapt to the food there. u noe hokkien mee is always good. 4) the bf is flying back to Singapore around that week and I DUN GET TO SEE HIM!!!!!!!!!!! honestly, the main reason why i dun feel like gng is like duh so obvious rite. it is basically no. 4.... the first 3 reasons are true but the 4th one is the bomb. so the ironic thing is, not that i have to wait for him to return but he has to await my return. so farni. ok

anyway, here's my point. dot, the tube dresses are nice though but rem i told you about i like my wedding dress to be like off shoulders? yeah. it is smth like that.. hee. yeah i think it is nice :)

yeah, i have the whole picture here.

this is how it should look like :) u can click on the image to have a better view tho :)

Friday, October 05, 2007


omg!! u guys must look at this video... the baby is so cute. i called her the watever baby... hahaha epitome of cuteness. hahaha...

she is so cute rite!!! omg!!! *faintz* lar the hand, the eyes, the facial expressions. DRAMA QUEEN!! HAHAHA

anyway, today is my 2nd anniversary and i say it rox!! if i say it rox, no one can ever say that it doesn't ok.. i love you dear... hahaha yeah!!! and i think the baby is so cute. cuter than anyone else. hahahah happy watching

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Leave it

Was busy browsing through some videos... came across my favourite songs since i was in secondary school. darn, and i have no idea if it applies to me now. but i guess not hahah. it is a different context altogether. :)

Sometimes, i wish time would pass faster, but come to think of it, time has indeed already been passing quite fast. :) will be extremely busy for the next few days i think. However, it is weird when u need to go sch only for 2 days a week to rehearse for performance. oh well, i guess it is good too so that i can practice piano. haha...

met dai feng for lunch today. heard some great news from him and yeah had fun catching up with him. but nonetheless, things are not the same as before. couldn't communicate with him as much as before. i guess people change overtime. haha.

Dear dAddy God, i love you :) thank you for all my family, bros, bf, and frens. thank you that it is through them, that i can see you and my life has become more meaningful. Thank you for letting me see you through the things that i excel at and even the things that i dun excel at. i thank you for helping me to learn more about you and seeing you very evidently in music. I love it... thank you for being God. :)

I guess there are times that i do get pissed off at something only that i dun say coz i do not how to put it down in words. and yet it is tough to say it coz we are the minority in a certain place at a certain time. i get pissed when i see things that are being done not becoz of him but becoz it is done out of the flesh. However, what can i do? i can't go up, give them 2 tight slaps and shake the bejeevers out of them. i can't. it would be so unethical of me. i can only sit and stand aside, watch them struggle in their own folly and pray for them. For God's sake, we are in the same ministry. i won't stand by and watch them dwell in mud... but if i say my mind, advise is given, but it is still being thrown aside, or fallen on deaf ears, den so be it . find ur way out of the wilderness.

Music is supposed to be free... or at least that is what i experienced through God. no one in my entire life has ever come up and told me that there are rules and regulations about music. It is not a matter of rules. BUT it is a matter of preference and choice. i have seen my previous church, no technicalities, but annointing. so why hanker over the aspect of technicalities when it just deludes urself into thinking that there is annointing.

when man is lost... God is pleased. for it where he can work his magic and guide you, coz He is in control. Not YOU!

Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm deprived of shopping. I have tons of work to do and i'm nt given a salary... only a stipen. which makes it not very happening. I need to save the money to contribute to family expenses. :) Not that i'm complaining. It hurts to see the fabulicious and gorgeous looking clothes screaming at you to buy them off the shelves coz u know that it will look great on you. But sorry honey, no can do. no money no talk man... so what can i do? just drool when i look at them.
On the bright side, i can spend as much as I want once i grad from degree programme and start working. hee. but that is like a long way from now. I want to go shopping now... can anyone understand my pain. i think i shall coop myself in the house and just think of nothing but slp, work, music.
Went dinner and window shopping with rachel yesterday, it was sweet but i started to feel the pinch when we walked into shops like zara, top shop, Mango and a few others.... i found lots of nice nice clothes. u noe how it irks you when u noe the fashion looks great, but u just dun wish to spend coz every single cent now counts even more than when u are earning a salary. Sometimes, i wonder why did i grow up so fast? if i had stayed as a young little girl my entire life, i will have less worries, less things to worry about, need not bother so much about fashion and people will forgive me for being a fashion disaster. hahaha. now that one is more matured, still young tho, but you can't help but have this nugget for looking good and saavy... maybe not all, maybe it is just me. oh well.... the heart ache lingers...
Can someone tell me what can i do now? i dun want to wait till 2.5 yrs later to start shopping. yuck, i hate this feeling. Sobs Sobs... shall go drown my sorrows in my room, doing essay and journal... tata
*will someone pls love me?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

my 21st birthday!!

I know it is abit late to blog about it, but hey 22nd september was not very long off. I have officially turned 21 years young. all those who are 2o and below, they are old. muahahha. anyway, partying at essential brews was a blast especially i have my two brothers and my good friend dorothy seng to help me plan it. It is definitely one of the most memorable times of my life next to 22 aug.

anyway, the bf gave me a very nice surprise even though he was in US. he has aliased with his two buddies kenny and justin to surprise me. It was so sweet. Chris video taped himself and sang me a happy birthday song with many heartfelt words. haah for me to know, for you to find out. after which, justin pulled out a huge bouquet of holland flowers !!! i screamed!!!
It was absolutely lovely. it was amazing. we had a wonderful time. I got saboed by my bros and dorothy to act out some movie charade. ok lar, must put the drama acting skills to test. muahahah not bad lar. coz ppl could guess. ahaha. i think i have very fast friends. they can guess even without you having to act it out yet. amazing eh.
anyway, the food was fabulous. the soup rox... the beef rox... aiya, basically everything in there rox especially the cake. had lots of presents...
i guess it does not feel any different being 21 or 20. i believe that the most important thing is the midn and the heart, if you think that you are old, so be it. if you think that you are young, so be it. which ever u think, makes you you. I believe that God loves me regardless of my age. and so i love him lots too. hahaha. thank you God for giving my wonderful parents and siblings and friends to celebrate my birthday with. thank you so much for the bf who loves to give me surprises.
i love all of you. thank you. more pics will be uploaded soon k? got to rush essay now :) muackz

Saturday, September 22, 2007


hurray!!! i never thought that the week would pass by so fast. We started performing on mon evening all the way until friday evening. It was tiring. having to rush from school, to Westmall to set up at about 5 plus and to perform for half an hour. I was very glad to have seen familiar faces amongst the crows from our church who came to support us. People like Keagan, rachel, kimberly... and from others like Dorothy, Jonathan, Zhong Kai's crusade frens, Zhong Guo's 3 farni frens... and even their relatives came... woohoo happening eh...

Nonetheless, yesterday was our last performance and you could say we owe all our success unto God. Without Him, this performance is nothing. We were glad that there were many people whom we do not know cheering for us, clapping loudly and there were repeated faces of some people who came back to watch us perform. That alone, already brings joy to us. Anyway, here are some pics for you to relish... hope you enjoy them :)

some of our band members :) we have Zhong Kai (bass guitar), Zhong Guo (drums), Guanwen (electric guitar), and me (keyboard) :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

I love Jesus

woohoo!!! today, God has showed himself to me in 2 ways!! firstly, we prayed for Chris to be able to have his own room all by himself. Not long after, the manager of the hotel came up to him ans confirmed that he was Chris, told him that they had a room with a king size bed. they asked him if he wanted it and we have not told the management yet. God really answered our prayer. uber funky

Second, today Elroi performed at Westmall. tell u, i had never been more nervous before. u noe why? coz they were so many pushcarts selling mooncakes. the music that we chose had a mixture of jazz, salsa and contemporary chinese music. it somehow does not fit into the atmosphere of mooncakes which was like oriental chinese music?!?!? i was freaking out and asking everyone if jazz and mooncakes compliment each other? ahahah. To make matters worse, the music that they played over the PA system hours before our performance was some opera like oriental music. I felt so out of place with the songs that i have chosen for the band.

Thank God, he intervened, sent my manager, aunty Gwen from The Voice. She asked them to play some jazz or some funky teenagers music. Guess what the management put? TECHNO!!! Omg!!! i nearly fainted. hahahah. so farni lar. it is so extreme from the previous music. but i dun realli care coz God showed up and everyone had a great time. Thank you jesus!!!... hee...

looking forward to the next few days with Guanwen playing... think he is so cool. glad to have him in my band... waiting for another member, called yang, to return from his overseas trip to join us... la la la... oh well, I pray that the remaining days will be as joyful as today and that God will continue to watch us perform for his glory. amen. tat's all folks. gtg study now tata

will upload photos once they are done and taken.

moody day

today is monday morning, and i am sitting in front of my lappie, typing in my moody blog. Yesterday, which was not very long ago, i was and am in a moody mood. dun ask me why. but i just feel like being moody. and poor chris and dot, i was moody to them. especially chris, was moody to him twice in my day, once a day each over at his side. I can't help it what rite? i just feel like showing a tantrum, so i hold. i am not exactly, hiding my instinctive self. i am a drama person after all, i need to get in touch with my instinctive self. hah. what an excuse. but who cares? i just dun like to do essays after essays.... actually it is only a reference but i ended having to re edit some of the my essays coz it does not have much of a link according to my dot.

n so, i am just staring at a com now, staring blankly, typing whatever moody things that come into my head... yuck yuck, i seriously think it is lack of sleep, and overstress that is why i am in such a moody state. and thus, i have named today's entry. moody. just pure moody.

tomorrow i have a performance, i intend to work very hard this week, overwork myself to forget everything. i think it helps. i can sleep straight away after my performance, wake up early and knock myself out silly the next night and the following nite. shall plan what to do for next week as it is nie recess. drats. must they have holidays? i hate holidays... it means i have a lot of time. i can't afford to have lots of time. i need to occupy myself.


Friday, September 14, 2007


I have never been so happy for the past few days. u may think that i am nuts or wat. it doesn't matter but when u have been through the situation that i am undergoing, then u will understand. hahaha. yeah, the bf just reached santa cruz yesterday. i tell u ar, i was not able to sleep the whole of wed nite, u noe why? he is like my daily dose of drug coz i did not hear his voice and so i could not sleep. hahaha. lame rite but true. *sigh*. darn, i need treatment!!! and be quick about it. hahaha

i'm so happy to hear his voice. heard his hostel is very nice, when he gives me some of the pics, i shall post it up here and share with all of you ok? anyway dear i love you lots. hahaha

had fun of the whole of yesterday, went through all my drama classes. We did a lot of role playing, discussion about a boring show called attempts of her life. seriously, i think that play was a waste of money. no head, no body, no tail. and worse still, no link. super abstract. maybe it is just me, not my kind. but anyway, it is still a waste of money. one ticket cost me about $30. imagine that $30!!! i could have filled my stomach 15 meals. (that is only if i eat my meals at NIE canteen lah) muahhaha. oh well, it was a bad experience but that doesn't mean that all drama productions are bad. hahaha it just makes me a better critic that's all. hahaha. but yeah dot, u're right, i'm super short attention span. hahaha

anyway, dear, what do u think of this? should i eat it tmr?

*slurps* dun u just love me?
muahahaha *evil smirk*

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


can u believe it? it is already 12th sept. time passes so fast that i hardly realize it. Today is the day that chris flew to santa cruze, USA, to study for 3 months. to make it sound more feasible, it is only for 12 saturdays. hahaha.

Thank you God for everything...

anyway, could not realli sleep the entire night, going to miss him lots lar. stayed up to finish up a surprise just for him :) am happy about it. haha. anyway, went to the airport at 7, had breakfast with his family and my bro. we had macs... thought i could be strong and not tear but it hurts the most when i had to hug him and to watch him walk through the departure hall... thank God i had dot, kenny, rachel, justin and zhong kai with me. it made me feel better that i had a wall of friends to count on.

then the most amazing thing happened, one american lady came up to dot n i around there, to say " wow he has so many friends eh?" then she asked where he was going n the duration so we told her. and amazingly, hahaha she was the very lady to be seated next to him. it was so cool, i choose to believe that it was like God sent to comfort me heh heh.. oh well, i'm glad that he is safe and he is in good hands.

Thank you Kenny, for telling me what you saw around chris. It means a lot to me and i guess to him as well. and rachel, thank you for supporting me ahahhaha... thank you dot dot too for the wonderful friendship and for waking up early. hahaha.

had a wonderful time fellowshipping with dot n my bro, zk @ burger King. laughed like mad, shared lots of stuff which i treasure. after that, went to bugis with dot and i drowned my sorrows into a nice, hot piping bowl of ajisen cha shu ramen... oh man, i promise you ar, that the next time i eat ramen would be in december. hahha. cannot eat too many times. so yummy. haha dear, the ramen is like so yummy lar, *slurps* am i helping you in anyway? heh heh heh... dun drool k.

n dear, if u're reading this, it means you have reached santa cruze inn.. haha like duh rite... Welcome to santa cruze!!! go get some sleep lar u... hahaha. i miss you loads and keep tagging k?

going to dive and bury myself into work now... i need an avenue to escape to.


Saturday, August 25, 2007


22nd august...

Wed, 22 aug, holds a special meaning for me coz it was the day that chris celebrated my 21st bdae with me to make up for his absence on the actual day 22 sept. According to him, i was not to be told where we were gng for the day. so i was being kept in suspense for the entire month. hahaha. bugged him like crazy lar...

so he came to pick me up at 6pm, and i was shocked when he turned in to shangri-la hotel. It was like a mixed feelings, i wanted to cry, nt becoz i was sad but i was touched, surprised and basically it was so unexpected.

He brought me to blu, a restaurant, right on top of the hotel. it was realli a pretty sight and the waitress brought us to our table. lo n behold, there was a bouquet of flowers there. i tot it was for every table. hahaha. but nope it is for me. heh let me show you.

Aren't the flowers pretty? *meltz*

the night sky line was so pretty from up there. we had a nice nice 5 course meal, with a main course at the end, had champagne n red wine... it certainly was a most memorable and pleasant 21st bdae celebration ever. Thank you so much dear. i love the dessert the most. the *raspberry* yum yum.. hee. oh n the service of the waiters and waitresses were so good. they literally took care of u n checked on u almost every meal. :) shall leave u some pictures to look at. Drool over 'em ya.

*da burfdae gurl*
Tat's just us, with God in the middle :)
I thank God for u every single day. Thank you for the lovely surprise. :) you have given me more than i can ask for and perhaps even more than that. God bless you. :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

wonderful week

yay, it has been 2 weeks now that i am in nie... it is a rocking place but nonetheless, none of it can ever beat the fun, joy n laughter that we have in nafa... but as u study, n get used to the system, i find that it ain't such a bad place after all. hahaha...

had drama lessons this week n oh man, it is so fun.. haha i guess i am seriously an arts person... haha... it rox.. dot n angel are just so farni lar... we did lots of interesting stuff, played games, interacted with a whole new bunch of ppl. yup it is fun. i love my life..

and then i have my dear bf who makes everything so comfortable n nice for me... thank u for waking up early to send me to sch, pick me up n send me home. hee thank u so so so much... u r deeply appreciated... yupz..

went to watch rush hour 2 with chris n dot. oh man, i tell u, we laughed from the beginning right to the end of the show. it was just so farni.... i shan't tell u any more, for fear of giving the secret away but yeah.... haha (actually, it is becoz i'm lazy to type out everything)...

ok time to go do work before i yikkityak on the phone... hee tata.. hugs n kisses

Sunday, August 12, 2007

abt life...

Abt life... how much do u realli noe? sometimes i ask myself that question too. but i guess, everyday the answer is an everchanging one as everyone goes thru changes with God. :) moulded in christ as i call it.

today i read something in the bible, Romans 12: 9 - 11...

Behave like a christian
" let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good. Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another; not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer; distributing to the needs of the saints, given to hospitality. Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.
Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. Be of the same mind toward one another. Do not set your mind on high things, but associate with the humble. Do not be wise in your own opinion. Repay no one evil for evil. Have regard for good things in the sight of all men.
If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men. Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, " Vengeance is Mine, I will repay" says the Lord. Therefore if your enemy hungers, feed him; if he thirsts, give him a drink; For in so doing you will heap coals fo fire on his head. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. "

i think i am beginning to like the book of Romans in the bible.
it teaches one how to be a person and all... it is true, sometimes ppl act so childishly towards things that happen around them, and then not realizing that they are the ones looking like fools. so the best thing is to let God handle any situations and let him be the judge... we always tend to judge others first, not that it is bad but it is our fallen nature... but as always, we have been given a freedom of choice, so that means that we can choose whether we want to judge or not.... yup..

anyway, i had a fun time jamming with bros n guanwen n chris... i tell u, becoz of a certain gigue we had to play all sorts of weird n farni songs... so not us. hhaha it feels weird lar... yeah, today was one day that i totally enjoyed... but nonetheless, i thank God for this beautiful day... went to yishun to eat ikan nasi goreng n bee hoon goreng, with my family... bros ordered roti john i think... it was nice but darn spicy lar but who cares. as long as i feel chili in my throat, man it is shiok. not complaining.... but sian lar, i have a bro who has his eyes on me making sure that i dun sneak a taste at the chili. darn... why can't he look away and concentrate on his food for once.... hahha... anyway, i love my parents n my bros n yang...i thank God for them everyday...

so moral of the blog is: make a choice not to judge people... :) that's all i guess for this blog... love u all... big hug n kisses muackz

Thursday, August 09, 2007

National Day!!!

Happy national day ppl!!! today is such a wonderful day... haha get to spend time with my family.yay!!! was supposed to go out watch movie with my students from Siling. in the end, i could not make it.. haha nvm. heh.

heard the Simpsons movie is quite nice... can;t wait to watch movie with the uncle yang and dorothy seng... hahaha think will have a wacky time. haha. can't wait. i hope rush hour 3 is not disappointing.

yesterday, went to sing at indoor stadium for church event, Day of His power. it is good lar but ultra tiring. stood for 3 hours... my poor feet!!! who wants to help me massage my nice nice cute cute feet? heh... but it was a good experience lar. seeing the many people coming together to pray for singapore and other neighbouring nations is actually an eye opening experience for me.

i'm nt that patriotic a citizen of singapore but what i saw yesterday just warms my heart. God bless Singapore. :)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

oh yay!!

hurray!!! 1 more day left... :) today is thurs, is fri... and tat means i am one step closer to studying. it's currently 7.30am according to my watch and am sitting in the staff room chilling out before lessons start at 8am.. heh heh..

today i guess i have a whole lot of activities planned out. party with my sec 1 students and dinner with chris and dot afterwards. can't wait... but yet it's tiring heh but nvm.... who cares. have fun first.

was so bored in the staff room yesterday, went surfing for tiffany & co. jewelry, found some very nice n elegant designs... but yeah, the price tag is pricey... so can only admire from far and save money to get one hee hee...

i think this one cost about $120... yeah.. but nice hor... there are other designs... coming up wait ar...

yeah i love these 2 bracelets... so cool yet elegant lor... but torn between both designs... haiz.. nice rite? but guess how much?

....$ 135.... *gasps*

yup..oh well, i can just continue to drool and save money and wait for other designs to arrive then decide lar...

anyway, i was having so much fun downloading mtvs for my students to watch coz it was related to the topics that i was teaching. for fajarians, i know i did not show it to u guys so if u are reading my blog, have fun watching these k? :)

yeah these are the new ones that i have added to my lessons. hahaa.. hope u enjoyed it :) to the rest have fun watching it. gng to nua now.... too tired.
love y'all hugs n kisses *muaxkz*

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

the world is mine...

counting down from weeks to days makes me realize that actually time does pass quite fast. looks like i have left 2 more days to teaching in Siling. i kind of miss teaching them too. but as i'm here not as long as when i was in Fajar, the separation seems to be kind of easy but not that easy too. i mean have been teaching here for the past 6 weeks, the students are not really as bad as people make them out to be. hyper yeah they are. very but which bunch of students are not hyper. this is who they are, what can u do to change them in to a bunch of nerds? respect is the key i guess... these kids love to be respected for who they are...

can't really bear to leave but yet i'm looking forward to studying. darn... now i have 2 schools of students to love and miss... they are so cute n lovable, both fajar n siling. i guess as a teacher the most important thing is to love the people whom u are teaching. they will love you back. right baobeix?

was touched when one of the classes, 1N2, invited me to their farewell party for me. man i think i'm gng to miss this class the most. super motivated and very on about participating in activities and events. totally enjoyed them.

found a stray puppy in the garden of Siling, trapped by a bunch of leaves. it's only 1 week old... it's only the size of my palm... it's tat small... but so small i dunno how to take care... but it's cute. how i wish i can get a puppy for my birthday with everything provided for.. shiok ar... haha

darn, which brings me to the fact that i miss skippy lots.. that cute little pom is so like the love of my life. how i wish i was not asthmatic nor allergic to his fur then i can keep him forever and ever till the day that the lights go out on him. shucks... i miss my skipps...

yay oh yea, did i say that i am left with 2 more days to go... yeah.. mixed feelings. ok gng off to play pool n the staff lounge already. have fun tagging my tagboard k? love u all. *muackz*

God bless all teachers n students :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

to the doctors...

didn't go sch today.. my stomach decided to go on mood swings... i think it is gastric flu lar... stomach's feeling a little queasy.. oh well, anyway it was a good break from teaching and from seeing people that i dun want to see in sch...

yup, today i was so excited for my baobei shiqi.. u noe why. today was her piano exam, though she did not do so well for her scales, but i think she practiced hard for her pieces which i hope will pull her up... so hardworking, should be able to pass lar... no worries, i am always behind u supporting you.. jia you wor. no matter what happens. man i love her to bits... FAJARIANS!!! SOB SOBS!!! I MISS YOU!!!...

time seems to pass so fast when i'm with them but time seems to pass so slow when i'm far away from them. can someone pls tell me the logic behind this laggy time... i miss my precious...

chris was sweet to come over to accompany this lifeless face of mine today... ended up playing shift tic tac toe with him in which i thrashed him dunno 16 - 3? yeah can't remember the score but knew that i thrashed him but den came revenge.. i got thrashed by mummy when played with her rummikub at CDANS!! like omg!!!i never lost to her in that game so many times in a row... must be quite distracted from things plus not feeling well...

oh well mummy, if u are reading this, just know that i let u win... hahaha... anyway, i think my precious shiqi is so sweet to have tagged my taggy... thank u bao bei.. i love u lots too!!! lots lots lots...

do i realli have to go back to sch to teach???!?! i want to rest some more. i need rest!!! argh... 3 more weeks to go yelk... i want my mummy!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

so wat...

so wat?...

sometimes i wonder what is a school system for u noe. the current sch which i am at has a lousy system in a way. u see ar, teachers have to book in order to use special rooms such as com lab, ava room bla bla... that i understand. but what i dun understand is that certain lessons such as mother tongue lessons are always being used in the AVA room which i also need to use and the best part is that they dun book. and so i have to give up that room just to accomodate to that teacher. like what the hell... i booked lar, the excuse being that the mother tongue teacher is too lazy to mass book the room. so is that my problem? like helo lar, i booked the bloody room... is it becoz i am the music teacher and so i am easy to bully? think again... the most i dun teach music lessons. if u want to play this game, i also can too...

from the first day that i am in this S***** sch, i have been denied rights to a computer, now i am being denied rights to the AVA room?!?!?! what is the world coming to?
Cliche answer would be: an end...

so what if u are a teacher in there for long, so now u want to play rank? hah... play all u want, coz u are so insecure that u have to pull rank... no sense of integrity n no honouring of word. the behaviour is so ironic as compared to the mottos of the sch...

ok to be fair, i admit that there are teachers who realli care n dun bother about the politics and power of the sch... their passion is totally for the students. i think that should be the way... oh well, i suppose there must be a balance of people in this world. the clever, the stupid, the happy, the depressed, the rich n the poor... if not, the world would just tip over on one side. so from satellite, u would see a lopsided earth....

thank God i am only here for another 3 weeks more... just see pork knuckle for a little while longer and then ha i can leave this barbecue pit... man, i'm hungry... gng to starve now bye

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Spare a thought for me...

guys are so insecure...

it is not that i want to look down on guys but have any of them proven themselves to be different from others? maybe some yeah but it lasted only a while and the insecure syndrome is back... no different from other guys...

for guys are there who read my blog. pls get a life k? when u come into contact with someone that u like or ur gf's family, pls do not try so hard to get to know them. let nature take its course, the more u insist on getting to know them, the faster ur other half will walk away. trust me, i'm living it. just treat as normally, what the hell is the eager rush to prove ur point of being an item? just normal like frens, coz the more u are eager, the more fake u are, the more u're wearing a mask and it is hard to tell the real u... just be urself n not try to impress ur girl's family or friends. it can be a rather big turn-off and soon u will start wondering why ur girl is drifting. coz she most probably would feel pressurized!! duh!!!

to someone: i noe u r tying ur best.. but chill ok? let's start from scratch all over again. all i ask is tat u be urself n nt try to impress my family. my family members have eyes, they can tell. ur actions of ur own self n wat u believe in... chill.. this time let me tell u of our status. we are nth but just close friends first.... back to scratch is wat n where we are at now.

indeed there are happy times, that i remembe. it's not that i have forgotten about it. i did not. i cherish it. but it is becoz of those happy times that most probably have led one or another to thinking that we can move this relationship up to the next level. if it is so, which i reflect n found it to be true, then i am gng to delevel it whether u like it or not.

u n i have a convenant, we have broken it, i'm gng to repent n restore it... that's the most i can do. i will nt let anything jeopardize my covenant. n i noe u won't too. friendship is what we will remain till the day that this covenant ends, then we can talk about where to go from there. right now, i dun see the need to. this is the boundary that i have set for u n i. this would be a lesson learnt. other things, i will talk it out with u in detail.

remember, the most important thing is just to be urself. certain things must be changed, certain things u just have to be urself. it is still a moulding process. it's gng to be a long time before anything is confirmed.

back to my life... i just lost two markers n i think the office is gng to kill me. but aiya the hahala baby inside there is menopausing lar, whole day scold ppl one. like i said, just a teeny person who is situated right at the bottom of the food chain wants to throw the weight around. that fry should be thanking the heavens that i'm there for only 6 weeks if not, i will definitely give her hell... the whole system is one cock-up system with tons of metaphores and ironies that do not make sense at all.

oh well, life is like tat whether u like it or not. it is how u handle it... can't wait for the day to end to go home to my nice nice home n family. can't wait to eat the claypot rice mummy is cooking. yay, bitching time with mummy. can't wait. anyway, if it is not nice, daddy will eat the entire pot of claypot rice n i shall cook myself a nice nice bowl of maggie mee.
gng for class now..

Sunday, July 08, 2007

it's sunday!!

It's Sunday!!!

can u believe it!! it is sun going on monday...3 weeks have passed when i am in siling :) and i have another 3 more weeks to go excluding this week... man, i can't wait for the time to pass and i can continue studying.

heh but the bad thing is that my medical benefits have been revoked and my salaries have been cut off and am not given any allowance which leaves me to work part time. come to think of it, it can be quite exciting while one is working with my good pals n frens. haha

and mr. yang is back but it can be quite awkward with him left for U.S for a month. hahah can u imagine the times when he will be gone for 4 mnths... haha poor chris. it takes time to get used to him being by my side again. hahaa. ok 0oh well, left a few more hours to monday and it is back to teaching world again. hahaha

and this wed is convo week which means another day off. that means i left 4 days to teach. hahaha... ok lar counting down the weeks, soon the denominator would be converted to days. hahaha.
ok lar, off to talk to someone le tata...

Friday, July 06, 2007

what a day...

0 days.... home sweet home...

hurray... today is fri n tmr is sat.. heh... had a wonderful time in sch today, scolded one of the sec one classes coz they were over noisy like screaming... eww. but they are cute lar. hahah. gosh u noe ar, prior to wat people say about Siling, it is not so bad a sch. i guess sch kids are like tat nowadays everywhere. neighbourhood schs are like tat unless u go to a very good sch such as perhaps BP govt high or acjc? yeah.

tmr i have speech day. did up the slides and national day songs for tmr. i think it is pretty. spent a lot of time in it, and most importantly i had fun doing it. keke..

Dear lappie,
i am so glad that u are alright. u noe, the past 2 weeks without u, life was miserable. i could not msn, i could not blog, could not watch n listen to my favourite music. it was terrible. It was like a part of me has been shut off or rather taken away from me. so sad.. i miss u so so so much. i am glad that u're all right now. i am happy to have u sit in the nice reserved right hand corner of my pretty table. that is ur space, and nothing will ever replace it.

Interesting isn't it to know that electronics such as handphones, mp3 players, PSP, laptops have taken so much space in our lives. It is like we're handicapped without them. life is so miserable or rather time passes so slowly without them in our lives. It becomes a part of us till we do not want to let go of it. My colleague, Peter asked me saying that if he took my hp away for an hour, would i survive. i most probably won't. it has become like my security blanket u noe. it's like when i am nervous, scared, i take it out n start msging ppl. even when i'm bored, i take it out. sad also take out. happy chuck it one side. hahahah. yeah

oh anyway tmr is the big day. the YES 3 event is on tmr. hurray!! and mr. yang is coming back to spore at 1am in the morning. Welcome home uncle!!! hahaha. gosh, ok, i can' t realli say that time passes fast now that he is back n neither can i say that time passes slowly either. u noe when one is busy, time seems to pass faster whether u like it or not. when u have nth to do, or missing someone, 5 minutes will always seem like an hour.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

3 more days

3 more days...

3 more days to 2 wonderful events. i have said it a lot of times, so yah... watever. am currently siting in a staff room which claims to be a wonderful and loving family staff... but what is hidden is the politics and backstabbing world. hah welcome to the real world as the saying goes.

Colleagues, what is the meaning of colleagues? is it where people tell each other off in front of the students? and they do not respect each other? u talk about respect, dun talk about respect until u can model it out n be a good example. even the clerk can scold the teachers off... wat the....

honestly, this is the stingest sch i have ever worked for... tat's why ppl working in fajar, u had better appreciate the working conditions and be glad that u have such a nice principal. the students aren't that bad.. they are angels to me... at least, i think they are angels. love them to bits.

Students here are ok lar... but the staff are the ones that need management man. i tell u, from the top of the food chaing to the lowest, the entire management system is KOYAK!!! CRAP LAR.

i have never liked old people but now i distaste it even further. when u noe u are old n senile, pls get a life n give ur post to new blood... if u can't remember simple things like what ur staff have told u. what kind of person are u? and if u have the guts to be unhappy with me, have the guts to come n tell me urself... why bitch and tell the entire world? i tot bitching is a happening thing among youngsters. i didn't noe oldies like u enjoy our sport or are u trying ur best to fit in? face it!! u will never fit in.

i dun care who u are, i dun care what is ur position in sch... You are an educated person or at least i think u are an educated person since u are managed to be given a post with authority. so i dun think ur EQ is that low. u made a mistake, shut up, admit it and buzz off. i did my part in applying for leave, informing the respective personnels. u forgot, tat's ur problem...

and clerk, ur status is... hah let's nt go there. but yeah, who are u to raise ur voice at me? i made a mistake, i said sorrie to u didn't i? so what is the big harry problem? courtesy campaign n respect my foot... if simple things u can't explain properly to me n u lose ur temper, tat says a lot about u...

n to HOD, thank u for taking the initiative of confronting me and clearing the misunderstanding. i appreciate it lots. thank u for trying to get the facts rite and making sure that i noe the procedures of the sch...

Monday, July 02, 2007

5 more days

5 more days n counting...

ok today is mon... duh.. that means i left 5 more days to mr. yang's return on sat.. wooho!! eh actually no, he'll be on the plane on fri that means i dun get to talk him then.. oh well, yakless for one day, have him for an entire mnth. quite a good deal... ok DEAL!

yay, i'm so glad that today is youth day. gives me a chance to rest my voice and tmr, i am taking leave again. coz i have to go collect my stuff at nie, but i have to go to siling to change my leave and teach for 1 period.

heh heh, means i will be teaching for 3 days again this week... cool... great. so how?!!?! i still miss my fajar students... u guys rox lar... how i wish i can go back there to teach u guys.

ok ppl... august is coming, sept will be here soon... can any kind soul who noes how to design a nice b'day invitation pls teach me how n design the thing with me.. oh n if any of u are thinking of getting presents... i have one rather nice prizzie for myself... i want a samsung HD tv plasma for my 21 bdae... woo shiok ar. *hint hint* bros... u can decide among the 2 of u who wants to love me more n pamper me. heh heh... will it be u zk or zg?

hee... ok lar ok lar, if not u guys can get me a peugeot car ok? eh anyway, see ar if u buy me the car, den when i pass my license on 15 nov, i can drive u arnd in style... cool ar. and pls make sure it is red in colour. k lar dun say i bully u, i buy for both of u the most stylish sunglasses arnd then u can wear it when u come out of the car. wah glam ar... just imagine...

c'mon c'mon.... love me pls... somebody!!! it is up to the both of u to make my day... i promise u i won't bang or hit the dustbin nor the tree. my driving skill is quite power ok. pls, ok ok.. another one.. if not, u just sponsor me a year's supply of clothes of my choice... how?

eh both of u dun ignore me lei... i noe u both sure sabo me on that day.. so pls, give me some consolation prize for being a sport... eh not fair lei, i so poor thing stand there let u all bully. so i need prizes!!!

can someone pls knock some sense into my bros.. hahah.... ok. shall go off now... been staring at the com the entire day. time to get a life now.. calculate all my leave dates n mcs to start using. count down to studying: 4 more weeks

love nat...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

hurray!! crabby day

yay crabby day...

had a crappy day in the morning. lost my voice, had a sore throat and woke up feeling quite terrible with cough. yuck... thanks to si ling 1T1 students... man, i miss my fajar students so cute and angelic. :)

anyway, had a wonderful time jamming with zg, guanwen and his fren willie. Zk is away in Korea busy finding korean gf and kimchi... haha no lar, he is there for some mission trip. life is farni without my bro zk. just weird u noe. no one to bully. hahaha so zg n i decided to entertain ourselves throughout the nite. heh.

gosh 5 more weeks to go at Siling, YES!... somehow it feels different. i can't seem to connect with these kids or maybe it is a biased opinion of me. it feels as if i have left my heart in fajar... oh well but i do admit that there are some nice cute students in siling. just not all. and the travelling time does not make it any easier for me. tire easily... darn... n sch does not end till 3pm.. ha

anyway, had a wonderful dinner today, had tomato crabs, veg, chicken rendang and rice. perfect meal for youth day... haha.

PS.. i dun dare to go see the doc, for fear he will just send to the hospital straight. that is what he promised me the last time i went to see him, so i had better stay at home and ask God to heal me. i dun want to go to the hospital. so scary there. yuck but then again, nice break from teaching at siling hahaha... if only, i was at fajar, life would be so much less complicated and happier. haha...

k got to rest le. lazy to change colour again. so bear with me n sori for the inconvenince and lack of enthusiastic colours. but i still love all of u. gng to rest now. tata *muackz*

Friday, June 22, 2007

looking back...

looking back...

sometimes i wish i have never returned... i do ask myself wat on earth am i doing... oh well, i guess it is just me being in a bad mood now. n of all things, my nokia phone has to give mi problems... what a bimbotic phone. cute but no substance... it is like a bimbo.. all beauty n no brains.. sheesh.. what a comparison.

and den i have my father who found out that i will be trimming my hair on sat, he has been happily egging at me to cut it real short. like hello... this is my hair, the silky black strand thingee that grows out of my head... it belongs to me... so i do wat i want with it... heh

His reason for telling me to cut short hair.. must follow the rules and regulations that nie has coz now i'm in degree.

like Puhleeze, rules are meant to be broken. if not why are there rules. they are just guidelines to groom u into a model nerd.

when i was still in nie doing my diploma, rule 3 states that: no slippers allowed on campus... u think i care? i also wore slippers. ALSO LIKE TAT. what is the big deal about my hair being long man? As long as i dun wear anything revealing or provocative, it's fine wat..

maybe one day i should just shave bald to shock him. give him more than he can ask for. u want to dare me, i'll take on ur dare n do double of it, till u realize that i do have a mind of my own.. *say only hehe... can't bear to shave off my nice nice hair*...

PS. for ur information, if u are wondering why my mum is nt saying anything during my little disagreement with my dad, she is just enjoying the whole drama scene between my dad n i. n she says:" aiya, just ignore him, no need to cut too short. just trim"... muahahha so farni... yay mummi rox!!

i tell u ar, fathers are never the best people to seek advice on fashion... but sometimes, my dad's sense of fashion is ok, but most of the time, ok ok lar... heh heh

anyway, too moody to blog le lar... but just to let u all noe, i still love u tata.. it is the mood swings...

but nvm, hearing and msning my baobei made my day just a few minutes ago... man, i love her to bits... she is so cute lor... haha. i shall post another picture of her n amanda, another lovable student from 2A1... got many favourite students, but unfortunately no pics. the only images and memories i have are engraved in my heart and mind.
but we did have fun times.. to me, i have more fun n good times than bad with them.. everyday is an enjoyable n fun day with lots of laughter... :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

trip to the dentist...

a trip to the dentist...

was scared to go to the dentist yest for i know that i was gng to kena scolding from my dentist... haha as usual... but to my surprise, he said my teeth were pretty clean. *phew*. maybe gng to the dentist was not that bad after all..

the best part of after a dental appointment is the luxurious time i spend with mummy walking round junction 8. heh heh... yup, and yest we went to this shop called bits n pieces. We saw this nice nice chunky silver bracelet but it costs $118!!! YIKES... but i fell in love with it... haiz. oh well, too bad that it costs so much, if not for the fact that silver tarnishes, i would have bought it already...

so in order to comfort myself, i decided to go lee hwa jewellery to see if there were any nice nice bracelets, apparently none, though i did see lots of nice nice diamond rings. hahah... they do have chunky bracelets, but apparently they were over chunky till they looked like guys' fashion. yuck. i totally regret walking in to lee hwa... just makes me want to go back to bits n pieces to buy that bracelet. sheesh. heh heh... so the best thing to do is to close ur eyes, n walk out of the shopping centre and to the MRT station. hahah

yup. so far ar, i think only lee hwa sells authentic diamonds, they come from the belgium diamond factory... unlike goldheart, they sell manmade diamonds.. pay so much for artificial goods. wat a waste.. hah... oh well...

n can u believe it?!?!? i think i have only 16 more days to wait.. hurray!!! next week i'm gng to start teaching at siling for 6 weeks. wonder how much damage i'm gng to bring to the students there... intend to drive them up the wall before they drive me crazy... yup... n oh i'm so happy. something wonderful has happened to dear mr, yang!! heh heh... i'm happy for u!! realli am :)

ok... am gng to take a nappy now...super tired from settling my table n stuff..

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Totally disgusted...

Totally disgusted...

ok here's a topic for everyone to discuss n chip in ideas n thoughts k?

Scenerio: was eating at Hotel Intercontinental today... saw a couple with the girls' parents eating... once they have finished, they decided to make their payment... rite.. it is usually the guys who pay rite? ok fine... but then the girl just made a statement, i think i want to pay for this luncheon... so the guy was like oh ok... the girl was pissed man... hahaha i totally understand why... btw, the girl paid in the end.... hah, the guy's dead!!

when a girl says no, it sometimes means a yes. n when a girl says yes, sometimes she might just be obliging the guy... yes i noe it is confusing, but sometimes girls are just shy to voice their opinions.. so guys, u must noe when to step up n when to step down. dun be a dumb dumb n take a girl's word for everything....

esp to zg n zk n to guys who ever read this blog... if ever u have a gf, pls ar, if she

brings her parents along, PAY FOR THE PARENTS TOO!!! DUN BE SO MISER!!!... dun care if the girl or her parents say they'll pay... be gentlemen, dun assume u can save money k? for all u noe, they are testing ur generosity... mess it up, n lose the girl... dun come crying to me ar... i won't help u...

P.S. one day u will thank me for it...

i tell u.. when i saw that guy n the girl, i guarantee u, he is in for a war zone... dumb lei that guy, nv met a more dumb guy than him... no brains... I would definitely side with his gf...

hahah ok... if any comments, feel free to tag me abt it or leave a comment, if ever u can find a comment link on my page here... today i had a fun day... bought shoes for mummy, bought a nice elegant top for myself.. it is partial turqoise with a mixture of green with nice nice hearts all over it. love it lots...

ZG!! DUN KILL ME... u said cannot buy shoes, so i bought clothes instead. :) hee...

haha n didn't realli talk much to chris today coz that poor boy is so tired... i think he should rest more... and wat a surprise, i feel this week is moving quite fast now that i dread for next week to come... hahah what an irony... actually ok lar, mixed feelings... if time passes faster, chris comes back sooner but that means i'll be teaching in si ling already... haha oh well, might as well get over n done with it... FACE THE MUSIC N THE ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

ok gtg now... love u all loads *muackz muackz*

Monday, June 18, 2007

happy day...

happy day...
yay.. today was quite fun actually. firstly, i had driving lessons in the morning. that was cool drove for 2.5 hours. man, driving is so tiring but it so fun. heh heh... i think manual driving rox lar... u noe why? it feels like daytona. hhaha only the faster and real version.
in the afternoon, met with my baobei from Fajar sec, ivy, n her 2 other baobei students. we went to watch pirates of the caribbean.. hee tho it is my second time watching, i feel that the company makes it all worthwhile. i get to see my baobei, den meet up with good frens n meet ppl. why not... man, fajar brought me happy times. can't bear to leave u guys but i have to.. hee... love u all precious students *muackz*
shall show u how my baobei looks like k ? she is very cute n her name is shiqi... yup

i love her lots... to me she is the best student any teacher can have... haha... who ever said fajar students nt good ar... come, i'll show u my angels... ask me n i tell u hu are the cute n lovable ones.
dun u dare bully any of my students ar... i'll be watching... *sayang*... no matter ppl, persevere on ok? all of u can do it :)
ok... today mr. yang has got meeting so didn't talk much but was happy enuff to noe that i was able to talk to him for a full 45 mins before i met baobei shiqi for movie... man, i'm glad.... anyway, i think it is so cool lar. u noe ar, when i sleep, he is busy and when he is sleeping, i'm idling away. haha. but we get to talk at the most funkiest times of the day.
Interesting fact of the day: did u noe that USA is 15 hrs behind our time... cool huh... so that means ar... give eg. when it is 9am in spore, it is his dinner time, 6pm... haha fancy that, eating dinner at 9am according to spore time. funky hor... hhaha man, so kewl... heh heh... maybe one day i should try gng to antartica to find out the time difference there. for all u noe, the penguins may come up n tell u, it is party time!!! wohoo!!!
ok shall leave all of u to admire my precious baobei... tata love u all *muackz*...
PS. choose frens wisely, some are worth it, some are not..... open eyes big big and choose ar...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

pretty pictures

pretty pictures...
some photos i took when i was in Fajar... heh heh my lovely bunch of Fajar colleagues...

Group photo...

This is Joseph Giri n i... lame. He just makes my day everyday in there. Strong brother too...

This is erman... very funky n blur art teacher...
hahah no lar, he is realli very nice. hor erman?

This is Eugene... the nice PE teacher.. thank u for introducing all sorts of farni games to us together with joe-si. if not life will be so boring without u guys. hahaha... man i miss those times with u guys, and u guys are so lucky to go back to Fajar.. humph... haaha help me take care of my precious students. thank u so much...

and this is me.... lynn helped me tie my hair into a french braid today before youth service. nice rite?... hee so nice, i also want to tie by myself.