Sunday, August 24, 2008


it is officially a week and 2 days since i have last graduated from the play that i have been binded to for the past few months rehearsing and rehearsing for it. I currently adopt a love-hate relationship stand towards that play.
other than that, my life has not yet been filled with funky stuff except for one which i will share in a bit. :) otherwise, i am stacked up to the brims with readings of political stuff. One "good" reading is the politics of recognition... if u have no clue as to what is that, fret not, u are in the same boat as i am. i have no idea wat i am reading as well. hahaha
oh well, but i sure am thankful for one thing. one special thing happened to me on sat morning. i was doing my quiet time - spending time with God, when i decided to open my eyes. And the amazing thing was, my hands were filled with beautiful, shiny, specks of gold dust. I was like THANK YOU JESUS!!! all my life, in church i have heard many say that they have seen gold dust. I was happy for them but in my heart, i have always longed to experience it for myself. I can only say one thing. God is real and alive.
being excited, i decided to try to scrape some of the gold dust as evidence to be my testimony to my parents, and ppl who have not seen gold dust. But to my dismay, i was not able to scrape it out. it was like almost practically ingrained into my skin. if i scraped any harder, there goes my beautiful skin. I guess the only thing i can say is that, God is wonderful and amazing. no words can describe to u what i saw. it was indescribable, amazing, wonderful, awesome. totally!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

3 more days to go...

yay!! another 3 more days, i can have my long deserved break. L**S** is nice but the process that we have to go through is rather torturous and strainous. i have no idea how long more i can take this gruelling training. It is not as if it is part of our module neither is it that we are paid. It is also not as if that this the only thing that we have to do. Unfortunately, truth be told, i am a little sick of the play. somehow this time round, the play seems to fall a little flat as everyone can't seem to get the flow and feel of the characters. I for one, have difficulties portraying myself as a mother as of yet. I am also equally disappointed that i am unable to get my friend to feel frustrated over me in the scene of course.

Darn barnacles!!! must i really go thru this again!! i want a change of play. no more last minute additions or change in staging. I just want to do this, and get it over and done with.

Thank God, i have my two lovely buddies, angel and dot to go thru this with me. honestly, without them, my anger would have unleashed but becoz of them, my temper is in check as i also dun want to affect them since theirs are also running rather high. sigh, guess we girls are getting a little "touchy" when it comes to timings to go home and rehearsal timing.

anyway, i was touched by the fact that L** S** went out of the way to make a bowl of dessert for us. It looks rather interesting. I was so keen to dig my spoon into that bowl and put a scrumptious spoon of the goodies into my mouth. However, when i saw L** S** starting to put the ingredients in together like ice and sugar syrup, i got a little freaked. Knowing the cleanliness and health freak that i am, i decided not to eat once the ice water ended up into that yummilicious looking bowl dessert thingee. but yet i was saddened to see that the entire bowl was not finished and L** S** had to throw it away. i felt really bad as i can definitely see the effort and tender love that went into the making of that one dessert. sigh. maybe i'm just mean to her. oh darn barnacles...

Saturday, August 09, 2008


the national day parade show, success of failure? i have no idea. It is erm unique and amazing as compared to previous years. oh well, when i heard of my homework assigned by my school, my first thought was SIAN!! my saturday nite out in church is burnt. gone!!
anyway, i was very thrilled at the idea of sitting in front of the tv, waiting in anticipation of an excitingly mundane array of splendid performances displayed by many people from different associations. there was the musicals where they sang national songs such as Home, Where i belong any many others which are being translated into various languages such as indian, chinese and malay. then came the second part of the performance.
I am very confident that if anyone can't sleep, watching that segment would have been a great help to cure insomnia. oh well. but on a lighter note, to be less harsh, it was ok. it just that if not for the beijing olmpics opening one day before our national day, things would have been really sunny. currently it pales in comparison with the beijing opening. Singapore jia you k? u will get there one day but u must sit properly and think what u want to say on this one day where people celebrates ur birthday. If not, it would be rather meaningless. take time to show ur culture, ur beliefs and not boast. if u must boast, boast in God. that is the only way.
i still love singapore. no matter wat. this is where i grew up and where it is safe for the time being.

Monday, August 04, 2008


school went well today. I had only 1 lesson today which was a multiculturalism module. initially, i thought that the lecturer was a little unreasonable and fierce. however, as the lesson progressed, she is actually quite divaish and good. she is farni as well. interestingly, when she interacts with the other lecturers, it felt like a good morning talk show of channel news asia or prime time morning. hahaha. oh well. i am beginning to like this module.

the best part of it all, i only have an hour lesson then i can go home. yeah!! looking forward to tmr's lesson. hee and there is piano lesson. Yikes, i feel my head is gonna be on the chopping board. God save my ass please. thank you very nice.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

back again

I'm back!! yeah sorrie that i have been missing for so many months. i was enjoying my holiday, so i did not want to have anything to do with the internet, com or whatsoever. oh well, i have just finished my teaching assistantship at Chestnut Drive. I love the kids there man. They are mischievious yet cute.
just a little upate, i can't wait for next tues because it is chris's and my 1 year anniversary. so fast. gosh how time flies. wonder what is he going to do. so secretive. have been trying all means and ways just to get him to spill the beans. but unfortunately, it is all in vain. sigh... i need to work on my "prying information from chris" skill more.
i'm glad to be back in nie. never thought i would hear myself say this sentence but yeah. i am very glad. being a student rocks but being a teacher working in a school rocks even more. :) one of the main reasons is that, i need not scrimp and save like so much... pretty miserable. like being cornered and cramped. it is so ain't my style to do just that. i want my pay!!!!sorrie just let me rant because there are so many things that are on display. but these nice things only appear when ur pockets seem dry but when ur pockets are full with cash, the nice nice things, fashion, shoes, accessories, bags all just seem to vanish into thin air. only the obiang items are in sight. how sad.
i will post up some pictures that i have taken of my students, my life for the past few months k in the next post.