Wednesday, January 28, 2009

where is my nonya?


it is only the third day of new year and i have to be back in school studying. not a very nice feeling at all. was a little bit down for the whole of today. How i wish i have something to cheer me up like a lot. Oh well, tried my very best to stay focused in class today. i cant.

then i thought i can cheer myself up by treating myself and chris to peranakan food at beauty world. Lo and behold, we went there and it was not opened. sigh, everything just doesn't seem fun at all today. to top it all of, i have tons of homework. not that i'm complaining but i just dun have anything to say anymore. i dun like it. but i guess i got to bite the bullet and appreciate whatever circumstances that i am in.

The only fun thing about today was that i took plenty of farni pictures of jae eating. that's as much as i can tell you. can't disclose any further because i promised her i wont put the pictures up. hahaha
so cute that girl, she was sitting by the side, quietly eating her chachos. haha so cute lor, took several snapshots of her licking her fingers, taking the crackers and stuffing it into her mouth. :)

anyway, i hope that tmr will be another better day.