Friday, December 26, 2008

Have yourself a merry little christmas...

Merry Christmas :) take time to see the joy and happiness around you. Cherish those who are around you and make time to spend it with them.
sorrie this picture is a little pixated. i just copied it from my facebook. hahaha. i love this picture. just realized that i have tons of pictures with my two favourite buddies but some of them still with dot seng.. :)
did lots of visiting this christmas, busy partying. hahha. it was fun to celebrate the birth of Jesus on this lovely day when the gift of life was being given to us freely. though this year i did not feel the christmas spirit as compared to when i was young. But i realized that everyday can be christmas. If christmas is about giving gifts, then everyday i can buy gifts for one of my friends. If christmas is about caring and loving others, that should be done on every other day and not just on 25 dec. :) the same concept as valentine's day. yeah. so start by cherishing those around you while they are still around.
Once again, Merry Christmas to all.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spirit of ChRiStMaS....

Angel darling & I

had an absolutely lovely day today. spent time in the morning with my parents, went to eat breakfast with them. man, i love my parents loads, despite the fact that we drive each other crazy at time. hee but hey, i guess that's what family is about. loving each other despite trials and tribulations. they are the people who will stick with you through thick and thin no matter what. It is a blessing to be able to have a family. :)

Dear went to Batam today for leaders' advance. I'm not able to go coz i'm going for a cruise. gosh, it is a happy yet a darn barnacles moment. coz part of me really wants to go to the advance to learn more about God. sigh, i'm going to miss my darling for the next few days. :) Dear, i miss u :) but have fun anyway...

after that, met up with my beautiful darling angel for a little chit chat. went to Bugis, Tcc, to chill out. i love my angel loads. she makes me laugh and we can share things. Thank you Angel for taking time out to meet up and share ur life with me. You have brought abundant laughter and joy into my laugh with ur crazy antics. :) i love ya. May God continue to mould you into that strong and faithful woman that He wants you to be.

then Angel whipped out her camera and.... here are some of the pictures that we took:

Most of the pictures make me feel like i'm in another planet altogether and i can actually get into the christmas spirit while taking photos with Angel. hee

There was like a big Christmas tree in the middle of Bugis and I have it in the palm of my hand
Next stop: Hotel Intercontinental

I love this pic. makes me feel like i'm in the middle east country like Israel or Turkey...

Another favourite pic of mine...
Angel darling, thank you for helping me take the lovely photos and when u upload ur photos too, tag me k? hee thank you darling for a lovely day again. muackz and hugs. see ya soon
I love Christmas and it is coming!! just next week! hurray. this is the first time in years that i have felt the Christmas spirit in Singapore. I remember when i was young, all the shopping centres will be filled with lovely christmas carols, christmas jazz songs, so lovely. but i dun hear that anymore nowadays. It is dying away, and so is the spirit of Christmas.
When i was young, i used to think that Christmas is about presents, but when i grew up, i realized actually, it is the spirit of giving and love that makes Christmas. Just like Daddy God, He loved us, was born into earth and yet he gave his life for us. so that would mean that everyday is Christmas. :) everyday should be a life of giving and loving those who around us, cherishing every moment with them around us. :)
Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

eternally grateful...

this semester has indeed been a trying one but as the title of my blog states, i am eternally grateful to God for his protection, his favour and for helping me get through. Yesterday, Carol msged all of us that the results are out.

with my heart in my throat, i went to check and hallelujah!!! hahaha. did quite well, but i know one thing for sure, it was God's providence. could not have done it without God. tough but yeah next sem is going to be a wee bit more challenging. 7 modules!! can u believe it! this is how my sch treats us. they think we are robots who do not need a break or recreation time. :)

sigh... at least this holiday was a well deserved break. spent my time practicing piano for miss tham. haha yay so happy get to see miss jennifer tham again. gosh i miss her tons... so glad to be able to play with her and man her choir sounds good. well done choir!! gosh, i can't help but think how good God is. yay three cheers and three cheers for God. Hip hip hurray!! (x3)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Holidays are back!!

Yay!! i'm so happy, i think my december holidays so far have been very fruitful, relaxing, chilling out and , getting to do stuff that i want. :) When i was younger, i used to dread holidays coz it is very boring. i would rather spend my days in sch working but i realized as i grow more mature, i dread going to school and look forward to holidays. that is odd. hmmm... dun know if anyone feels the same as i do or may i the only oddball around here. oh well :)
here's the latest scoops as to wat i have been doing.
1) sleeping late like till 12pm
2) practicing piano
3) recording music
4) playing games
speaking of games, i recommend going to this website oh my goodness, i tell u the games there are like super super super addictive. i spent my entire holidays, sitting in front of my lappie just playing arcade games. (which my bros and bf think is dumb) oh well, only intelligent beings like me enjoy this type of "brainy" game..
here are a list of games that i have been playing. alice greenfingers where u grow and plant vegetables, haha ok den fishing, where u breed and sell fish, cooking academy where you cook different types of food ranging from soups to dessert. it is super fun. but let me make a disclaimer first, if u are ever hooked from it and can't stop gaming, it is entirely not my fault. :)

and did i tell u? i am getting lazier and lazier to upload a post like this on my blog.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

the DNA

Interestingly, you would think that we youngsters are very creative. but i have found out my lecturers are extremely creative. haha.

in Nafa, dot angel and i were called fullstop, comma and exclamation mark respectively. So whenever we start talking, Dr. T** will go, Fullstop, please stop talking to comma and exclamation mark. Pay attention.

Now in NIE, we have a cute drama lecturer who goes, Hello DNA. which stands for Dot, Nat and Angel. so creative right. can't stand them. love them to bits.

If there is anything that i'll miss, is the fun and company in NIE. who cares and bothers to remember the workload here. not worth remembering. :)

I am so happy. i just hand up one of the most dreaded essays yesterday. :) thank God, he was with me as i was writing the essay. :) couldn't do it without him.

was reading Dorothy's blog, it is interesting that she likes to run. I remember angel saying, Dot you can go run the race. Nat and I will walk the faith. Life is like a race. it does not matter whether u start well but it is important that we end the race well. Be it school work, our influence of others, friendships. every thing is a race. So let's persevere together no matter how the tough the going gets.

Met up with the NAFA gang yesterday was the most satisfying fellowship i ever had. missed them tons. hanging out with them just brings back memories of the times that we had when we were studying together. It's amazing, 5 years have just flew by like that, yet we are blessed to be able to clique together, joke and still love each other for who we are. It 's great. i love you guys!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

GOd, you are simply amazing

In my weakness, i found strength. In my strength, i found my weakness.
I just realized this sentence means a lot to me, and it basically sums up my entire life ever since i was 16 years old. I am purely an arts person inside out. I breathe, eat, slp, think, shit, dream, speak, jam music... everything about my life has to do with music nothing to do with maths.. *yawns* science... english.. chinese *yawns*... bla bla so on and so forth the usual stifling chemistry.
As i was reflecting today, i saw how God used my weakness to encourage me and to show me where my strength lies. Signing a teaching bond when i was 16 years old, i entered nafa to study music without knowing how well i will do, or whether i can cope. I was afraid that i might not succeed but decided to whack it. By GOd's grace, i found my strength which was performing music without writing any essays.... and i managed to score very well upon graduation from NAFA.
With the same expectations placed on myself to achieve the same or better, i entered NIE. Thinking that it might be same academic marking and education structure as NAFA, i entered in the light that i would score well again. However, being confident in my strengths, i found my weakness again. ESSAYS!!! i am proud yet shy to declare that essay writing is not my forte and it does not help that the percentage marking for performance is only 10 - 30% whereas the remaining percentage goes to essay writing. How unfair is that.
But it is through this, that makes me realize that God is good and has been supporting me in more ways than one despite my weakness in writing essays. How? you might ask. He has never failed me in giving me ideas and creativity to write and at least I dun fail a paper. That is contentment and bliss to me already. At least, GOd has taught me to rely on him and not by my own strength.
However, those who noe me well enough, i am a worry wart. and that is going to be tough n a challenge for me. yeah :) Chris... u're right :) thank you dear :)
Anyway, i must give glory to GOd coz he has helped me arrange my recording dates and gathered the right people to help me record. It is amazing how GOd did it. I went from 0 violinist to 1 violinist who is willing to record two parts for me overnight. How amazing is that!!! and the recording rooms, the available timings were fitting and matched with the free times of my musicians and recording artiste Ryan. :) God really is amazing. yupz... when I'm free, i will upload my piece which i composed on the blog here k? so look out for it and listen to it. :)
oh and today, i witnessed how a big, fat baguette became a flat baguette. YOu know why? my mummy, sat on the bread! she didn't know it was bread and she went, wah i didn't know the car seat at the back so comfortable ar.. i must sit at the back more often. *dang* she sat on the bread.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

me... love me...

yay.. just came back from camp. it was fun, tiring having to run to and fro... learnt a lot from this camp. Let me share with you what i did k? we did prophetic painting :) hee.. can u imagine my horror, because nat nat cannot paint for nuts, i can't even draw a dog because it would end up looking like a cow. so it is like if i can't draw, do not even go near painting. but oh well, then i decided ok, it is always once in a life time, that i can to embarass myself in front of my friends. ok.

and so, like painting is bad... we had to paint BLINDFOLDED!!! boy, it was tough yet fun. when i have time, i will upload pictures of what i drew k? on the whole, i kinda like painting. no stress. haha. even if it is a mess, it is still considered as prophetic painting. :) i like...

oh well, anyway, i think my ipod mini doesn't love me anymore. my lappie told me so.. lappie said that ipod mini malfunctioned on me. :( and so, just to spite my ipod mini, i told him that i am going to replace him. and guess wat!! he turned himself to working mode.. haha think i scared him so... hahaha, but that joy was shortlived. when i returned from camp, he rebelled again and it is back to square one - malfunctionism. *sigh*

heard of this song a long time ago. i love this song. it is called legacy by nicole nordeman. very sweet song. enjoy:)

Sunday, August 24, 2008


it is officially a week and 2 days since i have last graduated from the play that i have been binded to for the past few months rehearsing and rehearsing for it. I currently adopt a love-hate relationship stand towards that play.
other than that, my life has not yet been filled with funky stuff except for one which i will share in a bit. :) otherwise, i am stacked up to the brims with readings of political stuff. One "good" reading is the politics of recognition... if u have no clue as to what is that, fret not, u are in the same boat as i am. i have no idea wat i am reading as well. hahaha
oh well, but i sure am thankful for one thing. one special thing happened to me on sat morning. i was doing my quiet time - spending time with God, when i decided to open my eyes. And the amazing thing was, my hands were filled with beautiful, shiny, specks of gold dust. I was like THANK YOU JESUS!!! all my life, in church i have heard many say that they have seen gold dust. I was happy for them but in my heart, i have always longed to experience it for myself. I can only say one thing. God is real and alive.
being excited, i decided to try to scrape some of the gold dust as evidence to be my testimony to my parents, and ppl who have not seen gold dust. But to my dismay, i was not able to scrape it out. it was like almost practically ingrained into my skin. if i scraped any harder, there goes my beautiful skin. I guess the only thing i can say is that, God is wonderful and amazing. no words can describe to u what i saw. it was indescribable, amazing, wonderful, awesome. totally!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

3 more days to go...

yay!! another 3 more days, i can have my long deserved break. L**S** is nice but the process that we have to go through is rather torturous and strainous. i have no idea how long more i can take this gruelling training. It is not as if it is part of our module neither is it that we are paid. It is also not as if that this the only thing that we have to do. Unfortunately, truth be told, i am a little sick of the play. somehow this time round, the play seems to fall a little flat as everyone can't seem to get the flow and feel of the characters. I for one, have difficulties portraying myself as a mother as of yet. I am also equally disappointed that i am unable to get my friend to feel frustrated over me in the scene of course.

Darn barnacles!!! must i really go thru this again!! i want a change of play. no more last minute additions or change in staging. I just want to do this, and get it over and done with.

Thank God, i have my two lovely buddies, angel and dot to go thru this with me. honestly, without them, my anger would have unleashed but becoz of them, my temper is in check as i also dun want to affect them since theirs are also running rather high. sigh, guess we girls are getting a little "touchy" when it comes to timings to go home and rehearsal timing.

anyway, i was touched by the fact that L** S** went out of the way to make a bowl of dessert for us. It looks rather interesting. I was so keen to dig my spoon into that bowl and put a scrumptious spoon of the goodies into my mouth. However, when i saw L** S** starting to put the ingredients in together like ice and sugar syrup, i got a little freaked. Knowing the cleanliness and health freak that i am, i decided not to eat once the ice water ended up into that yummilicious looking bowl dessert thingee. but yet i was saddened to see that the entire bowl was not finished and L** S** had to throw it away. i felt really bad as i can definitely see the effort and tender love that went into the making of that one dessert. sigh. maybe i'm just mean to her. oh darn barnacles...

Saturday, August 09, 2008


the national day parade show, success of failure? i have no idea. It is erm unique and amazing as compared to previous years. oh well, when i heard of my homework assigned by my school, my first thought was SIAN!! my saturday nite out in church is burnt. gone!!
anyway, i was very thrilled at the idea of sitting in front of the tv, waiting in anticipation of an excitingly mundane array of splendid performances displayed by many people from different associations. there was the musicals where they sang national songs such as Home, Where i belong any many others which are being translated into various languages such as indian, chinese and malay. then came the second part of the performance.
I am very confident that if anyone can't sleep, watching that segment would have been a great help to cure insomnia. oh well. but on a lighter note, to be less harsh, it was ok. it just that if not for the beijing olmpics opening one day before our national day, things would have been really sunny. currently it pales in comparison with the beijing opening. Singapore jia you k? u will get there one day but u must sit properly and think what u want to say on this one day where people celebrates ur birthday. If not, it would be rather meaningless. take time to show ur culture, ur beliefs and not boast. if u must boast, boast in God. that is the only way.
i still love singapore. no matter wat. this is where i grew up and where it is safe for the time being.

Monday, August 04, 2008


school went well today. I had only 1 lesson today which was a multiculturalism module. initially, i thought that the lecturer was a little unreasonable and fierce. however, as the lesson progressed, she is actually quite divaish and good. she is farni as well. interestingly, when she interacts with the other lecturers, it felt like a good morning talk show of channel news asia or prime time morning. hahaha. oh well. i am beginning to like this module.

the best part of it all, i only have an hour lesson then i can go home. yeah!! looking forward to tmr's lesson. hee and there is piano lesson. Yikes, i feel my head is gonna be on the chopping board. God save my ass please. thank you very nice.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

back again

I'm back!! yeah sorrie that i have been missing for so many months. i was enjoying my holiday, so i did not want to have anything to do with the internet, com or whatsoever. oh well, i have just finished my teaching assistantship at Chestnut Drive. I love the kids there man. They are mischievious yet cute.
just a little upate, i can't wait for next tues because it is chris's and my 1 year anniversary. so fast. gosh how time flies. wonder what is he going to do. so secretive. have been trying all means and ways just to get him to spill the beans. but unfortunately, it is all in vain. sigh... i need to work on my "prying information from chris" skill more.
i'm glad to be back in nie. never thought i would hear myself say this sentence but yeah. i am very glad. being a student rocks but being a teacher working in a school rocks even more. :) one of the main reasons is that, i need not scrimp and save like so much... pretty miserable. like being cornered and cramped. it is so ain't my style to do just that. i want my pay!!!!sorrie just let me rant because there are so many things that are on display. but these nice things only appear when ur pockets seem dry but when ur pockets are full with cash, the nice nice things, fashion, shoes, accessories, bags all just seem to vanish into thin air. only the obiang items are in sight. how sad.
i will post up some pictures that i have taken of my students, my life for the past few months k in the next post.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


it is amazing how every fashionable item has shifted from clothes to every other part of the body. last time, i thought fashion meant wearing pretty clothes but as i matured, i realized that it meant adorning yourself with beautiful accessories such as belt, sunglasses, even specs can be fashionable. hahaha
went shopping with bf on mon, he went to paris miki and got himself a cool looking pair of specs. it is something different from his usual half framed specs. this time, it is frameless!! haha... but oh dear me, given his size, his strength, i am still worried that he would break his delicate, beautiful specs.
as for me, i bought myself a nice nice pair of sunglasses, modified to suit mua. hahaha. so excited, my first vogue sunglasses. can't wait. will post the pics up when my lovely shades are in my hands.
anyway, got back some of my results for my modules, i'm happy and contented knowing that despite my busy and hectic workload that i have for this sem, i did well. Glory be to God. why? coz without him i dun think i would be able to sustain and persevere. many a times, i feel like giving up and say heck lar, study also like that, dun study also like that. but i thank God that He gave me the strength to carry on, wonderful friends such as Dot, Angel, and my dear yang, my parents and the drama family members to go through it with me.
so the bottom line is: God cares for the things in your life, regardless of how significant or insignificant it is. love all of you n be blessed :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


can u believe it? delirious band's new album is so powerful with God's anointing. they came up with the album titled Kingdom of comfort. below is their main theme song lar. when i heard it, it make me think. and for those who know me well, i hate to reflect. just not me. so serious. oh well :) enjoy this clip.

this song, i feel that it probably reflects on most of us. sometimes unknowingly, we get drawn in to the beauty of the world, we put ourselves on the pedestal. when we need to be saved, we most probably would choose to ignore it. but i believe that it took delirious a lot of guts, to put in their life journey into this latest album. they actually went to other countries to visit the less fortunate and i guess they started to question themselves whether we as christians are building. are we building a kingdom of comfort or kingdom of heaven? good question to think about.

that's all, goin to slp now. goodnite

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I am Happy Today

I am happy today :)

i think papa is very farni. he makes me laugh like crazy. learnt a few funky words from him. let me share with u and give you an insight on how hip my papa is ok? we were at orchard road looking for a place to eat. so this was what he said:

daddy: let's go to holem and eat.

Nat: where?!?!

Mummy: Orchard where got a place called holem??! are u referring to Heerens

Daddy: no! not that one. I'm talking about holem... *points to HEERENS*

Mummy n Nat: *faintz*

then today papa said another farni thing. daddy and i were debating on the issue of ice-cream. See, he bought a big tub of lemon sherbet for me. but today, when i wanted to eat it, it was all gone. then i got a shock. i asked him:
Nat: papa, did u eat my ice cream?

Daddy: which one? the german shepherd ar

Nat: papa!! it is not german shepherd. it is called lemon sherbet. come say it with me... lemon...

Daddy: German shepherd...

hee i think papa seriously either has a lazy tongue or a pronounciation problem. hee. but i still love him.

i think yang looks so suave in this pic. hahha just melts mua... :) oh well. but he is also known as MR. POTATO HEAD.
why? no reason, just decide to give him a nick name.
thank u yang for being there for me, for guiding me and making me laugh and cry all the time. ( as in laugh till i cry) better clear the air just in case.
thank you to another two big ppl who has shared a very big portion of my life. these two are none other than beautiful angel, and funky dot. Thank u girls for seeing me through 5 years of friendship. Both of you have seen me through thick n thin, watched me grow, watched me do unglam stuff... hahaha but hey, both of you are the best partners to do unglam stuff with. :) heh heh.
angel: thank u for being there to watch over dot n i when we like doign something careless and goofy. thank u for being like a mother, always with tissue, hong you and what not. thank u for making me laugh with your farni trolley bag, rolling over people's feet, imitating others and being such an aunty at times too. hahahah super farni. thank u for being my listening ear. and just having fun singing at the corridors...
Dorothy: thank u for having the guts to tell me what i did wrong in my face. to support me when i am down. to be my listening ear. to be my punching bag at times, someone to rant at, for being sucha goof liek angel. hahaha i really treasure and cherish the times we had together. too many to name but the memories that both u n angel have given me is being engraved in both my heart and mind.
I thank God for wonderful friends like you both. love u girls. continue to grow in God and to shine for Him k?

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Going Away

i am down. i just want to get away from here for a few days. oh well, dot was talking abt this in=step programme to overseas then uncle roland asked me to join him to go to the maldives. maybe i should go, it would such a good break from things here. contemplating still.......


Hurray, the holidays are here! today was the last day of my practical exam. I felt that this time round i did not do as well as i expected myself to be. The reason being, i had 10 modules, no time to practice. yeah, and to make matters worse, my thumb and index finger split. Oh well, i guess sometimes i do have my downy days too.

its ok, i shall pick myself up and carry on, look forward to next year. anyway, apart from that, i'm glad everything is over and I trust God will take care of every single need of mine that includes my friends, my studies and relationship.

Went to cell group today. was very happy. got to see all my beloved cell ppl. love u guys loads. u make my fridays rock man. :)

ok, i'm going to rest now. will dedicate an entire post to dot and angel tmr . :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I need to rant...

i need to rant... for my heart is breaking with each passing moment...

God, i need to get this off my chest. It is bad enough to have 10 modules in one semester. If that is not bad enough, they are all major modules. I dun have enough time to finish all my assignments. That is according to my puny human mentality. but God, i trust that you have brought me to this degree programme, you will bring me through it.

the amount of workload, rehearsals, projects, essays, it is too much for me to take. I need to breathe. All i'm asking is that you see me and sustain me through this period till the end of may. I need your help, your grace and your strength for i cannot hold out any longer.

I thank you for helping me to hold our for this long but go the extra mile with me will you? Give me the faith and strength to finish up my assignments with a smile on my face, knowing that you are behind me in every way. Teach me to be a blessing to others even through this time of trial. Thank you amen.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

What is Music?

Music is about being humble, having the spirit of humility. As i ponder about it, what good is it if one plays in a band and yet is proud? or what good is it that one is a music student, takes things for granted, assume that one can do music just because we study it? what good is it that suggestions are being blocked out unknowingly in a band?
so basically, what is music? what is the relationship between music and musicians? Without music, there isn't musicians, without musicians, there is no music. my point being, one can't do without the other. In a band, there has to be mutual respect, understanding, a heart to be open to suggestions, a ear willing to listen. It is not about knowing it all. Complacency cannot take root in this form of art. If it does, musicians have failed to create meaningful music.
Being a music student, does not give us the right to be complacent about our abilities and talent. It is supposed to enhance our understanding and not lord it over others, not to judge others ability. If we truly love music, we would give our lives to it. which means being humble, enjoying each note and tone that is being played.
Being in a band is about coming down to everyone's level, ensuring that they feel comfortable and build the band up together and not just for a few ppl to anchor it. It is everyone's responsibility to make the band take flight and not just the stronger ones. If a song cannot be played, work at it, no point flaring up, no need to be anxious, nervous, fiesty. Work, communicate. that is the key.
what is important in a band, is not how well you play, not the fame that comes with it. instead, co-ordination, communication, understanding, perseverence, humility and a teachable spirit is wat that is important. Always remember, pride comes before a fall.
God bless.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Temper temper

temper temper... rude glares

this week is one hahaha... no words to describe the amount of assignments that we are being piled with. BUt it is a good experience and i thank God for guiding me in each and every step that I take.

anyway, i need to rant. though i dun verbalize it out, it is still not good to bottle it up. lest it becomes a very bad grudge.

Anyway, one thing about me is that i can tolerate almost any nonsense except rude behaviours from rude people. if they are old, ok i can understand. if they are young, ok fine. i also can tolerate. i will just think that the child's parents did not do a good job of raising the kid up. BUT if the person is an educated person, one who is 20 plus years of age. it is like MY GOSH!!! use ur brain.

it is like did 20 over years of education did nothing to teach you about behaviourisms, mannerisms, culture, friendship and the likes? obviously you are portraying the education system in a bad light. please do justice to the education system. but anyway, on the contrary, im happy things are like tat. it just goes to show who the pinkies and the brains are. which one are you?

there is more to education than just mugging, scoring good grades. get a life man! see and breathe in the outside world and you will see the beauty of things that God has created rather than being a stiff neck looking at the redundant and petty stuff. One's life, having a petty nature is pretty miserable. So it is your choice.

I choose to lead a happy life. Thank you Jesus for giving me good frens. :) People who love you and who are willing to change for You. ok God, i have ranted enough. Subside and cease the anger boiling and brewing up in me. thank you amen.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Cheena New year

happy Cheena new year to everyone!

2007 is gone, 2008 has come :) in the chinese calendar of coz :) anyway, i quite enjoyed my chinese new year this year. it is a different from the ones that i used to celebrate with the nafa bunch. i kinda miss them :)

this year went to quite a few places and met quite a few new ppl. ok ok actually i went with chris to visit his relatives. they are really a nice bunch of ppl :) very round.

as i reflect, honestly CNY has lost its meaning for me. i remember when i was young, i would be so excited that i can't slp on the eve of chinese new year. the joy and anticipation of visiting ppl, wearing new clothes, looking pretty, collecting ang paos, the festive noise was what i was looking forward to.

however, as time goes by, it becomes more of a commercial enterprise and a norm more than a tradition handed down by our ancestors ancient years ago. Its just practically normal for me. no excited feeling or whatsoever just the anticipation of being able to wear new clothes during this season. perhaps, this feeling comes with age. :)

anyway, i guess cny is about spending time with loved ones and catching up on old times rather than collecting the red packets which many young kids nowadays look forward to. just something to think about.

oh well, i can't believe that i have to do work during cny. what a spoiler. who does work during visiting hours?!?! gosh

Sunday, February 03, 2008

God You Are Wonderful!

God has been so good to me. he has never failed me nor forsaken me. On thurs, i went for my driving test. Somehow or other, deep inside me i knew that this time i would pass it during my time spending with God. However, there's still a part of me that is trying to keep myself sane and to tell myself not to be over confident. When God asked me, " do u trust me?" i decided that i would.

In the waiting room before heading out for my circuit route, God asked me, " would you still praise me if you fail?" i panicked. i was like "God, not now. u gave me ur word that i would pass. what is happening?" no answer... i resigned," God, if i pass, the skill that you have blessed me with will be used to bless others in need. If i do not pass, it means that there are things that you still want me to learn from you. "

and with that note, i left for my test. the tester did not make it any easier.. nag from circuit to road to back to office. ok ok, some of it is really my fault but did he really have to nag? hmmm :)
but i thanked God i ate the humble pie and the tester passed me. hahhaa so happy. :) yup, praise be to God.

to the present...

today, my cell had an outreach programme going on. It was the most interesting thing that i have ever seen. hahaha. i mean yeah, i have parties but it was a little weird to see ppl in my house from church coz that has nv happened b4. usually parties are with my nafa pals. hahaha. but i thank God that many turned up unexpectedly, or expectedly. I was glad that GOd had put ppl, souls to make this outreach a success. :)

we had a wonderful tang yuan making session. :) i think it was awesome. it was educational gosh. a little nie for cooking. gosh so kewl. hahah made quite a lot of fun nice wacky ppl. and realized that the world is getting smaller thru every new fren that i make :)

as the giordano t-shirt says: there are no strangers in this world, only friends that we have not met

Monday, January 28, 2008


Amazed at His providence

back tracking to last wed...

i find it amazing at how God just provides for His children in the most incomprehensible manner. on wed, dot, angel and i wanted a room to pray in. so we headed for the band room. We found it unlocked and so we went in. Unfortunately, our dear professor Ho was not there so we decided to inform Mr. Stead who was quite shocked to hear that we were in that room.

During the time that we prayed, no one opened the door. We had a wonderful time without any disturbance or distractions. But when we finished praying at the amen, the door opened and no one was there.

When we were done, the door swung shut and we could not open the door. why? it was locked.

you may think, so, what is the big deal? well u see, all the doors in NIE are auto lock meaning that once it is shut, it can never be opened by ordinary means unless one holds the access card or the password to the lock. however, when we needed a room, we just pushed the door handle and it opened. We did not have any keys, nor passwords nor access card on us. all we had was God and the three of us. :) amazing huh :)
coming back to the present.

God works in such marvellous ways. hahaha. let me share with you :

in the car at nie, while daddy was alighting me:

Daddy: girl, i think u better take this 2 dollars

nat: why? i got cash. i dun need. realli
Daddy: aiya, just take it can anot.

nat: i say dun need. i brought my wallet. i have money to eat lar. you dun believe, i
show you* fishes around in her bag for her long wallet*

Daddy: where? take so long to find ar?

nat: have. wait my bag is like a crocodile. eat so many things...
*cannot find wallet, shucks*

nat: hee err... hee papa ar, hee i forget to bring ar. hahahah
God knows that the blur me here forgot to take my wallet and prompted papa to give me money. oh man Papa God is so good. :) hahaha.
anyway, i had a wonderful time in the car with dot, dear and xiangyun. hee. firstly, must show you what i did. Dot dot tied french braid in the car and so we got inspiration to tie one for chris too :) heh heh. unfortunately it was too short and so it ended up looking like this:

so cute hor... hahhaa
den i decided to wear a cap.. gosh, golf anyone?

Monday, January 21, 2008

God and Boyfriend

is it just a mere ordinary 20 cents?

to you, it may be just an ordinary 20 cents but the 20 cent coin is of great value and significance to me. why? coz it is a gift that God has given me :

I was at the canteen today and wanted to buy a packet of milo. without realizing that the milo price is 80 cents, i dug out all the coins in my wallet only to find that i had 75 cents!!! i wished i had another 5 cents to complete the picture. unfortunately, i resigned to my fate to buy the lemon barley drink which costs 70 cents. I told God, " it would be nice if i could drink my milo, but it's ok." lo n behold, i happened to look down and there tuck in a little pocket for rejected cum change coins, i found 20 cents!!! hahaha. God is so good... even take care of my little need for a mere 20 cents. thank you Jesus!! i love u :) hee

now my boyfriend n emotions...

sumtimes, my bf just drives me nuts. hahaha. he does the weirdest and humourous stuff... let's start with:


a relationship is at its best when both parties are happy in it. i'm always happy to see my boyfriend. he has a nice smile, the best hugs, the best laughter, the best goof around. hahah he just brightens my day.


in life, nothing ever goes that smooth sailing. but it is ok, my bf is always there to give me his support, listening ear and the best shoulders to lean on and the best kisses to make me smile. :)


whoever said that being in a relationship is easy? hahah it is not too. like life, it has its ups and downs but we can grow together and solve things out together. :) dear, thank you for being my punching bag. unfortunately, i cant be ur punching bag coz once u punch me, i'll fly. muahahaha too weak ar. heh jk jk :)


this is wat happened in the car today.

Chris: dear, u must eat meat ok? at least must eat a bit only a bit

Nat: can i eat 1 piece only pls?

Chris: a bit k? ok ok. 3 pieces of beef

Nat: (decides to be nice gf) ok then if i eat, what will i get in return? (hoping for a nice reward)

Chris: u will get protein and then followed by iron... bla bla bla bla cabohydrates... bla bla

* as u can see how blur my bf is, he is so absorbed in his science facts. that he doesn't bother giving rewards but dishing out bio facts. hahaha. so cute... hee dear, u are so farni...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New year

Happy new 2008

this is something about this year that gets me all excited and fired up. not sure why but i know it has something to do with God. i feel in my bones that God is doing a great work in us this year.

just came back from a music advance not too long ago and then immediately went back to sch the next day. Was tiring but yet energizing. ironic rite? but yah. totally enjoyed myself during the advance. God showed me lots of stuff and things about my life. The prophesies by Uncle G was like wah, spot on. but i must make a disclaimer, the prophesies came from God used by Uncle G as a tool.

yup, sch was fun. Glad to be back in sch again with my loved ones and best frens, lecturers. just so positive. hahaha. but things at home are getting a little cranky. yup for those of u noe, pls do keep me in prayer and help me sustain on God's strength :) for those of u dunno, it is ok :) just pray for me yah? love u all. ok. i have to get back to taking care of my lil baby and den chiong readings. pics and videos of my music camp will be up soon. so enjoy yah n bear with my empty posts for this 2008 a lil while. need to sort things out a little bit b4 i can blog freely again.