Thursday, August 31, 2006

singers??? or croakers??

haha. can u believe it? spore idol actually is into the second season. honestly, i prefer season 1 with olinda and jessea... anyway, spore has talents but they are just not gng to participate in spore idol. y? coz, they never survive thru the end. it is always the ones who can't sing, but look good. oh well, who cares...

haha. had a boring day at sch, went to sch just for talk about band and gesl *yawnz*

oh well, nth much to write today. gng to do my essays n sleep..

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

wat a day!!!

oh boy.. i may sound cheery, but actually i am very tired. not to mention hungry. Oh well, all i can say is that God is good all the time and all the time He is good. Heez. Sometimes, we take matters into our hands huh, but i guess it is time to actually let go and let God handle it.

haha. I thank God for frens like Dot, angel and the gangly thing... haha... Hui en lar.. haha, man i love calling her the gangly thing. she looks so cute. haha... for being there for me when i am a worrywart and when i am not. I am so thankful that project works are done, but presentation is up next. Which is worse, the process of the project or the presentation. hmmm... depends lar huh... the ppl makes all the diff. haha.

i feel that my world is moving too fast. God can u slow it down please? or am i just rushing myself too much. hee.. Anyway, my church is having an event on sat, dinner provided.. anyone wants to go, please call my hp directly. yup yup if not leave a tag... yup yup free dinner lei... then just come my church watch drama, and other fun stuff......

ok.. i am gng to continue my work now :)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Home sweet Home...

~haha~ today was my last day at the church i am serving. I am officially going back to Church of Our Saviour. yup, went for marcus's bdae party yest. had a fun time, knew the NUS cell peeps. haha... i think i am ging to have a fun time serving God back in my home church under a nice n funky youth pastor. hahaha. i'll miss the other people for sure but life goes on. hahaha.
We learn new things everyday. yup.. haha...

I am trusting God to take care of my family n i in every aspect there is. It is so easy to be complacent but i guess that is where self-check every end of the day helps. haha. Honestly, without God, i am nothing. and there would be nothing in this world. No nice nice things that we have, everything that we have, belongs to God. yup, all this i guess is on loan. but when i go heaven, i have everything to myself and other brothers and sisters :)

Compared to the persecution that God suffered and compared to my constant complaints about workloads is so vast a diff. i guess i have to let go of my past life in nafa, and move on with the new nie life. if not, i will never be able to motivate myself. hahaha. still, i thank God for guiding me through 3 weeks of studying at nie.

I miss the company at nafa... hahaha


Friday, August 25, 2006


yay.. my essays are done, projects are almost done.. hurray... but on the other side of the coin, there are more. *sigh*. happy for no reason. haha anyway, i think i am slowly settling in to nie. but i still miss nafa. yest, dot, van, angel n i relived our nafa days. We sat by the staircase near the canteen n started singing. boy, it brought many stares and smiles by other student-teachers. oh well, who cares, as long as we are enjoying ourselves, who is to say what we can or cannot do.

went for campus crusade yest, was quite fun n i was glad that i went. learnt a new song, with a nice tune n now i can't rem how to sing it. hahaha. met a lot of other new frens n lots of eyecandy.. heh heh. yup

I can't decide whether to eat western food or chinese food for lunch... hahha. nvm.. already, mummy said she cook macaroni for me. haha i'm so glad that i have a mummy who loves me so muchie. hahaha

oki. gtg finish up some proj work, if not darling angel will just smack me when she sees me.. aahahaha. jk jk


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

drowning in a pool....

ever gone swimming? do u noe how to swim? *blup blup blup* even the best of swimmers drown sometimes.... haha, but hang on... there's hope - the float. haiz..
i am like relating to this coz i am drowning in a pool of work where the word 'sleep' is no longer in my dictionary. that word has becum obselete. the next 'in' word is nap. u noe power naps. hahha. oh well, lots of essays, projects the usual stuff.

i was quite glad that angel n i have gone closer and our friendship has improved. that's a nice start and i hope it will continue to improve. yup. btw, i think i am in love. yup, with dvorak. woohoo... power!!!!!!!

Dear God, i thank u for guiding me thru half a week, i pray u continue to guide me thru the other half. if not, i will go crazy. thank u for the people that u have put in my life and continue to send more ppl to entertain me and for me to share happiness with :) But first, u must give me happiness and help me grow stronger in u.
Thank you Jesus...

yoz nie buddies, jia you jia you. we will get out of here alive and sane.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

tata rain n hello SunShine!!!

haha. oh happy day!!!... yay, my work is almost done, n my grp mates are gng to kill me coz i have not done any work for proj... gone.. haha, nvm. anyway, was happy to be in church.
zg n i bullied zk as usual only becoz he started first. yup...
oh boy, i feel that this week is gng to be one fiesty week for some of my frens, with tempers flying everywhere, where's the ice bucket when u need one?
Thank you God for guiding me thru this stressful week here, but i noe and thank u for getting me thru another week. haha... learnt a new song, enjoyed it and am processing it... tata

Saturday, August 19, 2006

splitting headache....

haiz, what is wrong with me? i can never figure that out. i have done my essay and shld be proud of it right? but the more i look at it, i feel that it isn't good enuff to be handed in. *shoots*... perfectionism sucks.
anyway, today i woke up and had a splitting headache. not a very ideal way to start a day. I went to slp last nite and my super imaginative and independent mind refuses to rest and starts forming sentences in my head for my essay.
Dear God, can u send someone into my life to help me do my essays pls? it is nuts.... the essays are a little redundant, like i said, we sporeans are always learning some redundant stuff.
it is farni u noe, that in nie, ppl dun do what they preach. they educate us in nie to teach creatively, but can u believe it, our lessons are far from what they tell us to do. it is like 'duh' u want us to teach creatively then there must be a role model for us to take reference from rite? so many loopholes for me to pick. i shall not be so fault-finding, if not i will just go mad naming all the faults i see. Close two eyes and eat ice-cream is the best.
oh well, what can i say? i obviouslyhave not grown up yet, still holding on to dear memories in nafa. but trying to let go which is a level of difficulty for me. nie seems fun when i was in nafa, but when i am already at nie, it is an entirely different thing. nvm, i shall have a positively outlook and God will guide me thru.
gng to slp now...

Friday, August 18, 2006

A big thank you to all my darlings...

oh i kind of forgot...
do u all like my new blogskin? ok. this one also must give credit. i am not that smart when it comes to these kind of stuff. i am the sua ku. professional ppl like dot n angel are the ultimate man. hahaha
ok. special thanks to dot for giving me the websites to places like blogskin n cbox.
Ultra special thanks to angel for helping me do up my blog. she did the skin n attached a tagboard for me. hahaha. hooray. hahaha. i have a complete blog. haha.

fajar day..

kind of happy that today i need not go sch. i spent the entire day thinking of how to do my essay. Kind of got things done halfway... then i went to meet jonathan, joseph, cheryl and 4 other fajar teachers, dun noe their names... quite fun to see them. it makes me feel as if i am on school experience again. haiz.
If u ask me, i dun mind going back to fajar to teach music. kind of miss there. but yet i want to return to my alma mater to teach music there. i miss my sec sch tho. the environment is also not too bad. well, i guess God knows where to put me best. I trust Him. haha
Just had cell group, it went great... loved it though but yet now a little disappointed. Do u sometimes ever wonder what life is? whether are u caught up in one big rat race? whether it will come to naught?
oh yeah, daddy baked cheesecake again. woohoo!! man, one thing great abt nie is that it is one big humongous gym on its own. i get to exercise and maintain my weight. hahha but daddy's cooking is just simply irrisistable. Mummy, if u are reading this, dun be sad ok? i love ur cooking too. looking forward to it everyday. ahha but it is just tat daddy seldom cook savoury food that i often u noe. so it is like a present hahahaha. ok la ok la.. must give credit to my parents... they cook so much nice food that it is difficult for me to stay slim. *sigh* good or bad.... sumtimes i think it is a little both.. haha
ok. i am going to indulge myself in of life's most boring pastime: writing essays.

tata n take care
God bless :)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

i am here on a tour

today i heard a sermon by pastor mark from New Creation. He said that we are here on a tour and that one day we will have to go home which is heaven. We are here to learn and to have a relationship with God.
I am so thankful for Hui En's fren for helping me out with my essay. I dun feel so stressed.
As i look back on my past, i am so thankful to God for giving me opportunity to study. I thank God for taking care of my family, my family's problems, and in every aspect of our lives. I just want to share with all of u, that if my God can do it for me, He can do it for u too. All we have to do is to ask Him and he will be more than ready to help us and guide us out if we have any problems. Cherish this opportunity that we have and may God bless u :)

God loves u n i love u too :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

schoenberg and games?

haha. today went over to godma's hse, had a fun time there. my godbro jiray, was busy playing maple story as usual. i still dun see any moral value in that game.. oh well, must be a generation gap. he is old n i am young....
Anyway, godma n i ended up playing suduko. u noe the number game. coming from a person who does not like maths, this is a really fun n interesting game. the game goes like this: u have to find out which number goes to which box and u're not allowed to have a repetition of numbers. very fun. i am hooked to it. After a while, i realized that this game has a little connection to Schoenberg and his 12 tone series thingee. the 12 tone row. ahahha.. need to destress after a long and stressful day in nie. i am 24/5 in nie. unlike nafa, 24/7. comparatively, i rather be in nafa than in nie.
I'm sorri ppl but u are gng to hear me rant abt how much i miss nafa.. i feel farni in nie coz it is rather cold and ppl dun talk much. even the 7 of us from nafa, dun realli get to interact with each other as much as we used to in nafa. it is a totally different feeling and i am not used to it.
Life still goes on....

Monday, August 14, 2006

turn left... turn right

i dun noe is it me or wat. i have not been really myself lately. Maybe it is due to the lack of sleep, and change of environment. it is like a monday blues everyday. why? i dunno. I hope i will get over it soon.
Tomorrow i'm going back to nafa, to watch the concert. Was excited but now i am not so sure. maybe i dun have any adrenaline left to feel happy. gosh.

haiz. anyway, i am glad that i am an only child. no one to bother me at all. i am able to rejunevate energy at home, reflect upon the day, and to remind myself to keep calm in sch. as sumtimes i think ppl are no longer what they used to be. but like i said, maybe it is just one of my downy days.

Take care

LiNkInG cItY.....

today is sun, as usual, i am spending my entire time in church. but with an exception of a buffet dinner in the evening, which was fun. When it comes to food, it is definitely fun.
Walking down city link mall, brings back many fond memories of dot, angel n i strolling, crapping, laughing, sharing stories and making our way to esplanade to do some research or just to hang out. tears actually came into my eyes as i reminiscence abt the past, knowing that i may never have another chance to do that since now i spend all my time at nie. It is a different kind of feeling altogether.
I really miss my life at nafa. haiz, but i guess life goes on and i have God to thank for the wonderful memories that he has allowed me to have in this lifetime. Thankful for friends who make my day, like my two wonderful bros, dot, en, angel, shu shu, lynn, benny, yifang, desmond, daniel kiang, yiau, sebas, aaron, leo, ryan and a whole lot more of others. I miss dr. Goh, Dr. Tan, Dr. Kan, Mr. yap and his lame stories, Mr. Manhart, JENNIFER THAM... sob sob. i miss everything.
Back to today's schedule, church was ok. pastor preached on evangelism... and i think pastor was a little weird today. For the past weeks, he has been asking us to control our band volume, but today he kept telling us to play louder which was already loud, so why not i mean. I am not complaining but it is weird lar, one minute u tell us to control volume, the next u tell us to play louder. it is like ???!?!?!?!?@?!?!?@?. Even Confusious would be totally confused.

ok. take care ppl.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

oh happy day!!!

today was pretty much ok. I was pretty down and out when i woke up this morning. I slept pretty late as i kept tossing n turning. All in my head was education, schools, and social.. how to sleep. haha. I was pretty stressed.

To God n everyone:
I was happy that i decided to go for cell and youth service today despite of my pending projects which are bugging me. I am glad that I committed everything to Him and i trust that God will guide me through each n every aspect of my life.

I learnt smth from Pastor Richard today. He was sharing his life about how stressed he was when he was in Bible College and how he did not know how to do his essays, his research. that kind of spoke to me and how i felt. I felt that God was speaking to me thru that simple message of His. Thank you God for using ur servant to encourage me and to uplift me.

I am looking forward to a wonderful day ahead. I had better turn in or else I'll be a panda which escaped from zoo.

:) Cheers!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

how ironic...

to all my frens... welcome to my world... haha... i have never understood why u guys enjoy blogging so much, and i think it is dumb, so much so that it got the better of me and decided to try it out. haha. so here i am.

about today: well today is pretty fine i guess, missing memorable times i had, stoning from lesson to lesson, basically to sum it up, I MISS NAFA!!!!!! there, i feel much better. looking forward to NAFA concert on tues.

k, gtg. tata