Saturday, October 25, 2008

GOd, you are simply amazing

In my weakness, i found strength. In my strength, i found my weakness.
I just realized this sentence means a lot to me, and it basically sums up my entire life ever since i was 16 years old. I am purely an arts person inside out. I breathe, eat, slp, think, shit, dream, speak, jam music... everything about my life has to do with music nothing to do with maths.. *yawns* science... english.. chinese *yawns*... bla bla so on and so forth the usual stifling chemistry.
As i was reflecting today, i saw how God used my weakness to encourage me and to show me where my strength lies. Signing a teaching bond when i was 16 years old, i entered nafa to study music without knowing how well i will do, or whether i can cope. I was afraid that i might not succeed but decided to whack it. By GOd's grace, i found my strength which was performing music without writing any essays.... and i managed to score very well upon graduation from NAFA.
With the same expectations placed on myself to achieve the same or better, i entered NIE. Thinking that it might be same academic marking and education structure as NAFA, i entered in the light that i would score well again. However, being confident in my strengths, i found my weakness again. ESSAYS!!! i am proud yet shy to declare that essay writing is not my forte and it does not help that the percentage marking for performance is only 10 - 30% whereas the remaining percentage goes to essay writing. How unfair is that.
But it is through this, that makes me realize that God is good and has been supporting me in more ways than one despite my weakness in writing essays. How? you might ask. He has never failed me in giving me ideas and creativity to write and at least I dun fail a paper. That is contentment and bliss to me already. At least, GOd has taught me to rely on him and not by my own strength.
However, those who noe me well enough, i am a worry wart. and that is going to be tough n a challenge for me. yeah :) Chris... u're right :) thank you dear :)
Anyway, i must give glory to GOd coz he has helped me arrange my recording dates and gathered the right people to help me record. It is amazing how GOd did it. I went from 0 violinist to 1 violinist who is willing to record two parts for me overnight. How amazing is that!!! and the recording rooms, the available timings were fitting and matched with the free times of my musicians and recording artiste Ryan. :) God really is amazing. yupz... when I'm free, i will upload my piece which i composed on the blog here k? so look out for it and listen to it. :)
oh and today, i witnessed how a big, fat baguette became a flat baguette. YOu know why? my mummy, sat on the bread! she didn't know it was bread and she went, wah i didn't know the car seat at the back so comfortable ar.. i must sit at the back more often. *dang* she sat on the bread.