Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm deprived of shopping. I have tons of work to do and i'm nt given a salary... only a stipen. which makes it not very happening. I need to save the money to contribute to family expenses. :) Not that i'm complaining. It hurts to see the fabulicious and gorgeous looking clothes screaming at you to buy them off the shelves coz u know that it will look great on you. But sorry honey, no can do. no money no talk man... so what can i do? just drool when i look at them.
On the bright side, i can spend as much as I want once i grad from degree programme and start working. hee. but that is like a long way from now. I want to go shopping now... can anyone understand my pain. i think i shall coop myself in the house and just think of nothing but slp, work, music.
Went dinner and window shopping with rachel yesterday, it was sweet but i started to feel the pinch when we walked into shops like zara, top shop, Mango and a few others.... i found lots of nice nice clothes. u noe how it irks you when u noe the fashion looks great, but u just dun wish to spend coz every single cent now counts even more than when u are earning a salary. Sometimes, i wonder why did i grow up so fast? if i had stayed as a young little girl my entire life, i will have less worries, less things to worry about, need not bother so much about fashion and people will forgive me for being a fashion disaster. hahaha. now that one is more matured, still young tho, but you can't help but have this nugget for looking good and saavy... maybe not all, maybe it is just me. oh well.... the heart ache lingers...
Can someone tell me what can i do now? i dun want to wait till 2.5 yrs later to start shopping. yuck, i hate this feeling. Sobs Sobs... shall go drown my sorrows in my room, doing essay and journal... tata
*will someone pls love me?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

my 21st birthday!!

I know it is abit late to blog about it, but hey 22nd september was not very long off. I have officially turned 21 years young. all those who are 2o and below, they are old. muahahha. anyway, partying at essential brews was a blast especially i have my two brothers and my good friend dorothy seng to help me plan it. It is definitely one of the most memorable times of my life next to 22 aug.

anyway, the bf gave me a very nice surprise even though he was in US. he has aliased with his two buddies kenny and justin to surprise me. It was so sweet. Chris video taped himself and sang me a happy birthday song with many heartfelt words. haah for me to know, for you to find out. after which, justin pulled out a huge bouquet of holland flowers !!! i screamed!!!
It was absolutely lovely. it was amazing. we had a wonderful time. I got saboed by my bros and dorothy to act out some movie charade. ok lar, must put the drama acting skills to test. muahahah not bad lar. coz ppl could guess. ahaha. i think i have very fast friends. they can guess even without you having to act it out yet. amazing eh.
anyway, the food was fabulous. the soup rox... the beef rox... aiya, basically everything in there rox especially the cake. had lots of presents...
i guess it does not feel any different being 21 or 20. i believe that the most important thing is the midn and the heart, if you think that you are old, so be it. if you think that you are young, so be it. which ever u think, makes you you. I believe that God loves me regardless of my age. and so i love him lots too. hahaha. thank you God for giving my wonderful parents and siblings and friends to celebrate my birthday with. thank you so much for the bf who loves to give me surprises.
i love all of you. thank you. more pics will be uploaded soon k? got to rush essay now :) muackz

Saturday, September 22, 2007


hurray!!! i never thought that the week would pass by so fast. We started performing on mon evening all the way until friday evening. It was tiring. having to rush from school, to Westmall to set up at about 5 plus and to perform for half an hour. I was very glad to have seen familiar faces amongst the crows from our church who came to support us. People like Keagan, rachel, kimberly... and from others like Dorothy, Jonathan, Zhong Kai's crusade frens, Zhong Guo's 3 farni frens... and even their relatives came... woohoo happening eh...

Nonetheless, yesterday was our last performance and you could say we owe all our success unto God. Without Him, this performance is nothing. We were glad that there were many people whom we do not know cheering for us, clapping loudly and there were repeated faces of some people who came back to watch us perform. That alone, already brings joy to us. Anyway, here are some pics for you to relish... hope you enjoy them :)

some of our band members :) we have Zhong Kai (bass guitar), Zhong Guo (drums), Guanwen (electric guitar), and me (keyboard) :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

I love Jesus

woohoo!!! today, God has showed himself to me in 2 ways!! firstly, we prayed for Chris to be able to have his own room all by himself. Not long after, the manager of the hotel came up to him ans confirmed that he was Chris, told him that they had a room with a king size bed. they asked him if he wanted it and we have not told the management yet. God really answered our prayer. uber funky

Second, today Elroi performed at Westmall. tell u, i had never been more nervous before. u noe why? coz they were so many pushcarts selling mooncakes. the music that we chose had a mixture of jazz, salsa and contemporary chinese music. it somehow does not fit into the atmosphere of mooncakes which was like oriental chinese music?!?!? i was freaking out and asking everyone if jazz and mooncakes compliment each other? ahahah. To make matters worse, the music that they played over the PA system hours before our performance was some opera like oriental music. I felt so out of place with the songs that i have chosen for the band.

Thank God, he intervened, sent my manager, aunty Gwen from The Voice. She asked them to play some jazz or some funky teenagers music. Guess what the management put? TECHNO!!! Omg!!! i nearly fainted. hahahah. so farni lar. it is so extreme from the previous music. but i dun realli care coz God showed up and everyone had a great time. Thank you jesus!!!... hee...

looking forward to the next few days with Guanwen playing... think he is so cool. glad to have him in my band... waiting for another member, called yang, to return from his overseas trip to join us... la la la... oh well, I pray that the remaining days will be as joyful as today and that God will continue to watch us perform for his glory. amen. tat's all folks. gtg study now tata

will upload photos once they are done and taken.

moody day

today is monday morning, and i am sitting in front of my lappie, typing in my moody blog. Yesterday, which was not very long ago, i was and am in a moody mood. dun ask me why. but i just feel like being moody. and poor chris and dot, i was moody to them. especially chris, was moody to him twice in my day, once a day each over at his side. I can't help it what rite? i just feel like showing a tantrum, so i hold. i am not exactly, hiding my instinctive self. i am a drama person after all, i need to get in touch with my instinctive self. hah. what an excuse. but who cares? i just dun like to do essays after essays.... actually it is only a reference but i ended having to re edit some of the my essays coz it does not have much of a link according to my dot.

n so, i am just staring at a com now, staring blankly, typing whatever moody things that come into my head... yuck yuck, i seriously think it is lack of sleep, and overstress that is why i am in such a moody state. and thus, i have named today's entry. moody. just pure moody.

tomorrow i have a performance, i intend to work very hard this week, overwork myself to forget everything. i think it helps. i can sleep straight away after my performance, wake up early and knock myself out silly the next night and the following nite. shall plan what to do for next week as it is nie recess. drats. must they have holidays? i hate holidays... it means i have a lot of time. i can't afford to have lots of time. i need to occupy myself.


Friday, September 14, 2007


I have never been so happy for the past few days. u may think that i am nuts or wat. it doesn't matter but when u have been through the situation that i am undergoing, then u will understand. hahaha. yeah, the bf just reached santa cruz yesterday. i tell u ar, i was not able to sleep the whole of wed nite, u noe why? he is like my daily dose of drug coz i did not hear his voice and so i could not sleep. hahaha. lame rite but true. *sigh*. darn, i need treatment!!! and be quick about it. hahaha

i'm so happy to hear his voice. heard his hostel is very nice, when he gives me some of the pics, i shall post it up here and share with all of you ok? anyway dear i love you lots. hahaha

had fun of the whole of yesterday, went through all my drama classes. We did a lot of role playing, discussion about a boring show called attempts of her life. seriously, i think that play was a waste of money. no head, no body, no tail. and worse still, no link. super abstract. maybe it is just me, not my kind. but anyway, it is still a waste of money. one ticket cost me about $30. imagine that $30!!! i could have filled my stomach 15 meals. (that is only if i eat my meals at NIE canteen lah) muahhaha. oh well, it was a bad experience but that doesn't mean that all drama productions are bad. hahaha it just makes me a better critic that's all. hahaha. but yeah dot, u're right, i'm super short attention span. hahaha

anyway, dear, what do u think of this? should i eat it tmr?

*slurps* dun u just love me?
muahahaha *evil smirk*

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


can u believe it? it is already 12th sept. time passes so fast that i hardly realize it. Today is the day that chris flew to santa cruze, USA, to study for 3 months. to make it sound more feasible, it is only for 12 saturdays. hahaha.

Thank you God for everything...

anyway, could not realli sleep the entire night, going to miss him lots lar. stayed up to finish up a surprise just for him :) am happy about it. haha. anyway, went to the airport at 7, had breakfast with his family and my bro. we had macs... thought i could be strong and not tear but it hurts the most when i had to hug him and to watch him walk through the departure hall... thank God i had dot, kenny, rachel, justin and zhong kai with me. it made me feel better that i had a wall of friends to count on.

then the most amazing thing happened, one american lady came up to dot n i around there, to say " wow he has so many friends eh?" then she asked where he was going n the duration so we told her. and amazingly, hahaha she was the very lady to be seated next to him. it was so cool, i choose to believe that it was like God sent to comfort me heh heh.. oh well, i'm glad that he is safe and he is in good hands.

Thank you Kenny, for telling me what you saw around chris. It means a lot to me and i guess to him as well. and rachel, thank you for supporting me ahahhaha... thank you dot dot too for the wonderful friendship and for waking up early. hahaha.

had a wonderful time fellowshipping with dot n my bro, zk @ burger King. laughed like mad, shared lots of stuff which i treasure. after that, went to bugis with dot and i drowned my sorrows into a nice, hot piping bowl of ajisen cha shu ramen... oh man, i promise you ar, that the next time i eat ramen would be in december. hahha. cannot eat too many times. so yummy. haha dear, the ramen is like so yummy lar, *slurps* am i helping you in anyway? heh heh heh... dun drool k.

n dear, if u're reading this, it means you have reached santa cruze inn.. haha like duh rite... Welcome to santa cruze!!! go get some sleep lar u... hahaha. i miss you loads and keep tagging k?

going to dive and bury myself into work now... i need an avenue to escape to.