Monday, April 02, 2007

Some little updates..

ok so sorrie folks, i have been busy planning lessons for my students in Fajar... i hope they like the lesson. tried to make it fun and interesting. trying to teach them things about music that will be able to help them in future or to understand what ppl are talking about as they interact with ppl who understands music too.
Oh well, anyway, i am not sure if i can bear to leave them when i am supposed to. i love them so much even though sometimes, they do make me feel like i'm gonna kill them.. haha but i guess this is what makes it fun in secondary school. Teaching secondary students makes me think back about my days when i was in secondary school. one word to describe: WACKY!!!
Honestly, i think i'm going to admit it, i am a music person through and through... music has such an effect on me that i can't describe how i feel whenever i listen to any kind of music. spare me heavy metal k? can't even understand a word of screamo they are saying unless i back musk the track which i dun intend to for fear i hear things that i do not want to hear.

Went to watch phantom of the opera yesterday at esplanade with dai feng and met a few others. oh met xing yu and kai li too.. haha. the musical was good. no sorrie, it was a powerhouse musical. i am so glad that i managed to catch it this time round. the music and the orchestra was so good that it send goosebumps and chills down my spine. It is definitely worth watching. the tone of the voice together with the orchestra was perfect was so round. it was woohoo!!!! no words can describe it. i would recommend u watch it live.
I'll share with you some of my thoughts... when i watched it, i was thinking. " Oh my gosh, wat i am doing in a teaching line? i could have pursued a life of performing. " to make music together with orchestra, to compose songs and pieces, to find musicians to play my piece for me, the company of making music together. the arty farty life that i once had and so adored is still there but not as funky in a place called Bugis where we have secret garden, esplanade cafe right at our finger tips.
Thank God i still have my band to jam with. if not, i will really regret not pursuing a performing life.