Saturday, June 13, 2009


Just came back from chilling out with Rach at holland village. It was good. Felt so relaxed.
Gosh, two weeks has gone by so fast. I did not even feel it pass me by. kinda miss the conference. wish it will not end at all. Oh well, i guess i can look forward to next year. had a lot of fun, learnt lots of stuff now it is not about the head knowledge but it is more of the application of what i have learnt that is the challenge and to convert that application into a lifestyle is even more of a challenge. but hey, i believe it is possible because God said so and with God, all things are possible. :)
was doing some reflection this week and i realized that it takes a lot of time to get to know someone. Do not even talk about friends, for me, i have been living with my parents for the past 22 years and yet i feel like i do not really understand them even though we talk so much. it is not until recently that God showed me how to handle my parents, talk things out with them firmly and get them to understand different perspective and yet honor them at the same time. have been struggling with that for the past 7 years. It is not easy balancing all of that at the same time. yeah.
hope this encourages some of you who shared with me ur struggles with your family. :) i can share my experience with you only but ultimately God can show you how. Every situation is different. :) I guess every situation or relationship requires a lot of patience as well as investment. yeah so persevere on ok? one day you will see the fruits of your labour as painful as the process may be but yeah it is worth it.
Anyway, thank you Daddy God for going with me on the treasure hunt for the past two days. I believe that many people have been blessed by your children stepping out in faith to display and demonstrate your love towards them.
For me, i have been really blessed. I experienced an amazing thing. During treasure hunt, one of my clues was a Gucci bag. As my hip team went to tiong bahru plaza on thursday, i was telling Daddy," who on earth would carry a Gucci bag to tiong bahru plaza. Like so out of place." oh well, so i happened to turn and saw this young lady who was smoking carrying a somewhat looking Gucci bag. So i decided wat the heck, i just step out in faith and ask. Approached the young lady and asked if the bag she was carrying was a Gucci bag. She said yes! HAHA! shared with her what we were doing and one of her requests was to grow taller. Without thinking, i said sure! why not! you will grow taller.
Wanted to smack myself but oh well, what came out of my mouth i cannot take it back but pray that God will make it happen. So Carolene and i made a straight line mark across our arm and started to pray for the young lady. After praying, her line overshot mine by an inch. I was stunned. Carolene and i just stared at each other in amazement. She actually grew! God made her grow taller! Awesome!
yeah so got very excited and for me it really built my faith level. I believe that as we just step out and demonstrate God's love, it is not so much for the other person though to a certain degree yes they receive healing and stuff but for us as God's children, it just benefits us in our walk with God, our perspective with God and just knowing that He is real and alive is all i need to know to trust in Him always.
Daddy God, I want to go to Bethel to see more and bring it back. Provide a way for me please. amen.

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