Thursday, May 28, 2009

lovely day

I so totally enjoyed myself yesterday. Met Rachel Chia for dinner and the supposed movie which we never got to watch, and just am so happy that i am able to know her better for who she is. Quite an interesting person and for me, i felt that i could understand her well. Talked quite a bit of stuff about teaching, and future plans bla bla bla...

After that, we went to have ice cream at Udders. it was nice. it was like a bouncy textured ice-cream. shiok. hahaha. Kopi-C and chocolate marsh. yum yum.

Today was another tiring day, went for hip! walked from tiong bahru plaza to church office. aren't you proud of me dot? i walked lei hahaha. exercise ok. learnt quite a lot but still need to process some of my thoughts. will share soon.

After that met champ to plan and discuss for cell. but thank you ar chin champ for passing the cell to me ar. so clever. haha ok la, i will learn how to lead it k? :)

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