Wednesday, May 20, 2009

blow me away...

God, you certainly never fail to amaze me. wow! u're such an amazing person. Let me share with you how amazing God is. To God be the glory!

For the past few days i've been asking God to just build me up and to restore me since he has impressed upon my heart that he wants to do just that. So i allowed Him to do so. During Hip today, Pastor Jennifer asked us to prophesy over one another. One of my group mates, Carolene, said this to me: I see a blank piece of white paper being surrounded by all sorts of resources. Strangely, the blank piece of paper is very beautiful. I feel that God is saying the paper is you and you are already beautiful but as He adds more stuff into your life with the resources, You will be even more beautiful than what you are. He is going to build you up and mould you into the woman that He has intended for you to be.

I couldn't hold back the tear bank. I just cried. My intention of sharing this prophecy is not for me to boast how beautiful i am even though i know that it is a fact, (ok just joking, lest dot say i thick skinned again) but yeah, it is to testify that God is real and alive and He hears every single word and cry from us. He knows us inside out and as we yield ourselves to Him, He can do wonders.

I am more touched by the fact that God remembers and hears me. I mean though i know but it is the exact same words that i've been praying for. To hear it being said from someone else's mouth whom i'm not close to, or rather unfamiliar with, is freaky. but Thank you God for your assuring words and promises that you have told me and through other people. I love you.

Now my challenge is, do you have something in your life that you can't handle on your own, or a heavy burden with regards to something that you are not sure how to handle, situations that you do not know how to face? I realized that in life, it is ok if you do not have the answers to everything, not every situation must have an immediate answer or can be solved immediately, but are you willing to surrender everything to God and let Him take control? That is the important question of the day.

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