Monday, May 18, 2009

*yawnz* came back not too long ago. today was such a refreshing day. spent the entire day with rach, dot and angel. Went for a lovely swim with rach in the morning. just realized how unhealthy i am. we were suppsoed to swim for 10 laps. unfortunately, both of us do not have that much stamina, and so only managed to do only 6 laps.

after that, drove down to vivo, decided to do a little retail therapy and after that head down to bugis to meet dot and angel with rach. man, what a din. i think we girls really brought the house down. hahah so noisy. But had a lovely chat with them and came up with farni conversations. Girls, thank you so much for being there for and with me, just supporting me. Love you girls lots plus min min, gw, and kenny. you people are so fun and i learnt a lot of things from all of you in more ways than one. i thank God for every single one of you. And yup, you all are definitely special to me and in God's eyes. :)

Anyway, have been doing some reflection about some stuff lately. will post it up soon on what i think and wat God has taught me.

Dear daddy,

I thank you for creating me. i know i am wonderfully and fearfully made. Whatever i have done wrong in the past has now been forgiven and been washed clean by the blood of the lamb. I am a new being in you and thank you for accepting and loving me just as i am.

Change me from the inside out and may i just shine ever so brightly and beautifully for you. May you dwell in me as i open my heart and entire being to you. I yield myself completely to you, surrendering every single aspect of my life, everything that i hold dear and the people i love into your hands. Teach me more about your word and help me to apply it in my everyday life as part of my process of transformation.

May it come so alive in me that you will be the star and i will be the testimony. :) And it is no longer that i who liveth but Christ who liveth in me. and daddy, you are my prize. your words never fail me and that is the greatest prize or gift that you can every give me. Thank you i love you.


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